Roku…here comes Revision3

October 15th, 2009 at 04:27 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

Yes Brian, There is a Santa Claus

A few weeks ago I got a message from Revision3 fan Brian Desmon, asking whether there was any chance of Revision3 shows appearing on Roku’s groundbreaking internet video box – known mostly for its integration with Netflix on Demand.

I had to skirt the issue – but no more! Finally I can tell the world! Revision3 will be on Roku! Our amazing team of web designers and developers have been slaving over the implementation for the last few months – and their amazing efforts have borne some pretty tasty fruit.

I still can’t say exactly when, beyond “very soon now”. But I can give you a sneak peek of what it’ll look like. Check out this week’s Tekzilla for a look at the upcoming Revision3 channel on Roku. And if you don’t have a Roku, what are you waiting for? It streams Baseball, Netflix movies and Amazon Unbox today, with a wide variety of other video channels coming soon.

The box itself costs $99. And unlike today’s services, we’re going to be 100% free – and in amazing high definition as well (if your internet connection is fast enough).

That’s right, now there’s even more reason to buy a Roku! So if you love our shows, and want to watch them on a big TV, pick up a Roku today. They make great holiday presents too.. (hint hint).

Check out this demo of the Revision3 channel on Roku:

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  • shinsetsuguy

    Great news.. but, Patrick.. You weren’t fast enough on the draw. We saw the icons for the Channel Store, Flickr, and Pandora on your screen! Nice pre-announcement :)

  • moriko20x6


  • ersanchez

    This is awesome.

    I just ordered a Roku Video Player last week. I can’t wait to be able to watch Revision3 programs on my TV!

  • Ngoc Anh

    We saw the icons for the Channel Store, Flickr, and Pandora on your screen.