Presents for our founding Revision3/Diggnation subscribers!

April 28th, 2008 at 04:01 by Michele Husak in Uncategorized

Stephanie Mack in her Limited Edition Diggnation T-shirtThis has been a long time coming, but our gifts to our founding Diggnation members are here. A few months ago, we updated our release policy to allow all Revision3 viewers to enjoy the same video releases for free at the same time, retiring our advanced access to Diggnation for members. We wanted to say “thank you” to those who had paid annual memberships in our early days – your support hasn’t gone unnoticed!

To give you a preview of your gifts, the Revision3 staff has taken the time (after work, of course) to model the limited edition 2008 Diggnation shirts. Those of you who registered with us as paid members in the past will receive these in the mail except yours will be extra cool because they’ll be signed by Kevin Rose! We think the shirts came out awesome, and hope you do, too.

When you get your shirts, maybe you can take a picture of yourself and post ‘em in the forums. Enjoy the photos!

View the full set here on Flickr.