CO-OP Lands at Revision3

March 9th, 2009 at 05:48 by Rob Saurini in Uncategorized

There are times when my job is easy. The moment the Area5 (CO-OP) guys came to our office for their first meeting, I knew this show needed to be on Revision3. I’ve been a longtime fan of their work at 1UP and their new show is a huge creative leap forward. With that, I’d like to officially extend a HUGE welcome to our friends at CO-OP, the latest show to launch on the Revision3 network.

Matt, Ryan, Cesar, Jason, Rob and JayFresh have been working tirelessly to keep their show going independently through their new company, Area5. We are thrilled to give them a new home here at Revision3 and help them take their video game show to the next level. I can honestly say that this is a fantastic and dedicated group of guys and their talent is clear when you watch CO-OP. They have found an extremely engaging and entertaining way to talk about games with insiders who are actually their friends.

Check out this week’s premiere episode which is up now and the new episodes will be launching every Tuesday from here on out.