An Open Letter to Conan O'Brien

January 18th, 2010 at 12:32 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

Mr. Conan “CoCo” O’Brien,

I’m taking this opportunity to officially offer you a brand-new show of your choosing here at Revision3.  Rest assured, you’ll be able to bring your set, band and even Andy (especially Andy) with you as you transition to our cutting-edge online TV network.  We have room for the Masturbating Bear, FedEx Pope and even Mini Jay Leno here on the internet.

Have you seen the internet lately?  It’s huge!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “This is absolutely the offer I’ve been waiting for.”  I’m sure you’re also thinking: “but I have a traditional TV network show right now, and offers from others, why would I leave the traditional networks?”  One word, Conan: the future.  (OK, that’s two words).  I know you don’t have a big footprint in online media at the moment, but take our word for it: Internet television is the future.  The space has seen a 35% average increase in advertising spending in 2009.  (Just think how many cigars that would buy for Triumph The Comic Insult Dog).

Here’s another benefit the internet can offer: no official air time. That’s right. NO AIR TIME.  This is the world of non-linear entertainment: some may watch your show at 11:35, some at 12:05, some at 10:00…and who cares….you finished shooting the show at 6:30 and are asleep by then anyhow!

I know you’re also weighing countless job offers from extended cable networks and hardcore porn channels.  Just know we serve more videos than your average porn site (not true) and have more viewers than your average extended cable network (true).

To sum up, Conan, you have the keys to the kingdom here at Revision3. You want to change our studio around?  Done.  Want to move any of our existing shows to 10pm Please do.  Want to give Andy his own show so he can finally truly control the universe?  Done.  You name the game, we’ll make it happen.

Other benefits:
- A fantastic creative and supportive working environment
- No network censors
- Top notch adsales team monetizing your show
- Complimentary broadband
- “Competitive” salary (you’re going to have more money than Oprah from NBC, so what do you care?!)
- Managed social media strategy, building a dedicated audience around your show
- Decent benefits

Call me any time, day or night.  As one “really tall guy” to another, I promise never to pull a Jeff Zucker on you. Here’s hoping Revision3, internet television, can be the new home to countless string dances in the future!

Ryan Vance
VP Programming/Production


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  • evan_s

    “I promise never to pull a Jeff Zucker on you.” is in my daily vocab now. Nicely done, Ryan.

  • PacGamer

    Team Conan go!

  • jakemarsh

    This is epic. Simply epic.

  • RottNKorpse

    that would be purely epic!

  • Mythicgriffon

    Brilliant, i would totally watch him on Revision3, Team Conan FTW

  • hydrarulz

    This could be a BIG step in the transition of TV to Internet.

    We all saw it coming since ads started to appear in podcasts.

  • jlocke

    1) NBC owns the copyright to all the characters on his old show (
    2) Andy already had his own show, remember? (

  • cbwood

    You should probably get Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog’s name right.

  • davmoo

    I will readily admit that I’m far more of a Leno fan than an O’Brien fan. But even so, I’d *love* to see Coco take a shot at this.

  • amon91

    OMG win. Yeah, it’d be epic!

  • marcelfahle

    yeah, truly epic! And not so unrealistic I guess.. I mean Pollak is doing his Chatshow with Calacanis..

  • rogXue

    I would love to see the offered pay scale on this contract!

  • thing2

    Here’s to hoping Conan see’s this!!

  • rbrosmer

    Is the “Triumph The Comic Insult Dog” mentioned in this letter in any way related to the Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog character from Conan O’Brien’s show?

  • brianhoney

    This is surely the most epic of truly epic ideas! At least that I’ve heard today.

    Let’s say a live show, on each night, say 11:30pm Eastern? Of course available on podcast, no censors, clips everywhere!

    This would be so much more fun than something on ABC, or Fox.

  • poly915

    That’s “Triumph The Insult Comic Dog” not “Triumph The Comic Insult Dog”.

  • AJay17


  • axcelis

    Conan: This is a GREAT idea. Cement your name in history as the first internet only powerhouse show. YOu don’t have to do it with “revision3″ – take the idea to Google/ Youtube and get something started. Do it!

  • veronicazilla

    This would bring great joy to my life.

  • morbidblessing

    This would be pretty incredible!

  • OwlBoy

    But can you cover the cost of his staff and band?

  • thompsonlive

    OMGWTFBBQ!!!! This could be the greatest idea ever

  • swag

    F8ck Conan.

  • Ethan B.

    this would probably be the most amazing thing ever to happen if it indeed does happen.

  • Atomsk

    You forgot to mention that Rev3 is closer to LA than if he went home to NY.

  • kmh8arin

    This would be spectacular!!!

  • miyazakihayao


  • r-a-y

    Why not offer a similar deal for Tom Green? (less-lucrative of course!)

