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CES 2014 is in full swing and we’re all over it. Yes, filmmaker Michael Bay made an abrupt and very awkward exit at yesterday’s Samsung event, but there’s other much cooler stuff happening in Vegas right now. Below are a couple new stories we think are worth mentioning and stay tuned for lots more coverage. You can keep up with hands-on demos, reviews, insights and more from all your favorite Rev3 hosts right here.


Roku-Powered TV’s

Roku is best known for its popular streaming set-top box product that lets users stream all kinds of content. Now, the company is getting into the actual television manufacturing business, partnering with TCL and Hisense on a line of new television sets that have the Roku technology baked right into the TV itself. These TV’s should be available later this year in the fall and be sure to check out Tekzilla‘s report on the announcement.



Toyota’s Fuel Cell Car Plans

Since the early 2000′s, fuel cell-powered cars have gotten plenty of buzz from carmakers as the next big thing in environmentally-conscious vehicles. This year at CES, Toyota unveiled the latest concept car that combines hydrogen and air and emits nothing but water. Sounds pretty good, right? Toyota hopes to have these on the road in 2015, but as Patrick Norton reports, there are some considerable obstacles in the way:

What’s the best thing you’ve seen at CES this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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