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January 31st, 2008 at 05:27 by Michele Husak in Press Releases

Pioneering Network Delivers Over 100 Million Clips in 2007, Establishing Leadership Position in Internet TV Market

Announces New Partners and Advertisers

San Francisco, CA — Revision3, the TV Network for the Internet generation, today announced it has achieved significant growth and major milestones in the year 2007. Among these achievements is a substantial increase in viewership numbers. The network delivered a total of 11 million shows and over 46 million clips in the fourth-quarter reflecting a 440% percent increase from the first-quarter of the year. For the full year Revision3 delivered a total of more than 25 million shows, and over 103 million clips.

In 2007, a variety of leading consumer product companies including, Sony, Virgin America, Warner Brothers Entertainment,, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Netflix, Intel, and Sandisk, signed advertising contracts with Revision3 based on the network’s ability to successfully influence the difficult to reach 18-34 year old demographic.

“At Virgin America we’re known for going the extra mile in the services that are meaningful to a forward thinking, discriminating market,” said Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America. “One of our key targets is the young, intelligent, tech-savvy consumer. Revision3 delivers this market better than anyone else. They’ve far exceeded the results that we’d anticipated. Revision3’s ability to integrate our promotional message into their programming successfully generates consumer response to our promotions and drives seat sales. Advertising with Revision3 is a very important element to our web 2.0 marketing mix.”

At Revision3, sponsors are integrated into the network’s original hit shows, which include Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show, Web Drifter, and Tekzilla. As a result, sponsors enjoy a unique and highly effective bond with the network’s pop culture savvy fan base.

“Our programming delivers an unprecedented 100% unaided sponsor recall, and 4 out of every 10 viewers have purchased product or services from our sponsors,” said Brad Murphy, Vice President of Advertising Sales at Revision3. “That’s a phenomenal return on their investment. Not only is it incredibly difficult to reach 18-34 year olds, it’s even harder to spur them to action. At Revision3 we’ve delivered quantifiable results derived from our ability to successfully reach this passionate audience. And we do it better than traditional TV and other Internet shows.”

Revision3 also wrapped up the year by expanding its worldwide availability by finalizing strategic partnerships with leading digital content distributors including ADNStream.TV, Cnet and mobile distributor Transpera.

“It’s all about getting our great content in front of as many people as possible,” said Jim Lounderback, CEO at Revision3. “We want to be anywhere and everywhere our users hang out, including on mobile devices, big-screen TVs, and Internet-based destinations. We’re excited to add these new partners to our industry leading group of partners, which include DivX, Bittorrent, Vuze and iTunes. As a matter of fact, in addition to being one of the top content providers on iTunes, an unprecedented five of our shows were included on iTunes’ ‘Best of 2007 Podcasts’ lists.”

The network’s technology shows deliver strong and actionable information about exploring, enjoying and understanding everything from the iPhone to how to convert a standard car into a hybrid. Revision3’s modern culture shows provide hard-hitting reviews and insightful commentary on everything from weird websites to comic books, movies and video games. The network’s music shows take viewers behind the scenes with the latest indie bands, exploring emerging artists and showcasing alternative musical events. Revision3’s mid to long form original shows typically run between ten minutes to an hour in length, with segments lasting between one and five minutes. New episodes debut every week, new segments debut daily.

About Revision3
Revision3 is an Internet television network for the on-demand generation, producing some of the most engaging and original audio and video entertainment programs available on the Web. From the highly technical to the ridiculously silly, count on Revision3 for content that is accessible, edgy, and informative.

With 4.2 million videos delivered per month, Revision3’s shows can be found everywhere from to a wide range platforms, including Apple iTunes, Bittorrent, DivX, YouTube, and PyroTV. Shows can be watched on any device, from a cell phone to an Apple Nano, on a computer or a TV.

Revision3 was founded by Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager in April 2005 with the vision that truly revolutionary Internet television wasn’t about putting television programming on a computer. The new world of Internet television left up to the media moguls of the world is about as cool as your dad’s Facebook page. With more than 30 million downloads, Revision3 develops unique content that can play on any device and speaks to a new generation about music, science, technology and comedy. Check out Revision3’s shows at

Revision3 Teams Up With Miro, Meebo

January 31st, 2008 at 09:25 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Press Releases

We love the open source Miro player here are Revision3. That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership with the company to deliver a Revision3 specific desktop video player built on the Miro platform. We’re in good company, the wacky and amusing TED conference, and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle have also announced a similar player. Want to know more? Follow the link for the full story on Revision3 and Miro.

