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Prime Time, Revision3 Style

March 31st, 2008 at 12:12 by Jim Louderback in Press Releases, Shows

In the old days, BR (Before Revision3), there was just one prime time. Every night Ma, Pa and the kids would huddle around the communal Philco, eagerly awaiting the latest Father Knows Best, Laugh-In and The Screen Savers.

These days, though, 24-hour availability of programs from Revision3, YouTube, Blip, Transpera and others have turned Prime Time into Every Time. Even so, we’re starting to see some interesting spikes in viewership during certain parts of the day. Evening remains strong, but two new “prime times” have emerged.

The first one? Noon to 2pm during the week. It’s obvious in retrospect; clearly there are a lot of videos being consumed during extended lunch breaks around the world. Here at Revision3 we’re particularly excited about lunch-time viewing – so much so, that today we’re changing our show release schedule to coincide with this new prime time.

We used to release new episodes of your favorite shows at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm eastern. But that meant many of you missed those new episodes during your lunch break. Not any more! Today we’re advancing that schedule by an hour. That means east-coast based fans of Internet Superstar and Tekzilla, for example, can now watch those shows the day they they debut, during lunch at noon – on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Totally Rad Show, Digg Reel and popSiren on the west coast are now similarly blessed. And for all your Diggnation fans that just can’t wait – you’ll get it an hour earlier on Friday too (except, perhaps, this week, given the vagaries of transmitting huge files from Amsterdam).

You can see our brand new Revision3 show schedule right here! Happy lunching.

Oh, what about that second prime time? This one pertains mostly to young men, and happens on the weekends between about midnight and 4am. I’ll hazard no guesses as to what they’re watching, but suffice it to say that Revision3, at least, will not be pandering to that particular video need.


March 25th, 2008 at 09:06 by Rob Saurini in Press Releases

New York, NY March 25, 2008 – Revision3, the TV network for the Internet generation, today announced that it will begin syndicating its entire content catalog of shows to Beginning today, popular Web shows including The Digg Reel, popSiren and Tekzilla will be viewable on and throughout the distribution network. The shows can also be viewed at and on each show’s individual site.

Both Revision3 and are focused on bringing passionate and committed audiences high quality original programming.’s distribution technology allows content partners to reach millions of viewers with built-in syndication to AOL Video, Yahoo Video, Twitter, MSN Video, Google Video and much more. Their user-friendly player design also makes it easy for audiences to download and share video content.

“Web entertainment is about unique content, reach and the flexibility to use multiple devices,” said Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3. “People want to watch our shows whenever and wherever they’d like. stands out in terms of player design, distribution technology and the audience it allows us to tap into. Our syndication partnership with helps us move toward a level of ubiquity that is extremely important to us.”

More than a dozen Revision3-produced shows will be made available. Taking advantage of the open nature of’s platform, Revision3 will make each show accessible in multiple formats ranging from Flash to Quicktime to DivX to 3gp for cell phones.

“We’re very pleased to expand our relationship with Revision3,” said co-founder and COO Dina Kaplan. “They’re creating exactly the type of content that inspired us to build in the first place – addictive, well-produced shows with new episodes that are released on a regular schedule. We see this partnership between two of the Internet’s leading television networks as a no-brainer and we’re looking forward to further expanding our relationship with Revision3 in the future.”

In November 2007 Revision3 and announced a cross-promotional partnership that called for top shows to carry post-roll ads promoting Revision3 shows, and vice versa. The agreement has led to significant growth in viewership for the shows involved and is still in effect.

