Live from New York…it's Diggnation!

May 21st, 2008 at 12:03 by David Prager in Live Events

iw_diggnation.jpgAttention New Yorkers! Do you like the Internet? Do you like Diggnation? Then on June 4th, you’ve GOT to be at the live Diggnation show in New York City. It’s Internet Week in New York City (one of our fave cities) and we figured, how better to participate than to bring Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht to New York to finally tape an episode in front of a New York audience!?

But we didn’t stop there, as if Kevin and Alex wasn’t enough, Brian Brushwood, host of the smash hit Scam School will be there to shock and amaze, and make fools of a couple of people with his dazzling array of bar tricks. See if you can stand toe to toe with the king of the scam. Plus, DJ Bears and Bears Repeating will be performing as well for all you music fans.

This event will also be serving as the Digg Meet-up. Digg CEO Jay Adelson will be in attendance along with founder Kevin Rose and a few others from the Digg crew and community.

Here are the details:
Wednesday, June 4 – 6:00 p.m. EST

Studio B
259 Banker Street
Between Meserole Ave. & Calyer St.
Brooklyn, New York

Google Map:

Let us know you’re coming: Meetup

Directions from Manhattan:
BY SUBWAY: Take the Brooklyn-bound L train to Bedford Avenue (1st stop into Brooklyn); Exit subway near the intersection of N 7th St and Bedford Ave; head North on Bedford Ave past N 8th St; Turn left onto N 12th St; Turn right onto Berry St; Turn right onto Nassau Ave; Turn left onto Banker St; Total travel: 30 mins;

BY CAR: FROM WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE: Take Williamsburg Bridge (inside lanes) to BQE (BROOKLYN QUEENS EXPY/I-278 E) (0.5 mi); Take the Humboldt St. exit (Exit 33) toward McGuinness Blvd (0.1 mi); Turn LEFT onto HUMBOLDT ST.; Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MCGUINNESS BLVD S. (0.6 mi); Turn LEFT onto MESEROLE AVE. (0.3 mi); Turn RIGHT onto BANKER ST. (0.0 mi); End at 259 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222-2601; Estimated Time: 14 minutes/Estimated Distance: 4.57 miles;

BY CAR: FROM MIDTOWN TUNNEL: Take Midtown Tunnel to I-495 E (Portions toll) (1.5 mi); Take the BORDEN AVE./ PULASKI BR. exit.; Turn RIGHT onto BORDEN AVE. (0.1 mi); Turn RIGHT onto VERNON BLVD.; Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto JACKSON AVE/ NY-25A E. (0.2 mi); Turn RIGHT onto 11TH ST/ PULASKI BRIDGE. Continue to follow PULASKI BRIDGE. (0.6 mi); PULASKI BRIDGE becomes MCGUINNESS BLVD. (0.4 mi); Turn RIGHT onto MESEROLE AVE. (0.3 mi); Turn RIGHT onto BANKER ST.; End at 259 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222-2601; Estimated Time: 13 minutes/Estimated Distance: 4.84 miles

Official Flyer:

Diggnation New York

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  • DCImatt

    I just bought my plane ticket. I can’t wait to see diggnation live!!

  • mscala

    OH NO!!! I have to be in Chicago the 4th and the 5th for work. I live in NYC and was waiting for a NY diggnation. What a bummer!

  • qaproject

    i wish i can be there……

  • jesseflorig

    Man i really want to be there! But I’m in DC and its on a Wednesday.

    I’m going to have to digg deep for this one.

    Come to DC!

  • brispet1

    Finally east coast Diggnation… I will definitely be there.

  • Krenz

    Still waiting for an Orlando show. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  • Hellfighter

    I’ve been waiting for an east coast one forever, but now that it’s here, it seems like too much hassle. Come to FL.

  • mooking

    Greenpoint Brooklyn. You could not find a better location, I lived in that craphole for a little wile, and all I got to say is watch your wallets.

  • Hellfighter

    Am I going to be butt raped in that neighborhood?

  • hiddi

    Taking the Chinatown bus up from philly since Verrazano-Narrows alone is like $20 RT!!! Also what are you guys talking about with crime? The area is like all hipsters and families with nice homes. I go to studio b all the time for dj nights and never feel threatened going back to my car.

  • mooking

    @hiddi To be honest, I have not been there in many many years, and it may have changed from crack hoes and drug dealers down on West Kent to “Hipters”. But nice homes, unless they demolished that whole area and rebuilt it, there was no “nice looking” homes there. You might have a different idea what nice looking is thow.

  • jerichobp

    how old do you have to be to go? i thought they said 18 on diggnation, but on the stuidoB website, it says 21. can someone clarify please.

  • cancerofthebone

    If you really think Greenpoint is a dangerous neighborhood you should probably stay away from big cities altogether. Greenpoint is one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, unless you lived there 10+ years ago pre-gentrification.

  • macfanboi

    Does anyone know how old you need to be. I understand the poster says 18, and I know it is a club, but can a teen accompany an adult to this event? My friend is a huge fan of diggnation and wants to attend, but I don’t know if he can do to the 18+.

  • macfanboi

    By the way, Greenpoint is really up and coming. The area around the studio is safe so you won’t need to watch your wallet as closely as you might think.

  • mooking

    @cancerofthebone If you look, I said, I have not been there in many many years, so please look before you type. Also, I had to google “gentrification” but it is good to see that crap hole to change for the better. One more thing you said that is incorrect “If you really think Greenpoint is a dangerous neighborhood you should probably stay away from big cities altogether”. I “grew up” in “that big city” so please do not think I am talking from my ass.

  • panacea

    Agree with folks that say Greenpoint is not dangerous (now) — my sweetie has been out there many times working all hours at nearby Broadway Stages and there were no problems. But given that the only close subway is the G train, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to get to (I guess the official directions say to take the L because it’s a but more dependable, but it’s much further away). I’m *TOTALLY* looking forward to live D* in NY so no biggie, but out of town folks should be aware there is a closer subway stop (provided there are no nefarious MTA service changes, check — they finally have a mobile site redirect too).

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  • oneon

    Yea I’ll be there…Greenpoints cool…No worries…great restaurants in the area too…

  • jaxNY

    Hell Ya I’ll be there and I’m bringing others too

  • aksumka

    So, it is 21+. That sucks…

  • jerichobp

    yeah it does. hopefully the fake id that i may or may not possess does the trick.

  • shanmcf

    Yeah… 18! We’re driving down from MA, I’m wicked excited!

  • aksumka

    Good think I checked back! Look like I’ll be going after all!

    Thanks jerichobp (for that link)!

  • jerichobp

    no problem. see you all there hopefully

  • FreshPineSent

    A show in the southern California are would be uber cool.

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    See if you can stand toe to toe with the king of the scam. Plus, DJ
    Bears and Bears Repeating will be performing as well for all you music