Oh, and we also just officially announced our partnership with Meebo. If you’ve seen our always-on live feed, then you’ve experienced the integrated Meebo chat room. If not, why not check it out now, and see what we’re doing with Meebo first hand. Follow this link for more on Meebo and Revision3.

— Jim Louderback

Diggnation & Captain America

January 31st, 2008 at 08:24 by Michele Husak in Polemics

As one of the many comic book nerds here at Revision3 (go watch iFanboy!), I figured it was my duty to remind everyone that Captain America #6: The Chosen hit the stands yesterday, January 30, 2008!

Why is this news? Well you may remember that this issue of the mini series featuring Captain America features a shadowy figure on the cover clad in a Diggnation t-shirt that resembles Diggnation’s own Kevin Rose. Mitch Breitweiser, the artist who did both the cover and the comic’s interior art is a fan of Diggnation and Revision3 and we’re honored that he chose to feature one of our shows on such a stunning piece of art. Thanks Mitch!

Copies of Captain America: The Chosen are flying off the shelves of comic book stores around the country, so be sure to run out today to your local comic books store and find yourself a copy before they’re gone!

Captain America: The Chosen #6 featuring Diggnation

The Diggnation Superbowl

January 25th, 2008 at 05:10 by David Prager in Announcements

Kevin and Alex take a trip to the Superbowl? It’s a fun little fantasy trip on the latest episode of Diggnation. And lest you think it’s out of character for our beloved beer slurping couch surfers: they might live on Digg and thrive on tech, but Kevin is a lifetime fan of the Green Bay Packers (his grandfather actually played for them) while Alex (and I) are pretty big Chargers fans.

Around the time we taped this episode there was still a chance that the Superbowl would include a faceoff between those teams… and if it happened, we knew that more shi- er, spirited debate would inevitably find its way onto Diggnation.

Our amazing ad sales team must have overheard us, because a day or two later they announced they’d been talking with Carson’s Ribs, and Body By Venus. The creative juices started flowing and out hatched the idea to tie them in as overt product placement in a Superbowl dream that we had fun filming and editing.

The cool thing about how Diggnation engages sponsors is that we work with them to come up with cool and fun ways to get their messages into the show whenever possible (without taking away from the show and while still being candid with everyone who watches – we won’t accept a sponsor if it is a product or service we dislike).

We hope you think it was fun too as well and not too overt.

Actually, I’m gonna be overt right now: Carson’s Ribs are damn good and I really think I may get some more. They deliver overnight, and you can get free BBQ sauce if you order with the code “Digg”.

The lingerie I won’t speak for – even though I was talked into trying it on (you’ll see in the video… you’ll probably enjoy it more on the models.) They also provide a 10% discount with the code “diggnation”.


David Prager

Revision3 Now Live 24 Hours a Day – With Chat Too!

January 25th, 2008 at 11:47 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Website

The hits just keep coming here at Revision3! I’m excited to announce another new feature, long in the making.

It’s our very first “live” feed, and it’ll ensure that there’s always something to watch.
What’s actually on? Alas, it’s not a live stream of Sarah Lane’s desk, or David Randolph’s shop. Nor is it Martin with one of those cheesy head-mounted cameras (although he begged for one). Nope, it’s a real, live feed of Revision3 programming, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That’s right, any time, day or night, you can simply click on our “Live” button and let us do the programming for you. Sit back and be surprised and amazed by one of our 11 (soon to be 12) great shows. It’s the perfect antidote to the On-Demand world of web video. You don’t have to do anything – just set it and forget it.

I can think of a hundred ways to take advantage of our new live program loop, and here are just a few:

Leave it on all day on the job while cranking out that busywork for the boss.

Too tired to decide what to watch at night? Leave our live feed on and be surprised by the latest from Martin, Patrick, Kevin and Alex.

Cranky baby? The soothing tones of our Revision3 programs will have her sleeping in no time.

Driving cross country? With a laptop and EVDO card, we’re better than radio (but perhaps illegal in some states).

Bored in class? Tune out the teacher with our always on loop.

There are lots more fun ways to use our new live programming loop – leave your ideas in the comments below, and we’ll highlight some of the best suggestions on one of our programs.

But wait, I forgot the best part. You don’t have to watch alone. That’s because we’ve added an always-on chat stream to the live stream. That’s right, you can watch what’s on RIGHT NOW with your friends, and other Revision3 fans from around the world. Who knows, maybe one of your favorite Revision3 stars will stop by and say hi too!

So stop by, see what’s on, and then chat about it (or anything that’s on your mind) 24 hours a day. Powered by Meebo, our Revision3 chat room turns viewing our shows into an interactive, community experience!