    He already has a talk show out of his own living room on the Interwebs.
    Since Revision3 is all about Internet TV, you might want to consider it…

  • xeemo

    This is not going to happen. I gotta say it would be pretty sweet if it did though.

  • hollowex

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog*

    Also… would Preparation H Raymond have a spot?

  • wtgames

    I love Revision 3 and if this were to happen I would poo may pants in excitement.

  • dunce002917

    was thinking of the same thing!

    I’d like to see Conan on diggnation! hehehe..

  • jwillis77373

    Good Grief! Charlie Brown

  • Hummy

    Awesome letter!

  • badidea

    No offense but bad idea. So you want Conan O’Brien to go from Tonight Show Host to a “youtube video guy”? are you effing retarded? You’re basically telling Conan O’Brien to go take himself off a list that includes Carson, Letterman, and Leno to the lines of Philip DeFranco, Fred and KevJumba? R I D I C U L O U S.

    Why do you think Leno pulled the douche move and took back the Tonight Show? Because it makes him The Host of the Tonight Show.(Notice the caps). For the fame, the title, and the viewers/audience. People like Letterman, Leno, and O’Brien live off of the audience. They add little bits of humor to the reactions of the crowd. If Conan does a internet broadcast show you get no live audience. It’s just him, with Andy in front of a computer screen and a camera. How much funny can that actually be?

    Your title is jack crap too. ConanOBrienTV username account? If I ever see this I will feel very sorry for Mr. O’brien. He deserves better than that. The fact that you seem to believe that Conan has no pride is pretty awful on your part.

    As for the future. It’s NOT HERE YET. Half the time you want to stream television it’s done illegally. If you watch sports on like I do, you know that there are always people on the high up trying to shut down the stream of the games people are trying to watch. Television networks do not approve of streaming quite yet. Maybe in 10 or 20 years but not now. In that time Conan will be Leno’s age.

    I know that this post was probably a joke. I know that you don’t honestly believe Conan will actually seek to do a deal with you considering I’ve never even HEARD of this site before looking on But the fact that there are so many DIGGS just shows that none of you internet users really watch Conan’s show anyways. You, the viewers, are one of the reasons why O’Brien has to leave. If his ratings had been great then this wouldn’t even be an issue. IMAGINE IF YOU HAD ACTUALLY WATCHED HIS SHOW. Your support is almost bandwagon-esque and this post proves it. You didn’t even care how important 11:35 was to Conan. You just want everything come to you as you sit like lazy pigs in front of the computer all day.

    Internet Conan supporters, you disgust me.

  • Brown Bahamut

    In the year 3000, in the year 3000:

    After NBC had lost all viewership, and Leno is a fading byte in the digital archive of Standard Television folder. One phenom who had a vision will stand proud and holographic, for even in his passing, his show went on into the stars with the message:

    “If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice.”

  • zachrd99


    You also have an open invitation to blog on the #74,034 site in Southern California.

    Internet Television = The Future
    Traditional Television = The Past
    Blogs = The Present

    - Zach

  • Cananito

    Accept Conan!!!

  • nerdoloco

    The symbiotic relationship would just work.

  • khathis

    Fantastic letter, Mr. Vance. Always truly the visionary. Conan will be glad to have you.

  • jmathew

    ““Competitive” salary” — maybe it’s competitive for an internet host, but not for someone who has been on network TV for almost 20 years. I’m not sure Revision3 can afford Conan, Andy, the band, his writers, as well as pay for guest accommodations. While many of Conan’s younger audience are internet-saavy, one of the perks of the Tonight Show was being able to tap into the older audiences. (older audiences who don’t watch TV on their computers nor know how to get internet shows on their TV)

    And unfortunately, if Conan leaves NBC, he won’t be able to bring all of his sketch characters like the masterbating bear, Pimpbot, etc as they belong to NBC.

  • DaveFriedel

    #1 – It could happen. Many great new ventures have been started by well known people, who have been dragged through the mud, in order to enjoy their work again. He’s getting $30 mill… why not have fun and work at Revision3?

    #B – I would pay money, real money, to see the masturbating bear and Bearonica in a skit together. Just having him chases her around the block. I’m talking Pay-Per-View money I would pay.

  • jdfstudio

    This would be really cool!

    If Conan had his show on Revision3, no doubt he would take the internet by storm!

  • jarin

    Hey, it worked for Adam Carolla! This would be awesome.

  • davmoo

    Okay, I gotta comment again after DaveFriedel’s comment. You get a skit with the masturbating bear and Bearonica and I’ll give you a small green photo of Ben Franklin to see it :-)

  • dontbanbugmenot

    This is really, really cute, but there’s no way that Conan will have more money than Oprah.
    Salary, $385 million (2008). Net worth, < $2.3 billion ▼ (Sept. 2009)

  • jeremyperson

    Jim, I have to respect your vision and courage. This is exactly what Internet TV needs.

