Tekzilla is Expanding!

November 16th, 2010 at 04:10 by Jackie Talbott in Announcements, Shows

Tekzilla, Revision3′s weekly tech show that feeds your tech hunger, is expanding to a second weekly episode and included HD Nation segments.

We’re bursting at the seams trying to feed your tech hunger with a single weekly show! So naturally, what’s Revision3′s response? Take Tekzilla to two full episodes a week! As part of this process, HD Nation will become regular segments in Tekzilla. Although episode #71 will be the last stand alone HD Nation show, we’re not going anywhere! Robert Heron will be joining the Tekzilla family, where he’ll be bringing all of his great HD, HDTV and home theater expertise!

For you die-hard HD and home theater enthusiasts who only want HD and home theater news and information, we’ll be sending out the HD Nation segments through the HD Nation RSS feeds separately.

We want Tekzilla fans to have all the hands on how-to, tech tips, product reviews and news that they want. With two full Tekzilla episodes each week, Tekzilla Dailies, and continuing HD coverage at HDNation.TV, we’re taking a big step towards delivering it just for you.

Please join us as we continue to make Tekzilla the best technology video show anywhere because let’s face it: Tekzilla feeds your tech hunger!

The new and improved Tekzilla will begin on Tuesday, November 23rd in HD Nation’s existing time slot, then catch it all over again on Thursday, November 25th! The show will continue to be a Tuesday/Thursday semiweekly release.

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From the Producers of HD Nation and Tekzilla


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  • t12121

    I say boo to losing a regular hdnation show, but I guess I can understand why they would combine hdnation with tekzilla.

  • burnedtubes

    hmmm so let me get this math correct you are expanding by cannibalizing a show…. seems like a 0 sum game… actually worse than that, because we are losing the wonderful HD Nation :(

  • MadMagpie

    NO!!!! just butchered my favourite show!

  • trevorsargent


  • veronicazilla

    Yay! So excited to have Robert on the show!

  • Benrev3

    if this allows for larger Tekzilla broken in to two segments with hd nation and ???systm systle? minor segments; this could be amazing. creative idea guys.

  • insanepenguin

    Yeah, well, that’s what they said about Systm.

  • bchiesa

    Just don’t promise HD Nation segments with in Tekzilla and never deliver like you did with Systm!

  • Vegan

    It doesn’t seem like an actual increase in content since one show is going away but just merging into another, but congrats nevertheless! Works for me, since I watch both anyways.

  • Ethan B.

    i am all for it. that’s a big chunk of “tech” around the home. makes perfect sense.

  • alphacowboy

    Outstanding news!! You GO girl!

  • shawn789

    I think this was the inevitable progression of these two shows and ultimately a good move. I always felt that HD Nation and Tekzilla were just two episodes of the same show, which isn’t a bad thing; you can never have too much of these shows. I look forward to no longer wondering which show I saw a particular segment on.

  • TheTinRam

    Talk about trying to spin bad news into good. I guess the ratings for Tekzilla were bad enough that they are trying to prop them up with HDnation viewers.

    Instead of killing a very good show, why don’t you improve Tekzill by going more in depth with your stories and not just skimming the surface. For example you may review something, say iPhone cases. You show a 100 of them on a table and a close up for 5 seconds but don’t comment on the positives and negatives. Whats the use in that?

    Also, publishing a show almost a week after it has been recorded is ridiculous, lame and makes you look silly.

    But your strategy is going to work since I will watch lame Tekzilla to get the HDnation coverage. Well done.

  • HeavyToka

    This is complete garbage! Tekzilla sucks! Please keep HD Nation as a stand alone show!!

  • Delfairen

    I just pray that the HDNation segment does not end up like the non existent Systm segment that was going to be part of Tekzilla when that show ended.

  • jasondorsey2001

    Might as well rename it HDZilla

  • dandalo

    It’s the end of the world as we know it

  • Lyden

    A sad farewell to a great half hour weekly HD Home Theater show and a hello format that fetishizes any old crap with a processor in it…nice move Rev3…count me out!

  • chuckvaz

    The team always does a great job, I’m looking forward to seeing the new format.

  • kymmarye

    BOO!!!!!! I miss HD nation being it’s own show. I don’t understand why this makes since (to combine a popular show with a less popular….it should have been the reverse). BOOOO!!!!

  • warrenpeace416

    Ugh, so this is why the HD Nation downloads have been so short lately. I wasn’t watching all of the credits to see the ‘Watch the full episodes…’ line until today. I think all of this cross-branding of shows is just confusing and annoying. One show is about computers and the other is about home theater. I have to echo some of the previous comments and say I’m disappointed.

    You can add HD Nation segments into Tekzilla if you want and keep the regular HD Nation show intact for those who want to watch that alone.