Now, with Revision3, you’re never alone! And expect even more “live” stuff to come in the future!

Post your own ideas about how to use our new live loop, or just leave a comment about how you like our new service, in the comments below! Updates – We Hear You and Have Changes!

January 24th, 2008 at 11:49 by Michele Husak in Website

It’s been less than a week since the new site went live and it’s been an exciting time. We’ve received tons of feedback from our audience and we really appreciate it all, both good and bad! We want to thank those of you who have taken the time to congratulate and compliment us on our new home on the Internet, your comments really keep us going. As for the criticisms and complaints, thank you too! Your comments have pointed out to us what we need to work on and how we can improve the site.

With that said, I’m happy to announce that we’ve got some more changes to the site that I’m sure many of you will appreciate:

  • Homepage – We’ve updated our homepage with some tweaking of the design and added a section, “Just Released” which highlights the latest releases from Revision3, as well as a dedicated page with our episodes in chronological order of release. So now, you can stay on top of our shows as they are released!
  • Speed and Optimization – This one is a little less obvious, but we’re constantly working on the site’s code, image sizes and on our servers to keep the site running quick and responsive. We received a huge response from our new site launch, which led to increased traffic and more folks on our already vibrant forums, which is great, but also led to the site being a bit slower than everyone would like. Trust me, we get just as frustrated as you do. But we’re working on it and you should already be noticing the speed of site becoming less and less of an issue. Our IT guys are working overtime on this, so we ask that you continue to be patient.

Like I said, it’s been exciting and it should continue to be. We’re working our collective butts off to make the best website for you, our audience to enjoy. So check out our new features and stay tuned for more as we’ll be rolling them out on a steady basis. And as always, please feel free to leave your comments and let us know what you like and dislike. We are listening and appreciate the feedback!

– Ron Richards

Revision3 Covers The Crunchies

January 22nd, 2008 at 10:18 by David Prager in Announcements, Live Events

Last week we got a call from our friends at Techcrunch asking if we could help them out by shooting the Crunchies 2007 awards show that took place on Friday, January 18th.
We were more than happy to attend the show, put our camera in the middle of the back row, and plug into the sound board.

The Crunchies 2007 is a collaboration between GigaOM, VentureBeat, Read/WriteWeb, and Techcrunch with awards given in 20 categories:

Best time sink site: Kongregate

Best use of viral marketing: StumbleUpon</a

Most likely to succeed: Automattic (WordPress)

Best new startup: iMedix

Best Startup CEO: Toni Schneider (Automattic)

Best Startup Founder: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Best bootstrapped startup: Techmeme

Best business model: Zazzle

Best new gadget/ device: Apple iPhone

Best design: SmugMug

Best enterprise startup: Zoho

Best consumer startup: Meebo

Best International startup: Netvibes

Best mobile start-up: Twitter

Best user-generated content site: Digg

Best video startup: Hulu

Best Clean Tech Startup: Tesla Motors

Best technology innovation / achievement: Earthmine

Best Overall: Facebook

We taped the entire show, including some pretty good performances from The Richter Scales and you can watch it here:

Stick around for this week’s episode of The GigaOM Show (Thursday, January 24th at 7pm EST) where we will provide a recap of the Crunchies 2007 with Techcrunch CEO Heather Harde.

– David Prager

(Photos courtesy of Chanaye Lewis, sponsored by Zivity.

Internet Superstar Promo

January 21st, 2008 at 03:20 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

I know that many of you are still grieving the sinking of The Good Ship Infected. It was a proud vessel, but the cold winds of Hurricane Jim proved too much for her. But I’ve got a message for our little CEO, and wanted to stick it up here on the company blog while he’s off having some fancy lunch. Probably a quiche or some small fruity salad, dressing on the side, knowing that guy. Take a look before he gets back and whines until someone in IT takes it down…

-Martin Sargent, Internet Superstar

Revision3's Stunning New Website Unveiled

January 18th, 2008 at 08:09 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

We’ve got a lot going on today at Revision3!

Our big news? Today we launched a brand new update to Our new site look has been under development for more than five months, and includes a number of new features, capabilities and styles.

Let’s start with the look itself. With a complete site redesign, our site is easier on the eyes, more organized, and each show has its own destination sub-site, with its own distinct look and feel. Our new home page is anchored by a rotating module that highlights shows, events and other key happenings at Revision3. We’ve also made it easier for you to find our shows, and try out new shows and episodes you might have missed.

