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San Francisco, CA – February 17, 2009 – The Totally Rad Show, Revision3’s movie, video game, TV and comic review show, airs its 100th episode on Tuesday, February 17 at 3 p.m. EST. Complementing the program’s milestone episode, the hosts will present a special two-year anniversary show in the upcoming episode 104. The 100th episode will be available at

Episode 100 will feature hosts and Internet celebrities Alex Albrecht, Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg as they review movies including Friday the 13th and The International and video games F.E.A.R. 2 and Street Fighter IV. Coverage will also highlight TRS coverage of the 20th Anniversary of Street Fighter.

In addition, the hosts will announce the opportunity for fans to vote for their favorite introduction and user-submitted background display from the second year of programming. The episode will showcase discussion from the audience’s favorite moments of the year, based on their votes.

“The Totally Rad Show continues to air quality programming on Revision3 because the hosts know how to give their audience what they want—smart, opinionated commentary, perfect for our geek and pop culture fans,” said Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback. “Reaching 100 episodes in any broadcast medium is impressive, and we look forward to another year of success for the show and hosts.”

The Totally Rad Show is the recent winner of the “Best Produced” 2008 Podcast Award. Hosted by Alex Albrecht, Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg, the Totally Rad Show is Revision3’s explosion of movie, video game, TV and comics news and reviews. Four dudes in a garage. One green screen. A cubic ass-ton of enthusiasm. The Totally Rad Show is all about the feeling of sharing a great new movie, video game, TV show or comic. If it’s out there and it is rad, it is on the Totally Rad Show. For more information, visit

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