Revision3 Announces Fall Slate of New Shows

August 1st, 2012 at 10:07 by Michele Husak in Uncategorized


Six New Shows To Join Network Roster In August

August 1, 2012, San Francisco, CA – Revision3 has announced that several new shows are coming to its online video network in August, just in time for the Fall viewing season. The new additions to the growing line-up include Richard Ryan’s RatedRR, Just For Laughs, GizmoSlip, GoRemy, Unbox Therapy and MelodySheep.

Revision3, a leader in original, online video content, for the past 8 years, currently produces or distributes more than 30 popular series with a highly effective, advertiser-friendly model. The recent acquisition of Revision3 by Discovery Communications, positions Revision3 as the only multi-channel web original video network with the resources and backing of a major media company.

“We are incredibly excited to launch these new shows on Revision3”, said Ryan Vance, VP, Programming and Production, Revision3. “The outstanding and innovative creators, and hosts, involved in these productions are a great fit for our audience, and they bring fresh, new voices to our line-up”.

New shows include:

RatedRRRichard Ryan, (Totally Sketch, RatedRR), is a multi-hyphenate talent who produces, writes, and acts in his own productions, as well as in collaborative projects. Currently he runs a YouTube channel called RatedRR, which houses such shows as Tech Assassin (50 cal vs tech) and The Breakdown (breaking down popular video games and movies). He is also a licensed weapons handler, accomplished skydiver, and survival enthusiast. Revision3 is extremely excited to be working very closely with Richard to expand his programming into a full channel lineup of regularly produced shows that highlight his talent, energy, and adventure skills. RatedRR will be available on Revision3 starting in mid-August.

Just For LaughsJust for Laughs Gags, a unique silent hidden camera prank show, has been an international television success for 12 years running. Featuring the world’s most daring pranksters and an army of unsuspecting victims picked up in their natural habitat, The Gags also comprise an extensive library. Currently thousands of prank videos have been uploaded to YouTube and have garnered more than 600 million video views, acquired half a million subscribers, and expanded into four associated channels: Just Kidding Pranks, the brand new sister show featuring kids pranking adults; Hidden Camera Classics, a large inventory of pranks shot in the 80s and 90s; and both French and Spanish language Gags channels. The Gags plan to continue uploading thousands of prank videos on YouTube and across the Revision3 network, as well as working closely with the Revision3 studio to expand and monetize The Gags brand digitally.

MelodysheepJohn D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, is a 26 year old musician and video producer who has found success online for his acclaimed web series, Symphony of Science, and other musically oriented viral videos. His works have attracted more than 30 million views online, and have been featured on CNN, NPR, Wired, Adult Swim, and other outlets. As a freelancer, he has worked with BBC, PBS, TED, and numerous other organizations. His videos bridge the divide between inspiring, entertaining, humorous, and educational. John’s most recent production, a remix of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood called “Garden of Your Mind”, earned over 5 million views for PBS and was featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Headline News, USA Today and the LA Times. Together, with Beverly Hills based producer Evan Mirzai, John will be expanding his creative output for Revision3.

GoRemy – Since starting the GoRemy channel on YouTube, Remy Munasifi created hit videos such as “Saudis in Audis,” “McDonalds: The Rap,” “Hey There Khalilah,” “Raise the Debt Ceiling” and “Tabbouleh Song.” His debut album, “The Falafel Album,” was released by Comedy Central Records and debuted at #10 on the iTunes Comedy chart. His videos have been viewed over 75 million times and he’s got a committed and engaged audience. New episodes are released every other week and can be viewed at

Unbox TherapyLewis Hilsenteger is the host & editor-in-chief of Unbox Therapy. A tech blogger since the birth of blogging, Lewis has shifted his focus to multimedia production and online videos. He’s a Canadian YouTube junkie, product enthusiast, caffeine addict & self-proclaimed merchant of cool. We’re excited to have him showing off some of the best tech products every week, which can be viewed at

GizmoSlip – GizmoSlip is an innovative tech blog that reviews and tests the durability of devices in real world scenarios. If the devices survive, they are given away to the subscribers. If they fail, they are destroyed spectacularly. Plus, the drop test and destruction videos are featured in gorgeous HD and ultra-slow motion video! Tune in at