Amazing Diggnation in London!

October 11th, 2008 at 07:01 by Jim Louderback in Uncategorized

We had a great time at the Future of Web Apps in London, and it was capped off by a tremendous live Diggnation!  Kevin and Alex were in their element, as 1,700 screaming fans showed up for the fun.

The full Diggnation will be out Friday October 17th, but here are some sneak peeks behind the scenes that I shot on my flip video camera.  Enjoy!

The great thing about this Diggnation is that Google bought free beer for everyone!  Fans grabbed fistfuls of Becks to bring in to make sure they had enough beers for the full show.

Virgin sponsored the Diggnation.  Here Revision3 VP of Sales Brad Murphy, and Alex Hunter from Virgin position the Virgin sign in just the right way.  Thanks to Virgin for sponsoring!


We had 1,700 people show up for the live Diggnation, it was wild.  Thanks everyone who showed up.  We all had a great time at the show, and at the after party sponsored by Facebook and Digg.

So and then the next morning, we all met for tea and breakfast, and then set out to the Virgin corporate offices in London to tape the next week’s Diggnation there.  Most of us took a Taxi, but Kevin and Alex had the ride of their lives…  on a Virgin LimoBike!  Here are a few videos of Kevin and Alex encountering the bikes for the first time, and then getting suited up and ready to go!

Checking out the Virgin Limobikes and getting suited up and ready to go.  These bikes are so cool, and so much faster than taxis in London.  Sign up for one today!

Off they go!


So after Kevin and Alex showed up, we toured the Virgin offices, and then the set up for a Diggnation in this really cool conference room in the offices, that sort of looks like you’re on stage at a Virgin music festival. 

As I was doing a quick little video walk through, coincidentally they were talking about my new favorite phone, which unfortunately I had to give back, the Nokia E71.  You won’t see this episode until October 24th, but it’s awesome too.


– Jim Louderback