CO-OP Lands at Revision3

March 9th, 2009 at 05:48 by Rob Saurini in Announcements, Shows

There are times when my job is easy. The moment the Area5 (CO-OP) guys came to our office for their first meeting, I knew this show needed to be on Revision3. I’ve been a longtime fan of their work at 1UP and their new show is a huge creative leap forward. With that, I’d like to officially extend a HUGE welcome to our friends at CO-OP, the latest show to launch on the Revision3 network.

Matt, Ryan, Cesar, Jason, Rob and JayFresh have been working tirelessly to keep their show going independently through their new company, Area5. We are thrilled to give them a new home here at Revision3 and help them take their video game show to the next level. I can honestly say that this is a fantastic and dedicated group of guys and their talent is clear when you watch CO-OP. They have found an extremely engaging and entertaining way to talk about games with insiders who are actually their friends.

Check out this week’s premiere episode which is up now and the new episodes will be launching every Tuesday from here on out.

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  • djtyrant

    Really excited for this show, great pick up guys (and girls!)!!

  • phoenixp3k

    I’ve been praying for this since the FIRST episode of CO-OP! Revision3 made a smart choice. A podcast dedicated to video games was just what I wanted (not taking anything out of TRS).

    Area5 got themselves a “s*gar daddy”

  • EpicJC

    This is simply awesome, congrats to all of the Co-op gang!

  • Will_Stutler

    sad is the only word that comes to mind

    you guys couldn’t afford to keep doing ISS or Popsiren, yet you bring in these guys… offense to these guys, but come the flip on you guys know how completely lame you are.

    this will not be a show that i will even watch

  • AndyS

    Great pickup. I’m glad to see lots of the talent I enjoyed following at 1up who were laid off finding other opportunities. Revision 3 sounds like a great home.

  • MediaRight

    Thank you Revision3! I watched this program even though I don’t game that much because the content is so real and genuine and the production is so fantastic. Great collaboration!

  • captds9e

    Always thought this would be a great pairing. Now you guys made it happen. Fantastic

  • hazord

    Perfect pairing. Been a long time viewer of these guys and now with Diggnation, TRS and Co-op I no longer have to go to other sites. Congrats to the Area5 team and R3.

  • jeferichardson

    Thank you Revision for keeping the boys together. Its a awsome show.

  • Pinion413

    I’m ecstatic that that the Area5 team as found a home! I look forward to seeing the future of the show! Great pickup Revision3!

  • sundby

    Best news I’ve heard in a loooooooong time!

  • rafacst

    This show seems very cool, but I have a very crappy internet connection so can someone fix the small quicktime feed? Thanks.

  • a0me

    Welcome to Rev3! Thanks to the Area5 team for keeping doing their show and to Rev3 for picking them up.

  • crater

    Nothing tops TRS as far as video games go, so i’ll stick to just that. I think you need more variety in shows, not multiple shows doing the same thing(ala G4′s crappy business model).

  • moron9000

    I LOVE TRS, but trust me, these guys have them beat. They came from 1-up and are all about games. This was an amazing pick up both groups combined. Best of luck gentlemen, best of luck.

  • UConnBBall

    Called this one the day everyone was let go at 1up. To bad Ziff Davis and UGO didn’t see the value in this.

    My favorite part was seeing real ads! Go Daddy, Square Spaces, and God Father 2. Only one ad from a video game what a relief. I think Mountain Dew should be next!

  • onslaughtree

    First off, WELCOME BACK ! man it’s great to have the gamg back in action. I followed you guys to AREA 5, but it is good to see you all back at the top where you belong and i hope revision3 allow you all to keep the creative edge that your show has, that so many others lack. I watched the show on my bus ride to work today and almost lol a few times, but seeing your shot at the end, when the camera pans around the corner and the six of you come around all blacked out , it reminded me of movies like THE USUAL SUSPECTS & RESERVOIR DOGS, great shot by the way, but it’s when you threw the apron into the air that put me over the edge, i could not hold it back, i started to clap . great stuff, great stuff indeed. Keep up the good work and again, WELCOME BACK.

  • SupaSlick

    Congrats guys! btw – which is better quality – the large xvid or the large wmv? (I watch through xbox 360 streaming – which doesn’t do .mp4s)

  • zgwpn

    Good to see the guys at Area5 get a steady home :) Just PLEASE try not to be infected with the ‘Bro’ mentality that appears to be so prevalent with the talent here at Rev3.

    I used to watch a good number of Rev3 shows until it kinda hit me ‘Wow…these guys are kind of douchbags’. For some of the shows here I can’t but close my eyes while watching and picturing a bunch of self important guys with popped collars, holding their hip new imported beer prominently to the audience with a ‘Oh God I hope people find me relevant’ look on their face as they pimp their Twitter accounts or some shit. Maybe Im just tragically out of touch

    Oh well, I guess I can understand that they have to play the game to fight for the ever thinly stretched attention span of us ‘consumers’ on the interwebs. Duality’s a bitch.

    Anyway, keep it real Co-Op, and great pick-up Rev3. I’ll try to get over myself and branch out past just watching Co-Op as a show of gratitude!

  • RyuhoKudo


  • ozankayaweb

    al pacino fakes :) ilaclama böcek ilaçlama

  • sado

    You guys need to change the colors of the logo in the video – Red background with Blue flashing type font is a really bad idea unless you want people to have seizures.

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