Presents for our founding Revision3/Diggnation subscribers!

April 28th, 2008 at 04:01 by Michele Husak in Announcements

Stephanie Mack in her Limited Edition Diggnation T-shirtThis has been a long time coming, but our gifts to our founding Diggnation members are here. A few months ago, we updated our release policy to allow all Revision3 viewers to enjoy the same video releases for free at the same time, retiring our advanced access to Diggnation for members. We wanted to say “thank you” to those who had paid annual memberships in our early days – your support hasn’t gone unnoticed!

To give you a preview of your gifts, the Revision3 staff has taken the time (after work, of course) to model the limited edition 2008 Diggnation shirts. Those of you who registered with us as paid members in the past will receive these in the mail except yours will be extra cool because they’ll be signed by Kevin Rose! We think the shirts came out awesome, and hope you do, too.

When you get your shirts, maybe you can take a picture of yourself and post ‘em in the forums. Enjoy the photos!

View the full set here on Flickr.

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  • travislopes

    Please tell me some of us monthly subscribers get the shirts too….. PLEASE!

  • nextgenxbox

    Oh man I want one. But I wasn’t a paying subscriber… :-( But I have been a forum member for a long time… any way we can buy it? :(

  • Erisar

    The shirt looks awesome! I was a monthly subscriber for a long while back in the day; it wasn’t totally clear from the post, but it sounds like all of us who had paid memberships will be able to get one? I really hope so. :)

  • RefreshF5

    I’m also wondering if monthly members will get it, I havent received an email or anything

  • Chuck Siu

    Only the “Annual Subscription Members” will be getting the shirt. Sorry for the confusion.

  • chegs

    So no love to the monthly subsciption members?

    “We only love the ones that earn enough to be able to pay us all your monies in one lump some” ???

    I smell Revision3 Corporation forgetting were it came from and loving its VC dollar bills.

    Not like JLo, don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got, she is still jenny from the block

  • sherb

    What about the poor souls who were here from the beginning that donated $5, but the system was screwed up and we never got our early shows that month? :P

  • th3_anomoly

    I hope “annual subscription members” includes people who donated monthly from the start until subscriptions were cut off :(

  • houltmac

    If this is a gift for the annual sub’ers then since I only paid a monthly sub, I guess I don’t get one. I don’t understand how paying annually makes it all better, but since I didn’t ask for one, or donate to get one, I won’t complain. Instead I wonder if they will be available to purchase on jinx sometime soon?

  • slonkak

    So, is it wrong to post here that Ms. Mack is kinda cute?

  • Tyler Howarth

    It is not very hard to understand… those who paid for a full year did not get a full year. We cut the memberships short to allow everyone to see the same content at the same time! So people who paid for a year got cut off months earlier than expected. We just wanted to thank them and give them some compensation!

  • shawncplus

    Looks a lot like the brown Pownce shirt.

  • Erisar

    Well it sucks that monthly subscribers won’t get any, but the reasons are understandable. Perhaps if you guys decide to sell them you could offer a slight discount to former paying supporters? Or perhaps in lieu of this offer the former monthly subscribers the option of having their shirt complimentarily autographed? Just a thought… :)

  • Cwluc

    I too haven’t received and email, and I know I was a “annual subscription member”. Who would we speak to about it?

  • manhunt545

    Cool. Kinda stinks that I got the first e-mail, but after that, I got nothing. Nothing about an e-mail confirmation and what size I want

  • Chuck Siu


    Send an email to support @ revision3 dot com w/ your subscription number and the email address associated with the PayPal account.

  • arcticfox

    Yeah the annual subs deserve it, but what about all us monthly subcribers from day one.

    People were still getting the show elsewhere for free, then you go and give out the only subscriber perk Rev3 Gazette after a few episodes, then you cancelled all subs and gave it all away.

    So basically i was giving you money for nothing, i wont be supporting Rev3 in the future.

  • lnknpk04

    Bummed I’m not getting a shirt (i’ve been donating since the beginning, but monthly), but no big deal. I’m glad to see all the new content you guys are pumping out.

  • drukqs

    Bumskis……paid every month even when diggdown was around. I enjoyed supporting you, and still would. Although its kinda crappy that we who payed 60 bucks a year, 5 dollars a month get no credz. Send me some beer or something. How about that 360 alex is giving away…..ya that works…