Revision3's HTML5 Player Rears Its Pretty Head

January 23rd, 2012 at 08:00 by Michele Husak in Uncategorized

Revision3 Viewer's Methods of Video Playback

Viewer's Methods of Playback

Like our new HTML5 player? You’re not alone – early tracking shows that within the first 3 weeks of its rollout, Revision3’s HTML5 player is carrying a full 10% of our video views.

While this doesn’t sound like a lot, consider:

  • Android and iOS streaming combined cover 12% of all our views (Many mobile views are still downloaded and played, rather than streamed)
  • Our HTML5 player is not yet available on FireFox (we will make it available on the popular browser in Q1 of 2012)
  • New “leanback experience” set top boxes are becoming available in 2012 which are HTML5-only devices

Given all of that, 10% in 3 weeks is pretty remarkable. If that adoption rate continues, almost a half of Revision3’s views will be coming from HTML5 enabled browsers and devices when we leave 2012 and go into 2013! (Well, you know, assuming that the world doesn’t come to an end in 2012 and stuff.)

For more information about this and other IPTV research happening at Revision3, check out the studies at

For more information about the Revision3 HTML5 player, check out my previous blog post.

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