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Revision3 Announces IPTV Insights Research Initiative

October 31st, 2011 at 03:18 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Data Insights

Revision3 has been providing viewers with quality programming since 2005, and since that time we’ve seen our viewers increase at a crazy rate. What’s changed the most over the intervening 6 years, though, has been how you folks have been watching our stuff. You guys used to just grab our stuff from our website and whatever RSS feed catcher you were using…then you started in on bittorrents… then (in quick succession) mobile phones, and Roku players, and Boxee…and GoogleTV… and connected TVs… and your TV and… heck, you can even find our stuff on the back-of-the-seat video players on Virgin America flights… So, although few things are certain in life, one things definitely is: you guys are hungry for our content, and you want to see if everywhere you can… so, we try to make that possible.

By the end of 2010, Revision3 had collected data from viewer information from all corners of the earth and on a wild variety of screens – but we hadn’t gotten our data story together, until now. Looking over what had collected on our hard drives allowed us to understand that Revision3 was now in a unique position to examine viewing trends and habits in the internet TV space. While maintaining our viewers anonymity, we are able to mine our aggregated data with the aim of coming to a better understanding of how everyone out there is consuming, what they are interested in, and where they may be going. In this way, we’re not only able to serve our audience better, but come to an understanding of where IPTV in general is going.

This month, Revision3 is launching the first in a series of white papers that attempts to make some sort of sense of our mountain of data. We’re calling this initiative IPTV Insights Research, and we want to share our results. In an industry that is growing and moving forward as fast as ours, it makes sense that we share what we are seeing with the rest of the community. The first of these papers focuses on the movement of Revision3′s audience from the online space to “over-the-top” devices, such as Roku players and mobile devices. It’s a good read, and shows some interesting growth.

Keep your eye on our IPTV Research page for further looks into Revision3′s brain…

-Rob DeMillo Revision3 CTO