Diggnation Retirement

October 3rd, 2011 at 11:42 by David Prager in Announcements, Shows


It is with pride and a heavy heart that we announce today that Diggnation will tape its final weekly episode at the end of 2011, closing out an epic 340 episode run.

After close to 7 years of sitting on a couch each week, drinking copious amounts of different types of beverages while discussing the top tech stories submitted to and voted on by the community at, Kevin and Alex have decided to retire their weekly series to focus on the next phase of their careers.

When Diggnation began on July 1st, 2005, the online video landscape was in its early stage and Diggnation was one of the first weekly web series to build a substantial and passionate audience. Diggnation has been a cornerstone of Revision3 and undeniably played a key role in establishing the new generation of Internet television. The show has typified the power of authentic host driven content as an extremely effective business model in supporting the artists and businesses behind original web video series’. Diggnation received support from some major brands over the past 6+ years including; Ford, Go Daddy, Netflix, Anheuser-Busch, Squarespace, Verizon, Coors Light, EA, Klondike, Adidas, NHTSA, HP and HTC to name a few.

Diggnation was the 2nd show to debut on Revision3 (representing the longest running series on the network) and also did multiple shows before live audiences of up to five thousand people in five different countries. When the show began, Revision3 had about a million viewers per month. Today, Revision3 is proud to have a growing audience of more than 80 million monthly views.

Alex Albrecht will continue to appear on Revision3 as co-host of the popular Totally Rad Show. He is also in development on a number of new series that will be launching starting in the next few months. Kevin Rose will also continue to appear on Revision3 programming on Foundation, the series he launched earlier this year featuring thought-provoking interviews with well-known entrepreneurs and company founders.

Though they are closing down the weekly show, I’m sure the pull of the couch will be a hard one to ignore so stay tuned as we may see some reunion live shows in the future.

Additionally, Revision3 will be reviving a series called “The Revision3 Gazette” that will feature a slew of topics ranging from behind the scenes of other Revision3 productions, to discussions from Revision3 hosts on current events and cultural happenings as they relate to Revision3 and its shows. Kevin and Alex may appear on The Gazette from time to time as well.

Also, let’s not forget about Hippie Glenn. Our favorite goofy editor and cameraman will continue contributing to various Revision3 productions from time to time, including regular contributions to the Gazette with a sub-series called “Toasted Donut”.

Please stay tuned for further updates regarding the final regular schedule for the last 3 months of Diggnation as well as the grand finale show scheduled to record at the end of the year in front of a live audience.

And, of course, the archived versions of all 340 episodes will remain available for viewing and downloading.

We want to thank Kevin and Alex for all their hard work over the past 6+ years. It’s been a great run for Diggnation and we look forward to working with them both on the next phase.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank all of you, our loyal viewers, for sharing this experience with us over the years. Your viewership, feedback and interaction helped shape the show and we couldn’t have done it without you!

“Next story…”

-David Prager (Co-Founder, Revision3/Producer, Diggnation)


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  • Jonathan Ortega

    Insert sad panda :(

  • Matthew Rugamas

    No :(

  • John

    I bet this because kevin left digg js

  • Anthony Hoffmann

    It’s been a good run, good luck to future endeavors!

  • Jacob Bigham

    Godspeed gentlemen, it’s been fun.

  • Nicolas Stévenart

    Can’t say it’s a surprise.
    A great show that will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Sad news.

  • Sean N.


  • POZl

    Sad news indeed. I watch each week and will miss Diggnation massively.

  • Nikhil Deveshwar

    Diggnation was the first show that brought me into the world of technology podcasts, and podcasts in general. It has remained my favorite podcast, and probably will remain that way. Thanks for all the laughs Kevin, Alex, Prager, and Hippie Glenn.

  • pknyc

    I’m so sad. I was there from the beginning.  Randomly ran into Kevin and Glenn at Scratchers in NYC last year.  Love show, love the Revision3 crew.  Much love.

  • xfuuey

    sad to see it happen but we all knew it had to come soon enough. best of luck to those guys. we all appreciate the years of entertainment you have given us

  • Anonymous

    Sad to see it go, I haven’t watched the last couple months of Diggnation just because it has had its run, and so I can view them later next year. Hope to see some reunion shows, maybe live ones taking place in oh let me think, Canada… :)

  • jordanmarsden

    I think everyone knew that the end was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take. Cheers for the laughs and the memories guys…

  • Scott Carpenter

    please one live show in Toronto area before the end!

    “Because its southern California and I have fruit!”

  • Trevj

    Wow! Really sorry to see you go. Let’s not forget some great celeb episodes as well. i especially enjoyed the one with Jimmy Fallon. best of luck to all of you!

  • Rorymitchell08

    Long live the couch!

