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Catherine Reitman Does Movie Reviews Right in Breakin' It Down on Revision3

March 23rd, 2012 at 08:30 by Rob Saurini in Uncategorized

If you love movies, today is a great day on Revision3! We are proud to announce that Catherine Reitman is joining the Revision3 family. She is launching Breakin’ it Down on the Rev3 network, growing it out platform wide from its current Youtube channel home. I’ve been a fan of Breakin’ It Down pretty much since episode #1. I followed a link from Twitter and found one of the few YouTube shows that made me laugh out loud right from the start. I’m so excited to be working with Catherine and her team at CandorTV to bring this show to many more fans across the Revision3 network.

Every week Catherine Reitman sees new movies and tells you which ones are worth your money and which ones should be dragged out into the street and beaten with sticks. We love her “no-holds-barred” voice and personality and combined with the fact that she kicks Harry’s hapless sound guy ass all the time, she’s a perfect fit for our audience and programming.

Before Catherine Reitman started making her own name in Hollywood, she spent years studying and perfecting her craft in some of the most prominent theater programs in the nation. She attended Ithaca College’s prestigious BFA program. She also received a minor in film from the University of Southern California. Her studies continued in London as well as at the Groundlings School, where she performed in their Sunday Improv Company. Incidentally, she’s from a very talented Hollywood family with both her dad Ivan and brother Jason recognized amongst the industry’s top directors.

Catherine is most known for playing Maureen Ponderosa, the dead toothed wife of Dennis Reynolds, on FX’s cult hit “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where she will be returning next season. She also has a long list of film credits, including “Friends with Benefits”, “I Love You Man”, “Knocked Up”, “Post Grad”, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” as well as several embarrassing cameos in her father’s films when she was a wee girl.

Please join me in welcoming Catherine and Breaking It Down to the Revision3 family. Check out the show, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it as funny as I do!

Revision3 Launches Vertical Channels

March 13th, 2012 at 11:46 by Michele Husak in Uncategorized


Rev3Games and Rev3Tech to Offer One-Stop Shop for Tech and Gaming Content

Tuesday, March 13th, 20012 – Revision3 has announced the launch of two vertical destinations today – Rev3Games and Rev3Tech. These two new portals represent the first of several verticals the company plans to launch this year. Both verticals can be found on Revision3 as well as on YouTube, and across the entire Revision3 distribution network.

Rev3Games and Rev3Tech feature game and tech programming delivered in an easily digestible format – quick clips, reviews, tips and tricks – and in a distinctive voice by the trusted personalities of Revision3’s show hosts, coordinated from a central editorial base. Cross promotion and strategic collaboration across shows are planned, as well as launching new series based on the interest and feedback from viewers.

Revision3 has been delivering great gaming and tech content since its founding and now fans can tune it to Rev3Games and Rev3Tech to find it categorically in one place. Rev3Games will feature content from popular Revision3 shows including Destructoid, New Challenger and The Totally Rad Show, as well as newly created segments “Good Jobs” and “Casual Fridays”. Rev3Tech will include content from Tekzilla, AppJudgment, TechnoBuffalo, Soldier Knows Best, GeekBeat.TV, Ty’s iHelp and WilsonTech1 Daily, as well as special segments coinciding with product announcements and industry events.

“We are now firmly into the third wave of video,” said Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback, “where targeted channels focused on audiences and topics are delivering audiences as big as – or bigger – than some cable channels. Revision3 has been leading the way here for the last 7 years, and now we’re taking the next step with these two channels that curate our industry leading shows, and provide a place for us to launch a wide range of new shows.”

Features of Rev3Games and Rev3Tech include:

• Organized by series and by subject – viewers can search by specific show and/or topics
• Main landing page with latest content with sub show pages below
• Aggregated coverage from Industry Trade shows such as E3, PAX, CES
• Special coverage around popular product announcements and video game releases

Rev3Games and Rev3Tech can be found on YouTube: and or on and

Nixie Does Revision3

March 12th, 2012 at 11:40 by Matt Labate in Uncategorized

A little bit wild and a whole lotta geek, Revision3 is proud to welcome Nixie Pixel to its ranks.

Being around Nixie is a whirlwind of nerdy talk sprinkled with glitter and unicorns. There is never a dull moment – you never know what she is going to say (or do!) next. Combine her energetic personality and love of all things geek, and you are in for some amazing on screen antics. She knows how to keep viewers wanting more!

Nixie’s first love is Linux, and her new show OS.ALT is your source for open source. From Android hacks to Linux for NOOBs, OS.ALT will be the source for how-tos, tutorials, and hacking news and information!

Also launching this week is Geekbuzz, Nixie’s weekly show on the hottest news, reviews, topics and scoops in the tech and gaming world. Geekbuzz will feature sexy future tech, open source alternatives, game reviews and much more.

Be sure to subscribe to OS.ALT and Geekbuzz, if there’s something you must watch every week – it’s Nixie! In addition to her shows, you’ll also find her popping up in Revision3’s new Tech and Gaming verticals, Rev3Games and Rev3Tech.

Get a Load of Annie's Bits! New Show on Everything Revision3 and Beyond

March 2nd, 2012 at 10:01 by Rob Saurini in Uncategorized

Revision3 host Annie Gaus will be sharing some of Revision3’s best bits in our new weekly clip show, Annie’s Bits! All the funny, strange, most-watched or simply just interesting videos from Revision3’s network and beyond are fair game.

With a cheeky take on the tech world, Annie’s Bits offers a look into the wild, fun side of all of Rev3’s shows, in a weekly wrap-up each Friday. Think of it as a “what to watch on Revision3 this weekend” guide.

Additionally, Annie hosts and produces numerous segments for the Revision3 network on technology and geek culture including AppJudgment, The Digg Reel, and The Ben Heck Show.

In her spare time, she eats peanut butter straight out of the jar while watching reruns of Xena: Warrior Princess and thinks of new and exciting bits and pieces she can offer her fans.

Be sure to subscribe to Annie’s Bits on Revision3 and YouTube so you don’t miss Annie’s quirky take on all the best Revision3 videos each week!