About is an online television network focused on featuring, promoting and monetizing the best original, serialized shows on the Web. The vision is that content creators should focus their efforts on creating great shows, and can help with the rest: technology, distribution, marketing and publicity, and monetization. Shows on range from scripted sitcoms and dramas to newsmagazines, and top titles include Wallstrip, Mahalo Daily, Alive in Baghdad, Break a Leg and Unleashed. shares all advertising revenues with show creators 50/50 and also syndicates shows to AOL Video, Yahoo Video, iTunes, the Sony Bravia and additional platforms on and off the Web. For more information about go to

About Revision3:

Revision3 is the first media company that gets it. Born from the Internet, Revision3 is a TV network for the web, creating and producing shows for a new audience: passionate fans who want to watch shows about technology, modern culture and music that entertain, educate and help to expand their life experiences.

With more than 35 million downloads, Revision3’s shows can be found everywhere from to a wide range platforms, including Apple iTunes, Bittorrent, DivX, YouTube, and PyroTV. Shows can be watched on any device, from a cell phone to an Apple Nano, on a computer or a TV.
The company was founded in 2005 by technology visionaries Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager, because they couldn’t find anything they wanted to watch on traditional television. The company is now led by Internet TV pioneer Jim Louderback. Media Contacts:
Adam Isserlis
(212) 843-8024

Andrew Palladino
(212) 843-8482

Revision3 Media Contact:
Shawna Seldon
The Rosen Group
(212) 255-8455

Watch Revision3 on!

March 25th, 2008 at 08:57 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

blip_tv.gifWe are very excited to announce that starting today, Revision3 shows are available on! is one of the true pioneers in the web 2.0 world–tremendously supportive of the independent video community, and constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of the possibilities of broadband video. We are so proud to be a partner of Blip, check out all your favorite Revision3 shows and let us know what you think!

– Damon Berger


March 24th, 2008 at 07:51 by Michele Husak in Press Releases

San Francisco, CA (March 20, 2008) —Revision3, the TV network for the internet generation, has teamed with the popular Miro internet TV platform to launch a Revision3 branded open-source desktop video player, available at URLTK. The new player gives viewers direct desktop access to their favorite high-quality Revision3 programming, including “Tekzilla,” “The Totally Rad Show” and “Diggnation.” To download the player, please visit

“Revision3 produces high-quality, original programming that connects our audiences to the topics they are passionate about—such as technology, modern culture and music,” said Damon Berger, Director, Business Development, Revision3. “New shows are available all the time. Our co-branded Miro player makes it easier for our community to automatically download their favorite shows directly to their desktop, just click on the Revision3 player icon and watch.”

Miro co-branded players enable organizations to give their users a high definition desktop video experience without the complexity of developing their own desktop software. Coupled with Revision3’s high-quality original content, the video player offers audiences a new way to tune into their favorite programming.

“The new Revision3 Miro player creates a unified HD desktop experience for Revision3 fans. It’s an easy way to get Revision3 shows delivered to you as soon as they are published and in the highest possible resolution. Rather than having to remember to check a website every day, users stay connected.”

For more information, please visit

About Revision3
Revision3 is the first media company that gets it, born from the Internet, on-demand generation. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video sites, Revision3 is an actual TV network for the web, creating and producing its own original, broadcast quality shows.

The company was founded in 2005 by technology visionaries Kevin Rose, Jay Adelson and David Prager, because they couldn’t find anything they wanted to watch on traditional television, and is now led by Internet TV pioneer Jim Louderback.

The content is designed for a new audience: passionate committed fans, who want to watch shows that entertain, educate and help expand their life experiences. The audience expects professionally produced programming but wants it to be unexpected, edgy, smart and real. They also want to watch shows whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they choose, including everything from a 70″ HDTV to an iPod or Cell phone. Revision3 covers technology, comedy, modern culture, music and more. Our hosts don’t come from Hollywood. Instead, they come from the same passionate fan base as our audience. They are engaging, personal, smart and connected – experts with the insight and acceptance that naturally puts them at the center of the community.

About Miro
Miro is a new, open platform for internet TV that lets people watch a broad range of free internet TV channels and play virtually any Internet video, from one place. Miro is open so that anyone is free to broadcast their own content over the platform, laying the groundwork for a new kind of TV where viewers have unlimited choices of what to watch and where everyone has a voice.

