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Welcome to Scam School!

April 7th, 2008 at 10:59 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Shows

Howdy, gang!

Ever wanted to learn a trick that would absolutely explode your friends’ brains? Want the secrets to scamming free drinks when you’re at the bar? Ever just want to screw somebody over, just to laugh at them? Then welcome to Revision3’s newest show, Scam School: the only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street.

I’m Brian Brushwood, your surly, hungover professor.

Here’s the deal with Scam School: each episode, we teach you a usable bar trick, street con, or scam. These are hands-on episodes with real people we find at the bar. If Harvard offered a PhD in deceit, this would be it. We’ll make YOU an expert in social engineering at the bar (or anywhere else). And you’ll never pay for a drink again.

Oh, and remember that the show doesn’t stop when the episode ends. Class will resume in the forums, where I’ll be available for one-on-one tutoring. Just post a video of your progress (or questions), and I’ll steer you ever closer to a free pair of beer goggles.

Check out the first episode and be sure to let us know what you think!


(New Episodes of Scam School will premiere at 12:00AM Eastern Time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during launch week, and then on Thursdays at 12:00PM Eastern Time thereafter.)

About Brian Brushwood:

Brian Brushwood has made over 1000 college performances of his “bizarre magic” show: a mash-up of magic, comedy, dangerous stunts and bizarre feats (visit for more info). He has made over a dozen national TV appearances on programs including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Steve Harvey’s Big Time,” “Paula’s Party,” and CNN. Brian is also the Author of The Professional’s Guide to Fire Eating and Cheats, Cons, Swindles and Tricks: 57 ways to scam a free drink.

Prime Time, Revision3 Style

March 31st, 2008 at 12:12 by Jim Louderback in Press Releases, Shows

In the old days, BR (Before Revision3), there was just one prime time. Every night Ma, Pa and the kids would huddle around the communal Philco, eagerly awaiting the latest Father Knows Best, Laugh-In and The Screen Savers.

These days, though, 24-hour availability of programs from Revision3, YouTube, Blip, Transpera and others have turned Prime Time into Every Time. Even so, we’re starting to see some interesting spikes in viewership during certain parts of the day. Evening remains strong, but two new “prime times” have emerged.

The first one? Noon to 2pm during the week. It’s obvious in retrospect; clearly there are a lot of videos being consumed during extended lunch breaks around the world. Here at Revision3 we’re particularly excited about lunch-time viewing – so much so, that today we’re changing our show release schedule to coincide with this new prime time.

We used to release new episodes of your favorite shows at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm eastern. But that meant many of you missed those new episodes during your lunch break. Not any more! Today we’re advancing that schedule by an hour. That means east-coast based fans of Internet Superstar and Tekzilla, for example, can now watch those shows the day they they debut, during lunch at noon – on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Totally Rad Show, Digg Reel and popSiren on the west coast are now similarly blessed. And for all your Diggnation fans that just can’t wait – you’ll get it an hour earlier on Friday too (except, perhaps, this week, given the vagaries of transmitting huge files from Amsterdam).

You can see our brand new Revision3 show schedule right here! Happy lunching.

Oh, what about that second prime time? This one pertains mostly to young men, and happens on the weekends between about midnight and 4am. I’ll hazard no guesses as to what they’re watching, but suffice it to say that Revision3, at least, will not be pandering to that particular video need.

Download the popSiren Theme Song!

March 20th, 2008 at 01:32 by Michele Husak in Shows

Hey, popSiren peeps! You’ve all been asking about a downloadable version of the popSiren theme music. We mentioned in episode 3 that we’d get something ready for you this week, and we kept our word. Our clever music guy, Lawrence Scaduto, has remixed a real, live uncut track fusing both versions into one on his website just for you, kind viewers. Go here to download it to your heart’s content!

The Totally Rad Show Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Blow-Out Show

March 19th, 2008 at 05:45 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

We can’t believe it has been a year, but, indeed, 52 weeks ago, Alex, Dan, Steve, and I congregated in Steve’s garage to record the very first Totally Rad Show. Since then, every week we’ve met to hang out and discuss the raddest stuff we could find on the topics of movies, video games, TV, and comics.

We’ve had laughter, arguments, and a fair amount of sweat – but the best part of all has been the audience feedback. So to celebrate our first anniversary, we thought the raddest thing we could do would be to reach out to you, the fans, and ask you to vote for your favorite moments from the last year. So we did.

And you responded with much more than that. Many of you pitched in to help (producer) Steve put together an incredible retrospective on the show, and a few of you even demanded we return the favor and look back at all of Steve’s visual contributions, too. Episode 52 is out now and I am proud to say that it is as much yours as it is ours.

You, our audience, provide us with backgrounds and material every week; this episode takes that interactivity one step further. It’s a truly interactive version of TRS, one that’s only possible on the internet, here at Revision3. So thank you for all your help and support this first year – and here’s to many more to come.

Oh, and if you’ve never given TRS a try, this is the perfect episode to do so. Why not watch episode #52, see some of our favorite moments of the year, and drop into the forum to let us know what you think? Even better, take advantage of our free subscription option, via iTunes, Miro, the Zune or other feed readers, and get TRS delivered to you every Tuesday, as soon as fresh episodes are available.

— Jeff Cannata

iFanboy in HD…and Minis too!

