Triune Films and Revision3 Launch New Comic Book Show: Variant

May 2nd, 2012 at 12:22 by Rob Saurini in Uncategorized

It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of Variant on Revision3. This show is the latest series from Triune Films, the team behind Film Riot and Film State. We’ve been working with Ryan Connolly (head of Triune) for almost three years now and by now you all know what I saw way back then: this guy produces great stuff. Variant is no exception.

Variant is a weekly news show about everything comic book related, including graphic novels, TV Shows, film, cons, and games. We’ll join host Arris Quinones as he explores new releases, adaptations of comics into other mediums, indie comics, artists, writers, and conferences. Special segments and projects will include animation of real world superheroes, fan created artwork and comics, and interviews and advice from experts.

All you have to do is watch any episode of Film Riot or Film State and you know that this show is going to have the same sense of humor and great production values that Ryan brings to any of his projects. There’s a definite need for a high quality show that is a resource for all you need to know about the comic world from week to week. Variant is going to fill that need!

Please go check out episode #1 here and subscribe for future episodes!