  • marco

    Sadface and a scream
    Anyway, hats off to you guys. I’m going to miss the show real bad :(

  • Jamie

    I started a web company *because* of Diggnation… And I drink beer too :-) It’ll be sad to see it end but good luck to you all… You were brilliant!

  • Luis Vera

    A sad day for diggnation fans.

  • Vishal

    Damn this show was beast. Definitely gonna miss it…

  • Kd

    pouring one out in thanks

  • A Mangaru

    Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! This is very sad news, but best wishes to the crew.

  • Scott Hilt

    Sad news, but not surprised.

  • Merlintw

    Sad. But it had to come someday.

  • Leif Eric Martinez

    Congrats to the Revision3 crew for taking us on an epic journey!

  • David Ackermann


  • Derek Spinell

    Sucks, first podcast I ever watched. Brought me close into tech, and raised my interests in startups and other things similar. Thanks for the memories guys.

  • ochy

    Sad news guys but thanks for the best podcast on rev3! Diggnation rocks. You will be missed!

  • Camilla Stenmark

    ah, Diggnation… wishing the boys all luck in the future 
    <3 Camilla (the Swedish intern) 

  • Sam Clark

    Sad news, but it had to come to an end! Will start watching from Ep 1 again!

  • Cybersuchus

    This show will be sorely missed. I need to see about flying out for the live show as soon as they announce the venue.

  • Graham Royston

    So gutted. I watch/listen to a lot of podcast but Diggnation is the one I couldn’t be without. Sad times.

  • Wizardsftl

    Sad day for sure. But I understand the reasons for it. 
    Hope this isn’t the last time we see them all together and wish them best with everything else they do. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried with laughter whilst watching. Been a good run. 

  • Profetik777

    It feels like someone punched me in the stomach! I just started watching the show like 5 months ago. I didnt think I could laugh so hard at a podcast but I did…gona miss the show like crazy…god speed.

  • the6walkers

    Thanks for the many good laughs. Cheers

  • Logank

    Tons of memories with the diggnation crew. Thanks for providing us with such a great show for 6 years!

  • James Breen

    One More Show in NYC or SXSW

  • Danielmo01

    :( noooooooooooo

  • nickhallam

    Shattered. Well payed guys.

  • Kyle772

    This was the first podcast that I had ever watched. Since then I have watched many others but I don’t think any of them will ever make me laugh until I cry or make my face hurt from smiling quite like Diggnation did. I really hope you guys go far in life you really deserve it, you have made a huge difference in my growing up, without Diggnation I don’t think I would be anywhere near the person I am today. Thanks for the great times!

  • Rob

    Had wondered whether or not this was coming for the last six months or so. What with several points in the year where numerous episodes were obviously filmed on the same day and then released over several weeks. Disappointed – the show has led me to find loads of new tech interests and fuelled other existing ones.

    Enjoyed the show – best of luck to all involved and thanks for the years of entertainment.

  • Daniel85

    My gf used to get so annoyed when I watched diggntion, iv watched since ep 1. She’s now my wife and just started asking to put diggnation on every week for the last month, now it’s ending ands She just as bummed as me lol. Gl hf Kevin and Alex and crew thanks for the last 7 years.

  • Lance Lane

    The first and best podcast I’ve ever watched. Sad to see you go. You guys are legends now. Live it up!

  • Guest

    bummer, glad i got to see them live at sxsw a couple of times. 

  • astronut96

    I just started watching a few weeks ago! I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! This is very sad indeed! I wish you all luck in your future endeavors and hope you do some reunion shows. 

  • CrankyTechGeek

    no more possum stew?

  • Shifting Data

    I was feeling pretty bummed after hearing about Steve Jobs, and decided to watch this week’s episode of Diggnation.  Now I’m probably just gonna drink and go to sleep.

  • Miles7hinard

    Sorry to hear! Thank you for 6+ years of great podcasts!

  • Sam

    This is the first video podcast I ever watched back in 2005. Back then it was one of the ONLY video podcasts. Now there’s TONS of ‘em but this is still one of my faves. I’ll miss it for sure.

  • Michael Slauson

    Sad :-( Guess it’s time to watch them all front to back!

  • Andrea

    I am feeling nostalgic about Diggnation and it is also very sad that the fact Diggnation series ends. All the best for Diggnation. 


  • Anonymous

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  • Elextro987

    Thanks lads

  • Alona123

    Thank you for the best show ever on TV yep
    I hope Hippie and the impregnator will pick up!!! in the new show i hope we won’t  get  toasted   (:

  • Alona123

    I used to download Diggnation and stream  it to the big screen TV so for me it is a TV show.  never in my fifty years of watching TV or web there was any thing better.
    free funny mind  bogliing leaver consuming and happy days.
    no other TV or web show came even close.
    it will be remembered  as the best social experiment yet.

  • Lura Pederson

    for sharing this experience with us over the years. Your viewership,
    feedback and interaction helped shape the show and we couldn’t have done
    it without you!