March 17th, 2008 at 12:04 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Shows

It’s another big day for all of us here at Revision3, and today it’s about some news about iFanboy, our show dedicated to all things comic books. ifanboy_logo.jpgYou’ve been enjoying your comic book fix with iFanboy for over a year now on Revision3, and today we’re proud to announce two great things that should make fans of iFanboy very happy.

First up, iFanboy is excited to embrace the 21st century and join the other great shows here on Revision3 by releasing the show in High Definition! With this past saturday’s episode, iFanboy is now in High Definition! Say what you will about seeing Josh, Conor and myself in glorious HD, but if you like comics, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the artwork in full High Definition!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also proud to announce the launch of iFanboy Mini, the daily serving of comics goodness from iFanboy. Now, Monday through Friday, you can get a couple minutes of comics reviews, commentary and information in iFanboy’s fun and accessible way that you know and love. Today’s the first episode and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Josh is talking about Irish comic book characters.

So be sure to tune in every day for iFanboy Mini, and then on Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern for the weekly, longer episodes of iFanboy as we continue to cover the best in comics for you!

– Ron Richards

Best Of Revision3 Launches Today

March 12th, 2008 at 03:17 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

With the launch of our 13th weekly show (popSiren), along with our two daily showlets (Tekzilla Daily and Lil’ Internet Superstar), we’re pumping out more than eight hours of quality entertainment and information each week.

For those of you out there watching it all, I love you to death, but you can stop reading now. This announcement is not for you. But for everyone else who might have one or two favorite programs, and always wanted to watch more, I’m happy to announce a cool new feature here at Revision3.

It’s called “Best of..” and it’s our very own collection of the best clips from each of our shows. Every day we’ll be selecting the choicest segments from the previous day’s releases, and putting them into a special place here at Even better, you can also subscribe to our Best Of just as if it were an actual show. That way you’ll automatically get our best clips delivered to your PC, your AppleTV, your Zune, or really anywhere.

There’s always something cool and new in our Best Of.. area here on the web, so make sure you stop back every day. And if you find something you really like, then watch the whole show. And don’t forget to subscribe to the ones that really catch your fancy, then you’ll never miss a single episode.

— Jim Louderback

Revision3 Launches New Show Starring Sarah Lane, Jessica Corbin and Kirsten Sanford

March 9th, 2008 at 08:02 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

OK, let’s cut right to the chase: I’m pleased to announce the launch of our newest show here on Revision3, popSiren!

Sitting at the intersection of culture, science, technology and lifehacks, popSiren presents a decidedly personal view of the world we’re all living in. Inside you’ll learn how to make amazing new things, pick up tips for optimizing your daily grind, discover new technologies and websites that will make you more efficient, and be fascinated by the amazing world around us. It’s a heady, exciting, and ultimately practical immersion into the worlds of science, the web, technology and DIY projects.

But I’m even more excited about the amazing collection of experts who will be sharing their passions with you. popSiren signals the return of Sarah Lane to regular show hosting – she’ll be uncovering useful new internet sites and services, along with co-hosting the show with Revision3 fixture Jessica Corbin. But even though getting Sarah and Jessica to host popSiren is epic, I’m even more excited about the addition of Dr. Kirsten Sanford to popSiren and Revision3. I’ve been a fan of Kirsten’s audio podcast, This Week in Science, for ages, and I’ve been equally entranced with her show Food Science. So I’m overjoyed to announce that she’ll be bringing her passion, genius and engaging personality to Revision3, via a weekly segment called Rad Science.

Neha Tiwari and Heather Frank round out our star-studded lineup. Neha’s our resident geek, and will bring the show a collection of DIY projects, cool gear, and basic nerdiness. Heather Frank, who also produces the show, will be contributing a weekly segment from the fringe.

Along with our five popSirens, expect a steady stream of amazing guests, bringing you practical advice on getting more out of life, both in webspace and in meatspace. Our first guest, Jen Trolio, comes from the amazing magazine ReadyMade, and she shows us how to make stationary and envelopes out of your favorite comics.

WOW. I know you’re going to love this show! Give it a watch, and let me know what you think. The first episode debuts today, Monday March 10th. Even better, you’ll get a new episode on Thursday – and another new one every Thursday from now on.

Welcome popSirens! We couldn’t be happier to have you join our stellar Revision3 show lineup!

— Jim Louderback

Lil' Internet Superstar Launches

February 11th, 2008 at 02:31 by Rob Saurini in Announcements, Shows

I’m pleased to announce that Internet Superstar has been a massive, unmitigated success for Revision3, both critically and financially. But every day, I walk in to my corner office to find not only the fresh pot of fine Sumatran coffee dutifully prepared by my hot secretary Sindy Pendergrass, but also an inbox overflowing with one repeated complaint: the show is only on once a week.

Well, problem solved.

From now on, you can watch a new episode of Internet Superstar five days a week! We’ll still bring you our full-length, entertainment juggernaut of a show every Wednesday, and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, you’ll get Lil’ Internet Superstar, a slimmed down version of our show which will highlight, with laser precision and intensity, our selection for that 24-hour period’s Internet Superstar.

So please go forth and enjoy episode 1 – The House of Meat

And remember, this is YOUR best show ever made, so if ever you want to nominate an Internet Superstar who you’ve stumbled across in your own late night online meanderings, please send it to martin at revision3 dot com.

-Internet’s Martin Sargent