Flash Player Update: Share Revision3 Shows With Your Friends

February 6th, 2009 at 01:16 by Michele Husak in Website

We started off 2009 with an update to the user interface of our flash player, which everyone appears to really like. But let’s be honest, that was just a much improved cosmetic change. When we rolled it out, we said that we’d have more functionality and changes to the flash player into 2009, and today we’re very excited to share with you the next step in upgrading of the Revision3 Flash player.

Today’s update to the flash player introduces two new buttons on the user interface, “Share” and “Embed”. We’ve made it much easier for you to now take your favorite Revision3 shows and share them with your friends, either by email, posting on your site, or submitting to the social network of your choice. Now all you have to do is click “Share” and you’ll see the flash player transform into a panel with options to provide you the URL to share, or one click post to Twitter, Digg, Facebook and many others.

But we didn’t stop there. Oh no, there’s more. We’re also rolling out the ability for you, the viewer, to choose the clip of your choice to share with your friends. Once you click “Share” or “Embed”, you’ll notice a timeline above the video, and markers that show the time in the video. All you need to do is click on the starting marker and drag to the point of the video you’d like your clip to start at, and then do the same for the end marker. The URL, embed codes and links to other sites automatically update, making sharing your favorite moment easier than ever! So now, when you want to show your buddy that moment when Jimmy Fallon busted on Alex in Diggnation, or show your Dad a cool product review on Tekzilla, you can just pick your clip, and share away! We’re super excited for this bit of functionality and we hope it’s something you, the audience, can find easy to use and enjoy.

Here is the latest episode of Tekzilla if you would like to play with the new functionality:

Like I said, this is the next step in our rollout of enhanced functionality for our flash player, which hopefully will make your viewing experience on Revision3 as awesome as you want it to be. Stay tuned for more updates and changes in the coming months. We’ve got some super cool stuff still in development that we can’t wait to share with you! And as always, let us know what you think. Leave a comment below or talk about it in our forums.


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  • Will_Stutler

    how about letting us choose weather or not the player auto plays

    i tell you i hate that it auto plays….i download them then watch them

    other than that i like the changes

  • amon91

    Excellent job! It’ll surely help! =D

  • Ron Richards

    @Will_Stutler thanks for the feedback on autoplay, we are indeed working on a user preference that will let you turn it off, it’s coming very soon, so stay tuned

  • asawyer

    Iwould like to see the aoutplay choice in the embed code too. I would like to pimp Rev 3 on my blog, but the fact that the vids autoplay stops me.

  • DarkFoxDK

    In Opera Browser, this seems to be a Player of Infinte Loa(d|th)ing…

  • Cybersuchus

    Ron – Glad to hear that the user preference option is working on being added. Keep up the good work guys.

  • xfuuey

    Agreed. Thanks for the new updates Ron!

    (I’m with the others too – can’t wait to have the ability to toggle autoplay)

  • macewan

    I’m digging the subscribe with Miro option myself.

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