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Scam School Shoots in San Francisco

April 25th, 2012 at 05:37 by Jackie Talbott in Uncategorized

Join Brian Brushwood and the Scam School crew for 3 nights of shooting in San Francisco next week! Here’s your chance to learn a thing or two about social engineering, magic tricks and bar scams from the master himself.

We’ll be out on the town shooting upcoming episodes of Scam School, so come out and you could even land yourself a spot in one!

Wednesday, May 2nd
Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
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Thursday, May 3rd
Misdirections Magic Shop
1236-9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
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See you there!

Revision3 Launches New Show with io9: We Come From The Future

April 13th, 2012 at 10:03 by Rob Saurini in Uncategorized

It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of the latest Revision3 show: io9: We Come From The Future! This show is a collaboration between Revision3 and io9. We’ve had a blast developing out this show and I think everyone is really going to like it.

As many of you know, io9 is the wildly popular science/sci-fi website. As they put it: “io9 is entertainment, science, and futuristic culture for people who want to escape the everyday.” Our show is based on the editorial of the site and is hosted by the actual editor-in-chief of io9, Annalee Newitz and io9 writer Esther Inglis-Arkell. This show is all about staying true to the voice and vision of the site while bringing a new dimension to the content. For one thing, we’re bringing it off the page and into video! You’ll be able to watch the show on their site as well as right here on

The show will bring you news, stories and experiments from a tomorrow that you wish you lived today. The inaugural episode includes a review of Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods, an experiment that turns a pickle into a lightbulb and speculation on how dark matter effects our bodies.

We’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Annalee and Esther as we’ve developed out this show format and production. Tekzilla producer Roger Chang has been instrumental in getting this show going for you, as has Matt Labate, our head of development. I’d like to thank those guys for their hard work along with Annalee and Esther and am excited for all of us viewers to be able to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

io9, We Come From The Future has a big future in front of it and we’re excited to be a part of it.