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July 28th, 2014 at 11:00 by Jen Corbett in Uncategorized, Website


If you’re here – you’re probably an old school fan and we thank you for the support!


Rev3 has decided to put the forums to rest as we move the conversation to our social pages. Over the years these pages have declined in usage and seen increased spam, so it felt like the right time for retirement. (pours beer out)

Please follow Rev3 on Facebook, Twitter and G+ to find daily content and talk with us about tech, games and general internet nonsense. We’re introducing new shows all the time like Anyhoo and Fandom Beat (check ‘em out below) and we want your feedback! If you have any questions, please email or tweet us. Thanks again for being a fan.


New Shows on Rev3:

  • Watch Fandom Beat – a place for all of us to celebrate the stuff we’re obsessed with! Regular segments on Fandom Beat cover topics like My Little Pony, anime and K-pop with more fandoms to come.
  • And, introducing Anyhoo – a daily, informative distraction based on fun facts, pop culture and mind-bending stories.




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  • Aria Clements

    I wish you had put it into archive-mode so we could still read, or had given us a heads-up so we could save meaningful posts. My husband and I met there. Our very first interactions were in those forums. I’m sad I can’t go back and re-read our early conversations.

    Those forums brought a lot of people together in ways I doubt anyone would have expected. People have become true friends outside of them. In addition to my husband, I’ve made several friends there who I talk with on a regular, usually daily, basis, and who I love dearly. I will forever be grateful for this.

    • Flying Squidwolf

      Yea, I can’t believe they just killed the whole thing. What the hell has happened to Revision3?!

  • Flying Squidwolf

    Wow, what a douchy move! So…you just deleted a half-internet-life’s worth of material all of a sudden. Seriously guys, I used to love Revision3! It was the first internet community that I truly felt a part of…now this…

    *deletes account*

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    • Craig Evans

      Sorry folks – as much as I tried to keep the forums clear of spam, posts like ^^^ from “miagreat” show that even with comments about “increased spam” the fine folks at Rev3 still don’t get it. Sigh. – tokenuser former Rev3 Mod.

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    • Nick Schaedel

      So you kill all the forum history without any warning because of spam. I believe this is called irony. :/

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  • Anna Plus

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  • Craig Evans

    End of an era. Account deleted. Bye.

  • Matt Hamilton

    You know what, at least there’s still quality Rev3 programming. You know, like the My Little Pony show and the video versions of clickbait Buzzfeed articles. Those.


  • satori

    Holy CRAP!!! all that gold is gone? OMG!!! Why would you kill this stuff? ARRRGGG

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  • DeDoHo

    Oh man!!!….that’s a bad move..really :(

  • James Taylor

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  • Benito De Campo

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