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Diggnation & Captain America

January 31st, 2008 at 08:24 by Michele Husak in Polemics

As one of the many comic book nerds here at Revision3 (go watch iFanboy!), I figured it was my duty to remind everyone that Captain America #6: The Chosen hit the stands yesterday, January 30, 2008!

Why is this news? Well you may remember that this issue of the mini series featuring Captain America features a shadowy figure on the cover clad in a Diggnation t-shirt that resembles Diggnation’s own Kevin Rose. Mitch Breitweiser, the artist who did both the cover and the comic’s interior art is a fan of Diggnation and Revision3 and we’re honored that he chose to feature one of our shows on such a stunning piece of art. Thanks Mitch!

Copies of Captain America: The Chosen are flying off the shelves of comic book stores around the country, so be sure to run out today to your local comic books store and find yourself a copy before they’re gone!

Captain America: The Chosen #6 featuring Diggnation

Why HD Matters

November 25th, 2007 at 08:17 by Jim Louderback in Polemics

My friend Kevin Maney, over at, finally got my company right (Herb Scannel must have been so surprised!). But that’s not why I’m posting.

In his latest blog post, he predicts a bifurcated future of video, where traditional TV video keeps getting better, while internet delivered video on the PC stays standard definition or worse.

But I think he’s wrong. Kevin is making the mistake of equating internet delivered video with the PC. The PC is just one of many devices that will be used to view video delivered via FTP, HTTP, RTTP or other internet protocols. The audience for Revision3’s episodic, personality-driven shows, along with others in our space, watch on everything from an iPhone to home-theater PCs, portable media players, AppleTV and other web-connected devices.

And even if you do restrict yourself to the PC, the history of that device has been a constant flight to quality.

There was a time – back when I was running PC Week’s Lab - when I thought it folly for a notebook to have a color screen. In fact, monochrome monitors looked far better than the first CGA models. But EGA, VGA, SVGA, etc kept on advancing the state of display quality — and what we looked at got progressively better too.

That’s only going to continue. Today’s HDTVs are no different from the computer monitor sitting on your desk or in your laptop. Some are connected to locally deployed computers (TiVo, Motorola DCTs, etc), and others get their bits from computers a bit futher afield, either at a cable head-end or at the other side of an ATSC transmittion signal.

Quality matters. And the story of the PC and computing devices is an inexorable march towards higher-fidelity (with a short detour as the internet become the dominant transmission medium). And unless we all end up going back to dialup, that’s not going to change. Even if you’re just watching dry how-to videos, or yet another LOLCAT, the better it looks, the better the payoff. And better payoffs translate into more traffic, more ad support and more sharing. The alternative, from where I sit, is dial-up AOL. And not even Time Warner believes in that anymore.

— Jim Louderback, CEO

Why I Should Replace Patrick Norton on Tekzilla and Systm

October 26th, 2007 at 02:06 by Rob Saurini in Polemics

A Manifesto By Martin Sargent

With Patrick Norton away tending to his newborn child, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain why I’d be a better host than him not only of Tekzilla, but also of Systm. I think the primary answer is in the question. Patrick Norton is away tending to his newborn child. What does that tell you? That Patrick Norton must have had sex. So right there, he should be disqualified as host, for how can he honestly relate to this geeky audience, none of whom are probably getting any? That’s why I am a better choice, along with David Randolph Dave Randolph and perhaps Joey Joey Rabier.

Now then, what would I do as host? First off, no more boring crap like Blu Ray vs. HD DVD or a whole episodes about batteries. Lame! No, my tech projects would be exciting, hard-hitting and add value to your lives. Such as the following:


I’d teach you how to create your very own RoboDump 1.0. RoboDump 1.0 is a robot that poos. Or more accurately, it’s a robot that fools people into thinking that it’s pooing. To the untrained eye, RoboDump 1.0 appears like a man in a bathroom stall dropping a deuce. And it sounds like that as well. A man dropping a terrifying, mind-bending, universe-shattering deuce. Listen:

In reality, the RoboDump 1.0 is a fake set of legs with some sound chips and speakers and wires and stuff attached. But I wouldn’t stop there. I’d create RoboDump 2.0, which has all the features of RoboDump 1.0 but also tries to solicit sex from the man at the next stall. And then I’d create RoboDump 3.0, which is merely Dave Randolph chained to the toilet, after being force fed a dizzying amount of laxatives.


But wait, there’s more. I’d also show you how to create really cool case mods! Case mods that make sense. For example, aren’t you tired of your desk being covered with empty liquor bottles? Yeah, me too. But cleaning is hard and takes away from time better spent gaming and hacking, so why not just create a case mod that is an empty liquor bottle, like this one:

This is an entire computer hidden tastefully in an empty bottle of Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey. Sure, there might be cooler case mods out there, such as this old favorite that looks like a weapon of mass destruction, but can you drink a WMD? I’ve tried, and the answer is a resounding no. So take that, Patrick Norton! I win.


Finally, I’d undertake projects that offer true value to you, my adoring audience. For example, it’s no secret that we’re hurtling towards the Great Undoing, the apocalypse that will occur at the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. So if the geeks are truly to inherit the earth, we must be prepared. That’s why I’d teach you how to create a gas mask out of common computer parts such as a CPU fan, a disk cleaner and a CD case.

But a gas mask will not be enough when Galactica invades on July 25, 2011. It might get you through 2009’s Great War of Sorrows with the Red Chinese, but not the invasion of Galactica. Let’s not be silly. For that, you’ll need to know how to build your very own cabinet shelter safe room, which is an inexpensive, easy, and space-saving way to protect yourself from biological, chemical, nuclear and space poison contaminents.


So for the reasons I’ve just outlined, plus my universal appeal, and my near-complete basement project to re-engineer a dialysis machine to cure hangovers, I should be the host of Tekzilla ( and Systm ( on Revision3, not Patrick Norton. Next time, I’ll explain why it would make sense for me to also replace Alex Albrecht on Diggnation.

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