Miro is developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Worcester, MA that is committed to delivering the shared benefits of open technology.

# # #
Shawna Seldon, 212 255 8455,
Melody Lowe, 212 255 8455,

Introducing the Revision3 Miro Player

March 20th, 2008 at 03:52 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

miro_revision3.jpgHey, I’m Damon Berger, the Director of Business Development here at Revision3, and this is the first blog post of many I will write talking about all of the different ways that you can watch Revision3 shows. Our biggest goal is to put the power in your hands, giving you as many options as possible for you to experience your favorite Revision3 shows. We’re all about spreading the a totally disease-free kind of way.

We are very excited to announce the latest and greatest way to watch Revision3–the downloadable Miro player! By clicking here you can download the Revision3 Miro player, which automatically downloads all your Revision3 shows and keeps you up to date every time a new episode or show is released. It even comes with the coolest desktop icon ever made. Check it out and let us know what you think!

– Damon Berger

Download the popSiren Theme Song!

March 20th, 2008 at 01:32 by Michele Husak in Shows

Hey, popSiren peeps! You’ve all been asking about a downloadable version of the popSiren theme music. We mentioned in episode 3 that we’d get something ready for you this week, and we kept our word. Our clever music guy, Lawrence Scaduto, has remixed a real, live uncut track fusing both versions into one on his website just for you, kind viewers. Go here to download it to your heart’s content!

The Totally Rad Show Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Blow-Out Show

March 19th, 2008 at 05:45 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

We can’t believe it has been a year, but, indeed, 52 weeks ago, Alex, Dan, Steve, and I congregated in Steve’s garage to record the very first Totally Rad Show. Since then, every week we’ve met to hang out and discuss the raddest stuff we could find on the topics of movies, video games, TV, and comics.

We’ve had laughter, arguments, and a fair amount of sweat – but the best part of all has been the audience feedback. So to celebrate our first anniversary, we thought the raddest thing we could do would be to reach out to you, the fans, and ask you to vote for your favorite moments from the last year. So we did.

And you responded with much more than that. Many of you pitched in to help (producer) Steve put together an incredible retrospective on the show, and a few of you even demanded we return the favor and look back at all of Steve’s visual contributions, too. Episode 52 is out now and I am proud to say that it is as much yours as it is ours.

You, our audience, provide us with backgrounds and material every week; this episode takes that interactivity one step further. It’s a truly interactive version of TRS, one that’s only possible on the internet, here at Revision3. So thank you for all your help and support this first year – and here’s to many more to come.

Oh, and if you’ve never given TRS a try, this is the perfect episode to do so. Why not watch episode #52, see some of our favorite moments of the year, and drop into the forum to let us know what you think? Even better, take advantage of our free subscription option, via iTunes, Miro, the Zune or other feed readers, and get TRS delivered to you every Tuesday, as soon as fresh episodes are available.

— Jeff Cannata

Pick Your Feed

March 18th, 2008 at 01:53 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Website

One of the great things I enjoy about working at Revision3 is the feedback we get from the audience. Be it our shows, the website or anything in general, our audience always has great feedback, both positive and negative. We spend a lot of time reviewing that feedback and try to utilize it when making decisions about what to work on.

Many of you have been enjoying the daily editions of Tekzilla, Internet Superstar, and the new daily videos of iFanboy and have been outspoken about the fact that the daily episodes were included in the feed for the show. Some of you love it, getting Patrick Norton and the Tekzilla fix on a daily basis is exactly what you want. While others of you hated it, that you didn’t like having to download every episode of Lil’ Internet Superstar, just to get to the big Internet Superstar show. Believe it or not, we got some very vocal feedback from both sides of the topic.

