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Best of 2007 – Thanks iTunes!

December 17th, 2007 at 10:56 by Michele Husak in Announcements

One of the fun things to look forward to at the end of the year is all the “Best of…” lists. It’s always fun to see what cool things people enjoyed in the past year. How surprised and honored were we when we found out that 5 of our shows had made the iTunes Best Podcasts of 2007 lists. The guys at Apple know their podcasts, so having our shows up there with the level of quality on the list is a huge honor.

On the “New in 2007″ list, the Revision3 shows that made it were: XLR8R TV, The Totally Rad Show, iFanboy. They were joined by great shows that we’re also fans of like Mahalo Daily, Boing Boing TV, Food Science, and CNET Live

Over on the “Classics” list, Revision3 represented with Diggnation and Web Drifter, who were joined by such other classics as TikiBarTV, Wine Library TV, Ask A Ninja, and The Show with ZeFrank.

Congratulations to all the shows on the lists and if you’re looking for some new shows to try, try starting with the Best of 2007!

Happy Holidays from Revision3

December 12th, 2007 at 05:48 by David Prager in Announcements

So here we are in the waning days of 2007. It has been a good year here at Revision3 with a lot of growth, our first real office, and by early next year, our own fully operational studio.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that everyone here at Revision3 is totally slammed and working their tails off. So busy that our Revision3 Gazette has been dormant for a couple of weeks and taken a back seat to making sure our real shows can stick to their schedules.

But, when inspiration hits, we’re certain to make time to do the fun stuff. A certain someone with a certain knack for singing and a certain knack for songwriting was the one who came to us with some inspiration while we were wondering if we should release anything special for the holidays.

A few of us slaved over the weekend and burned the midnight oil last night to provide the end result that you can see below.

Special thanks to Justine Ezarik, Eric Troyer, Mauricio Balvanera, and all the other certain someones that made it happen so quickly.

Happy Holidays,

David Prager

P.S. We love our angels and VC’s — I swear!

Click the white box in the lower right to see it full screen, in High Definition!

Tekzilla Daily Debuts Today

December 7th, 2007 at 05:19 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

This is a big day for Revision3. Not only are we announcing Martin Sargent’s new show Internet Superstar, we’re also launching our first daily show.

It’s not actually a new show. Instead we’re adding a daily component to the amazing and highly successful Tekzilla. What does this mean? Well every weekday you’ll see a new segment from the Tekzilla team, including Patrick Norton, Jessica Corbin, Neha Tiwari and Heather Frank. Some of the daily topics coming up include how to get better results from Google, retrofitting newer DVI monitors to work with older PCs, why you should only use lossless audio formats and getting more battery life out of your notebook computer.

This doesn’t mean Tekzilla is going to change. We’ll continue to deliver a high-quality half hour program each week. But now you’ll get a fun and entertaining tip’n’trick each day as well!

— Jim Louderback

Infected Cancelled???!!! WTF

December 7th, 2007 at 01:47 by Jim Louderback in Uncategorized

Yeah, yeah, I’m the bad guy. Martin Sargent’s groundbreaking show Infected has been cancelled after 50 episodes. But before you start firebombing my car or DDoS-ing my home, wait until you hear the “rest of the story”.

First, why did I kill Infected? Well it was actually a joint agreement between Martin, Gator, Sarah and me. The show was funny, but it was too insular, had too many in-jokes, and in fact it wasn’t broad enough to enable some of the things we really wanted to do. Infected was born in Martin’s LA home, and now that he lives here, and now that we have a full-on studio to play with, things are different.

Thus Internet Superstar was born. It’ll have a lot of the great stuff you loved about Infected, but it’ll let Martin and Gator do even more creative and funny elements, and it’ll let us bring in more fascinating guests from around the world.

So yes, shed a tear for Infected. But I hope you’re looking forward to Internet Superstar as much as I am. Don’t think of it as an end to Infected. Instead, look at Internet Superstar as Infected 2.0.

Martin’s new show will debut in January, and until then, he’ll be working hard on new Web Drifter episodes, along with taking a day or two to rest. Thanks to everyone who’s been so vocal about Infected and supporting Martin. Enjoy Internet Superstar — heck, you might even get a chance to be as guest someday!

— Jim Louderback

New Revision3 Schedule Now Posted

December 4th, 2007 at 06:16 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

We create a lot of great programming here at Revision3 – 10 shows strong, with more to come soon. But in addition to creating great shows, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to add predictability to the mix as well.

Each of our shows comes out weekly (with some exciting daily news to come later this week), at the same time every week. But like Dr. Strangelove’s doomsday device, it’s no good delivering shows on time if you don’t tell anyone.

So I’m happy to announce that we’ve just published our show release schedule. Now you can find out exactly when your favorite show will be released each week. Sure you can subscribe. But you can also stop by and watch. Check out our schedule, and don’t miss all the great shows we produce every week.

— Jim Louderback