  • Brit

    Realistically the chance of Conan going to Revision3 is as high as Madonna doing a Youtube concert. However, I wonder if Conan would take the job temporarily, like a transitional phase into his new permanent gig at (insert network here).

    Since wherever network he goes to would take at least 6-8 months to negotiate a contract, build a new studio, advertise his arrival, etc, a temp show on Revision3 would be rather exciting. Conan can keep his fans inform of his antics, Revision3 can expand their audience, and both sides could potential build a lasting relationship pasted Conan’s departure date.

    Yeah, rather silly idea, but since Revision3 is pulling this stunt I thought I would put my $0.02 in anyway.

  • JordanM85

    I think Conan belongs on the internet. Rev3 would be perfect for him.

  • jamiejamez

    Would Conan even be allowed to take a non union job?

  • chrisgomez

    “Complimentary broadband”


  • bryansays

    Just curious. Why hasn’t Revision3 made the same offer to Tom Green. I think he would be a great addition to Rev3 plus he’s already on the internet. It would be an easier transition.

  • lucius153

    While I think this would be the optimal solution for Conan’s predicament, I don’t think it is very likely. Does anyone really think Conan is considering forsaking traditional media for the Internet? Has there been any proof of this?

  • ProAntix

    Jim your a genius. This is pure brilliant! Hope you get on to Conan’s agent about this. I think Conan will be looking for a pay check of 30-40 million from a TV network…

  • Jim Louderback

    Actually it was Ryan Vance’s idea – he’s the genius here. But wouldn’t it be amazing. He can even come to Revision3 during his interregnum – heck, we won’t tie him down.


  • nandorocker

    Amen to @bryansays comment. A guy like Tom Green would be a great way to start making a bridge between traditional TV and internet TV, and get credibility.
    I truly hope with all my heart that Conan will read this and consider it, and should he not go with Rev3, I hope at least he goes online, because his fan base is all here anyway.

  • Kevinsand

    “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

    I can say I have Dumped my Satellite TV and boosted my broadband internet to as fast as I can get here in northern AZ simply for the fact that I don’t watch Television anymore. (I’m Talking to you COCO!)

    I was getting My Conan fix on Hulu, but I would love to see what Mr. Conan would do once added to Rev3′s lineup.

  • pearpandas

    This guy is the greatest! We’re with you Conan. I will be on Team Conan till the day I die!

  • mrhaines

    Conan’s future plans will be about money and only money. Unless Revision3 can match FOX or CBS then there is no way this would ever happen. Internet TV may be the wave of the future, but unfortunately we are just not there yet.

  • HiroProtagonist

    He could also do a weekly segment show with leo laporte.

  • jmathew

    A lot of you are calling this letter “visionary”, but obviously this is just Revision3′s dream of using Conan to get their company in the public eye.

    I enjoy Revision3 programming, but their production value is no where as good as network (or even cable) television. Conan having an internet show could work. His hardcore loyal fans are the younger, tech-saavy 18-35 year olds who would watch a show on the internet. But let’s be honest, if Conan did a show on the internet, he wouldn’t need Revision3′s help. He could launch his own site, build his own studio, and employ his own staff. He would want complete control and play by his own rules…not Revision3s. (aka having Conan in the middle of his show telling his viewers why or Netflix are such great services)

    I’m not trying to be a Rev3 hater, but seems a bit insulting to Conan and more of a publicity stunt/joke than a serious offer. (one of his benefits would be complimentary broadband?? Seriously?) If you really wanted to have Conan be a part of the Revision3 family, you would have directly contacted his agents with a proposed contract, not an “open letter” on your blog.

  • unclebobmartin

    I tweeted 2/25 –
    @ConanOBrien Look at Merv Griffin. Cancelled by two networks, he invented syndication, became a billionaire. Start an IPTV Network.
    10:56 AM Feb 25th via web in reply to ConanOBrien

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    I enjoy Revision3 programming, but their production value is no where as good as network television.

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     We have room for the Masturbating Bear, FedEx Pope and even Mini Jay Leno here on the internet.

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    Conan’s future plans will be about money and only money. Unless
    Revision3 can match FOX or CBS then there is no way this would ever

  • Freelancers earn income

    This could be a BIG step in the transition of TV to Internet.

    We all saw it coming since ads started to appear in podcasts.


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    If Conan did a show on the internet, he wouldn’t need Revision3′s help.

  • custom canvas

     Just know we serve more videos than your average porn site (not true)
    and have more viewers than your average extended cable network (true).