So after a lot of work and a few heated meetings at Revision3 HQ, we’ve rolled out our updated solution for everyone to be able to get the shows they want, how they want them. Now when you’re on the page for a show, like Tekzilla, click on “Subscription Options” and you’ll see we’ve created individual feeds for the following:

  • Combined Feeds – get both daily episodes and weekly episodes in one feed
  • Daily Feeds – if you would like to subscribe to daily episodes separately
  • Weekly Feeds – If you would like just the longer/weekly show

So now, you can pick the kind of feed you’d like and have the shows delivered when and how you prefer! If you’d like to change your subscription preference, you’ll just have to unsubscribe from your current RSS feed and re-subscribe with one of the feeds available on the site.

We’ve also made it easier to distinguish the daily episodes from the weekly episodes as we’ve added the daily episodes to the previous episodes listings for each show. We’ve also enabled filtering when browsing the previous episodes, so you can find the episodes you want.

Now this change only affects our shows with daily episodes, so other shows like Diggnation and popSiren, nothing changes for them, just continue watching and enjoying as you have.

We hope you enjoy this simple, yet impactful (so we think) change to our feeds and please keep the feedback coming. Comment here or in the forums and feel free to email us at support AT revision3 DOT com.



March 18th, 2008 at 07:51 by Michele Husak in Press Releases

“The best weekly podcast I’ve seen – period” – Wired Magazine

San Francisco, CA (March 18, 2008)—Today, Revision3’s “The Totally Rad Show” celebrates its one-year-anniversary episode, featuring “best of” moments and commentary, as voted by fans. The show will debut today at 4:00 p.m. EST, and can be downloaded, streamed or embedded from Fans and newcomers alike are guaranteed surprises, including a montage and even a musical number to ring in the second year of the show.

“’The Totally Rad Show’ is about the excitement in finding a piece of entertainment you love, or the pain of realizing something isn’t as rad as you had hoped. It is about finding friends who share your interests and get just as excited as you do. If it is out there and it is Rad, it is on The Totally Rad Show,” said Jeff Cannata.

“The Totally Rad Show” brings together Revision3’s Diggnation host Alex Albrecht, former Revision3’s Geekdrome host Dan Trachtenberg and former video game columnist Jeff Cannata. From passionate debates over Star Wars, Heroes and Lost, to the sharing of dog-eared copies of Preacher graphic novels, the show developed around one clear realization: this stuff is totally rad.

Once “The Totally Rad Show” guys realized they needed to do a show, they turned to turned to a bona-fide geek in his own right, Steve Koncelik, to develop the unique look and feel. Months later “The Totally Rad Show” debuted on Revision3.

About Revision3

Revision3 is the first media company that gets it, born from the Internet, on-demand generation. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video sites, Revision3 is an actual TV network for the Web, creating and producing its own original, broadcast quality shows.

Shawna Seldon, The Rosen Group, 212.255.8455,

iFanboy in HD…and Minis too!

March 17th, 2008 at 12:04 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Shows

It’s another big day for all of us here at Revision3, and today it’s about some news about iFanboy, our show dedicated to all things comic books. ifanboy_logo.jpgYou’ve been enjoying your comic book fix with iFanboy for over a year now on Revision3, and today we’re proud to announce two great things that should make fans of iFanboy very happy.

First up, iFanboy is excited to embrace the 21st century and join the other great shows here on Revision3 by releasing the show in High Definition! With this past saturday’s episode, iFanboy is now in High Definition! Say what you will about seeing Josh, Conor and myself in glorious HD, but if you like comics, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the artwork in full High Definition!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also proud to announce the launch of iFanboy Mini, the daily serving of comics goodness from iFanboy. Now, Monday through Friday, you can get a couple minutes of comics reviews, commentary and information in iFanboy’s fun and accessible way that you know and love. Today’s the first episode and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Josh is talking about Irish comic book characters.

So be sure to tune in every day for iFanboy Mini, and then on Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern for the weekly, longer episodes of iFanboy as we continue to cover the best in comics for you!

– Ron Richards