Notes From the Engine Room: Improving the Experience

November 17th, 2011 at 06:02 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Press Releases, Website

It’s been a busy fall here in the Revision3 engine room, and we have two new experiences appearing just in time for your winter enjoyment. (Assuming, you know, you have winter enjoyment where you live.) HTML5 Player

You’ve been asking for this ever since the iPad first saw the light of day, and we would have loved to have given it to you sooner – but it wasn’t practical until now. Until recently, HTML5 still needed some time in the oven, and features that you knew and loved in our existing Flash player weren’t possible. In addition, the mix of codecs required for each browser condition was a daunting task…

HTML5 Codec Chart

HTML5 Codec/Browser Matrix (thanks to the folks at

Our goal was to keep the HTML5 viewing experience the same as the Flash viewing experience on, but we believe we’ve done better than that. Our new HTML5 player has broken new ground in HTML5 playback, including features like full screen mode, pop-outs, and segment jumps. Oh, and did we mention that it’s faster to load than our Flash player?

HTML5 Player

Revision3′s new player was built from the ground up to cover as wide a footprint of device and browser combinations as possible. As long as you have a compatible browser (see the chart above), the HTML5 player will load and operate on PCs, Macs or Linux machines. Note, Firefox is currently not supported, but its coming soon! On mobile devices, we have you covered – the Revision3 HTML5 is the player invoked by both iOS and Android devices, and yes…that’s both phones and tablets. (Those of you with Windows Phone 7 devices, stay tuned – we won’t forget about you, either.)

What happens if you don’t have one of the browser or mobile versions we mentioned? Well you don’t get to watch our videos! Uh…ok, not really – our servers will detect the browser and device type you are using and, if it doesn’t support HTML5, it will present the Flash player to you. Basically, you don’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy Revision3.

Incidentally, if for some reason the HTML5 player isn’t to your liking, and you never want to see it, just log-in to, select the “Preferences” menu, then select the “Site Preferences” tab, and disable “HTML5″ Voilà, you get the Flash player back.

Revision3′s Army of Android Applications

We’ve been leaking these out slowly over the last month, but you need to check out Revision3′s new suite of Android applications. Available and optimized for every conceivable flavor of Android and every Android device, be it phone, tablet or GoogleTV 2.0, we have you covered! (“Fragmentation? We don’t need no stinking fragmentation!”) We even have a version of our Revision3 app optimized for the new Amazon Kindle Fire…and it’s beautiful.

The phone and tablet versions are available as we speak in both the Android Marketplace, the Kindle Fire’s Revision3 App will be available in the Amazon App Store before this week is out, and the GoogleTV 2.0 version will be available as the new GoogleTV upgrades rollout to the Sony and Logitech devices. Note: the GoogleTV 2.0 Application is only the main Revision3 app, not individual apps for each of our shows.

Rev3 Android App

You wanna load them up on your Android device right now, don’tchya Pilgrim? Alright then, no worries…just click away:

  • Main Revision3 App
  • Epic Meal Time
  • Scientific Tuesdays
  • Destructoid
  • The Totally Rad Show
  • Hak5
  • Tekzilla
  • SGNL by Sony
  • Diggnation
  • Soldier Knows Best
  • Film Riot
  • GeekBeat.TV
  • TechoBuffalo
  • Dan 3.0
  • Scam School
  • Film State
  • So there you have it…

    …16 cross-device android apps, and a spiffy new HTML5 player. Shiny!

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    • The_mayor


    • Flexy

      Well done Revision3!

      • uberrob

        Thank you flexy.

    • Hislopd

      Love the new player!! Way better than flash!

    • Slym

      Is there ever going to be a Rev3 iPad app? Also is the iPhone version of the Rev3 app ever getting retina display support?

      • uberrob

        We are definitely working on a Revision3 iPad app – stay tuned.

    • gratefulviewer

      What a difference! No more watching Rev3 videos on YouTube for me.  Thanks for the fix, the Rev3 flash player was the bane of my existence.  Great job!

    • jwrezz

      f11 is the mute key on my laptop. Can we get the Esc back for exiting full screen mode?

      • Ryan

        Command-shift-F also works, in WebKit browsers.

      • jwrezz

        And, F11 is also the toggle fullscreen for Chrome. Conflicts abound! Esc was the standard, why this change? It’s been weeks, and I still hit “Esc” at the end of an episode and wonder why nothing’s happening!

        • jwrezz

          Thanx for the “Esc” key fix!

    • xfuuey

      nice update

    • Dain Miller

      LOVE the new video app.  Unbelievable difference.  In all honesty the old player actually made me DREAD having to click an episode (even though I would want to so bad).  But now it is smooth, fast, and clean.  I love it.  

    • PhilKenSebben

      Odd. Why isn’t Firefox supported yet?

      • Ryan

        Firefox cannot natively play H264 video like WebKit-based browsers can. It would require re-encoding every single video as Theora, which is the only viable codec that Firefox can stream natively.

        • PhilKenSebben

          No, Firefox supports both WebM and Theora. I don’t know if it’s true of every show on Revision 3 but the ones I tried like the Ben Heck Show and Hak5 already have both Theora and WebM encodes available in HD, SD, and phone resolutions. You click them and they play just fine. It’s strange that these somehow don’t get included in the HTML5 player.

          • uberrob

            The longer answer is that we’re tied up in video management issues. We have WebM for several of our recent shows, but Revision3 has a huge archive of past videos. We’re currently going through our back catalog and re-encoding. There’s also a few implementation issues that are present for us in Firefox that are not present in other browsers. Once we clear all this up, we’ll provide Firefox support.

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    • genefer s

      I  like the new look of the html5 player. is faster
      is better and my slow computer with crappy video card will not got slow
      anymore, nice job you guys!

    • Cathrine Bartholomew

      We’ve been leaking these out slowly over the last month, but you need to check out Revision3′s new suite of Android applications