These new show sub-sites are actually full-blown destination sites themselves. Inside you’ll find individual pages for each episode, more pages for daily episodes (where they exist), detailed pages for each host, and much more. We’re also highlighting news and notes for each show, ensuring you never miss any details for all your favorite Revision3 shows and hosts.

And once you find a show you like, why not subscribe to it, or share it with a friend. We’ve made that easier as well, with a big “Subscribe” button in the upper left hand side of every page inside each show’s subsite. We’ve also laid out all the subscription options in one place, and made it easier to embed a show on your blog or MySpace account too.

Oh, and what about watching your favorite shows? Sure you can subscribe and download, but we’ve improved our streaming capabilities as well. Over the last month we’ve worked closely with our streaming CDN, BitGravity, to improve performance and response time, and to integrate in a larger player. Now you can see all your favorite episodes in a new 555×337 window – that’s big!

Another part of the Revision3 site you may not have paid much attention to, our strong and active community, now takes center stage as well. We’ve integrated in forum comments everywhere on the site, from the home page to show pages and even down onto episode pages. Now you can easily read comments and post your own — about Revision3’s shows, or whatever’s on your mind.

But if you want to post, you’ll have to become a member. It’s easier than ever, though, and once you’ve logged in the site changes in subtle but important ways. First, your own comments will be appearing in our community pages for all the shows. Second, you can create and upload your own favorite avatar image that follows you around. And there’s much more to come, including new customization options, chatting options and much more. And when you become a member, don’t worry – we’ll never sell your name, nor never send you anything you haven’t asked for. But I encourage you to check the box that enables us to send you Revision3 updates – you’ll be first in line for our new email update, along with updates on new features and more. You can do all that on your own personal Account page.

Speaking of members, that leads me to our second big piece of news. For the last year or so we’ve made early release of Diggnation a part of our paid membership program. But just as Woodstock became a free concert, as of today those gates are down. Everyone will now receive Diggnation at the same time. So for everyone who’s been waiting mournfully for 24 hours, or heading over to other sites to get Diggnation early, your long national nightmare is over! Diggnation, free for all, on Fridays at 7pm (eastern).

The new Revision3 website is a thing of beauty. And our amazing web development and tech team, including Ron Richards, Stephanie Chu, Jeff Rizzo, Mark Rebec, Chuck Siu, and Brendan White have put together a fantastic site – with many more cool features and capabilities to come. So make sure to keep coming back and checking here at our blog for updates and announcements of new functionality. Enjoy the site, check it out, and feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, brickbats or kudos here in the comments.

– Jim Louderback
CEO, Revision3

New Revision3 Show Counts Down Top Digg Videos

January 16th, 2008 at 10:04 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

I’m proud to announce the latest show in our expanding Revision3 lineup.. The Digg Reel!

Hosted by the lovely and talented Jessica Corbin, The Digg Reel builds on the incredible success of Digg’s Video section by providing a weekly countdown of all the great videos that have bubbled up to the top. It’s not just cats and Mentos either, we’re talking poignant, powerful and pathetic videos too!

Don’t think Diggnation lite, because it’s not that. By focusing on the top videos, we’re letting the material do the talking, not the host. And that’s only right. Why listen to someone talk about a video when you can watch the choicest parts? That’s what we’re doing; counting down the top Digg videos by showing you part of each one.

But it’s more than just video. We’re also bringing in the Digg community, by highlighting the best, funniest, wackiest and most insightful comments about those videos. That means everyone gets into the act, video creators and Digg’s community too!

Speaking of the videographers we’ll be highlighting, expect to see more than a few of them show up as guests from time to time as well. We intend to go behind the videos, to bring you the madcap geniuses responsible.

Why do the Digg Reel? Well first, it’s a fun and fast-paced 10-15 minute weekly show that you won’t want to miss. But we’re also saving you time and energy. Instead of feeling like you have to wade through hundreds of bad videos to find a few nuggets, we serve them up to you on a silver platter. Don’t have time to watch all those videos, but still want to know what everyone’s talking about? Just watch The Digg Reel and you’ll be on top of it. Oh, and we’ll also save your stomach. Because we’ll make sure you know all about videos like “Two Girls One Cup”, without actually grossing you out (too much). So you’ll know what it means, without destroying one of life’s little pleasures.

But enough of me talking. Just watch it! The first episode of these top videos is available now, and we’ll have new ones out every week, at 4pm (est) on Wednesdays. Why not subscribe (for free) right now?

Finally, my thanks to Mike Maser and Beth Murphy at Digg – who collaborated with us and ensured we created the best product possible. And thanks also to David Prager, the awesome producer of the show.

— Jim Louderback