Programming Update: Food Mob & ROFL

October 26th, 2010 at 04:30 by Rob Saurini in Shows

I wanted to update everyone on a couple of recent programming changes here at Revision3. After 22 episodes filled with delicious and simple recipes, Food Mob is unfortunately coming to an end. Niall and his entire team worked tirelessly every week to give us an amazing and entertaining episode full of really useful information and interactivity. I know their community means the world to them (and us) and they (and we) really appreciate each and every one of you for embracing this show.

Niall, Aaron and the rest of their crew were absolutely fantastic to work with in every step of developing this series. You can continue to follow Niall in his pursuits at Simply Zesty. We wish the guys well and hope to work with them again in the future.

One other programming note to alert you to: ROFL has moved off of the full Revision3 platform and onto purely iTunes distribution through our awesome partners at Rooftop Comedy. Be sure to subscribe there for all future episodes of that show.

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  • mathwhiz

    Too bad for ROFL – I don’t use iTunes so I won’t be watching that anymore. At least we finally got an update.

  • Ziggie

    That’s a shame about ROFL moving to iTunes only. Please let us know when they move to another platform so I can start following them again!!

  • aaronbond

    I loved watching ROFL on Sunday nights. Bad move on their part. I don’t even use Itunes. Why should you have to install bloatware to access media. *sigh*

  • pandaSmore

    I’m confused it still hasn’t updated on iTunes.

  • MHdeadhead

    Hey pandaSmore, thanks for commenting. I don’t have any further info. as to when Rooftop Comedy will produce more episodes. You might want to send them a note via Twitter – @rooftopcomedy. Thanks for watching!