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Revision3 Party/Infected Taping: Saturday, 12/01/07

November 28th, 2007 at 01:15 by Rob Saurini in Live Events

Hey Revision3 Troopers!

If you’re over 21, then you’re invited to a live taping of our 50th episode of Infected this Saturday, December 1st 2007, in San Francisco.

And hopefully you can make it, because it will likely be our last episode ever, if that poopy-pants Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback has anything to do with it. And he has everything to do with it.

We tried mightily, we read all your forum posts expressing your hatred of the idea of canceling Infected, and how it would be the wrong move for America, but our efforts fell short.

But we still have the live taping on December 1st to laugh and cry.

And even if you hate me, and Gator and Infected, other Revision3 personalities you actually do like will be drinking in the audience alongside you. Sarah Lane? Kevin Rose? Dave Randolph? Patrick Norton? Joey? You never know who will show up.

So here are the details:
This Saturday, December 1st, 2007 at The Uptown Bar.
Address is 200 Capp Street, in San Francisco.
This is a filthy, potentially dangerous bar, but it’s all that that chump Louderback would spring for. Wear your Kevlar.

Doors open at 2 PM in the afternoon, show starts at 2:30 PM. And again, hard as we tried, we couldn’t get the law changed, so it’s strictly 21 and over.

Hopefully this time, we really will See You At The Bar.

P.S. One lucky fan will win a pair of Alex Chiu’s Immortality Rings!

Why HD Matters

November 25th, 2007 at 08:17 by Jim Louderback in Polemics

My friend Kevin Maney, over at, finally got my company right (Herb Scannel must have been so surprised!). But that’s not why I’m posting.

In his latest blog post, he predicts a bifurcated future of video, where traditional TV video keeps getting better, while internet delivered video on the PC stays standard definition or worse.

But I think he’s wrong. Kevin is making the mistake of equating internet delivered video with the PC. The PC is just one of many devices that will be used to view video delivered via FTP, HTTP, RTTP or other internet protocols. The audience for Revision3’s episodic, personality-driven shows, along with others in our space, watch on everything from an iPhone to home-theater PCs, portable media players, AppleTV and other web-connected devices.

And even if you do restrict yourself to the PC, the history of that device has been a constant flight to quality.

There was a time – back when I was running PC Week’s Lab - when I thought it folly for a notebook to have a color screen. In fact, monochrome monitors looked far better than the first CGA models. But EGA, VGA, SVGA, etc kept on advancing the state of display quality — and what we looked at got progressively better too.

That’s only going to continue. Today’s HDTVs are no different from the computer monitor sitting on your desk or in your laptop. Some are connected to locally deployed computers (TiVo, Motorola DCTs, etc), and others get their bits from computers a bit futher afield, either at a cable head-end or at the other side of an ATSC transmittion signal.

Quality matters. And the story of the PC and computing devices is an inexorable march towards higher-fidelity (with a short detour as the internet become the dominant transmission medium). And unless we all end up going back to dialup, that’s not going to change. Even if you’re just watching dry how-to videos, or yet another LOLCAT, the better it looks, the better the payoff. And better payoffs translate into more traffic, more ad support and more sharing. The alternative, from where I sit, is dial-up AOL. And not even Time Warner believes in that anymore.

— Jim Louderback, CEO