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Revision3 Launches Tech Feed

October 8th, 2012 at 02:45 by Michele Husak in Uncategorized

Revision3 to Create Original, Tech-Focused, Content Exclusively for YouTube

Oct 8, 2012, San Francisco, CA – Revision3 has announced the launch of a new, tech-focused, YouTube original channel, TECH FEED. Working with new and existing Revision3 show creators, TECH FEED aims to build a robust, tech-focused channel comprised of various shows, short and long format, featuring multiple episodes per day about the latest tech, gadgets and gear, news and commentary, car tech, cyber-crime and security, survival tech, and more.

The main thrust of the programming will be daily tech segments focusing on news of the day, reviews of software and hardware, unboxing of hot new products as well as interviews with leading experts in the tech industry. The segments will feature news anchors, as well as recurring guests such as Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont, from Tekzilla. In addition, TECH FEED will offer 6 individual weekly series that focus on different angles of technology, from news commentary to car tech, cyber-crime and security and survival tech.

“We are excited to launch this original programming for YouTube, our long-standing distribution partner”, said Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback. “Drawing on our existing stable of top-notch online video stars, has given us the ability to develop an unrivaled, premium Tech content destination, with something for every Revision3 viewer.”

Revision3 will leverage existing fans to help build an audience for these new shows – for example, using favorite hosts to make guest appearances and creating contests and promotional campaigns to engage community.

Weekly shows include:

Fact or Fictional with Veronica BelmontVeronica Belmont, beloved tech maven, Tekzilla host, former CNET star, and current host of Sword and Laser on Geek and Sundry, will look at the cool inventions from your favorite movies, TV shows, books, and comics and ask, “is this really possible?” and, if not, why not? Each episode will feature a piece of technology from pop culture, nominated by the audience. From Hoverboards and Pre-Cogs, to Replicants and Time Machines, Veronica will explore the possible, or impossible link between the invented tech and the real world.

Soldier’s Tech BattlefieldMark Watson is a trusted tech geek serving in the US Army Reserves. As host of one of the longest running technology demo and review shows, Soldier Knows Best, Mark has amassed a large and loyal fan base since his launch in 2008. In each episode of Tech Battlefield, Mark will compare two popular and/or competing tech devices or software and he’ll give a rundown of the pros and cons. At the end of each episode he will get the audience involved by asking which gadget they think wins, and why.

Driven – Hosted by Jon Rettinger, a well-known expert in the tech world, and host of TechnoBuffalo, Driven will focus on a new car’s exterior/interior design, tech, and functions, as well as its price, drivability, and who it’s for. What are the options and tech, suspension and power, and build quality? How does it drive? Informational and casually entertaining, each episode aims to educate the viewer in an engaging way. Covering major car shows, industry news, and featuring experts/interviews, Driven will keep the audience abreast of happenings in the industry and will also answer questions from the audience, contemplate future tech in autos, and discuss automotive tech in pop culture.

SuRRvival Gear – Hosted by Richard Ryan, from RatedRR and Totally Sketch, SuRRvival Gear, via Richard, an adventurer, explosive specialist and weapons guru from the back-country of Tennessee, will look at how tech can be used in survival situations. Each episode will cover tech that range from necessities to wish list items for survival. Richard will demo, review, and test tech in the studio as well as mock survival situations and will feature varied settings, from desert, forest, coastal, snow and other locations.

Threat WireDarren Kitchen and Shannon Morse of Hak5 host a show covering the security and privacy issues threatening our Internet. From breaches and policies to social networks and censorship, Threat Wire takes the practical and tinfoil hat angles to dispel fear, uncertainty and doubt. Arm yourself with the knowledge to stay safe online. Tune in to Threat Wire every Friday on TECH FEED.

downLOADED – Each week, journalists, CEOs, media stars and other luminaries from the Bay Area tech scene, and beyond, will sit down at a roundtable and dissect the week’s digital, technical and social news in a live, lightening round format. Hosted by tech journalist, and Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback.

Revision3’s YouTube channel, TECH FEED, can be found at


About Revision3

Revision3, a Discovery Communications Company, is the television network for the Internet generation, creating and producing original episodic community-driven programs. The viewing audience (150 million monthly views and 30 million unique viewers) is made up of hyper-connected, passionate, committed fans who want to watch shows about technology, modern culture, video games, entertainment and comedy, that entertain and educate. Revision3’s programs can be found everywhere from to a wide range of platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, Roku, AOL, TiVo, and many others. Shows can be watched on any device, from a cell phone to an iPod to a computer or a TV. Revision3 has attracted a wide-range of top advertisers including Ford, Sony, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Southern Comfort, Virgin America and Verizon.