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Yes Means Yes: New Sexual Consent Law Made Easy

October 1st, 2014 at 10:01 by Molly Fosco in Shows

California recently passed the “Yes Means Yes” law. What exactly does that mean? Well you’ve probably heard the term “no means no,” as associated with consent to a sexual act. Basically, a lot of people realized that it makes a lot more sense to say “yes means” rather than “no means no.”

If you don’t explicitly say no, does that mean anyone can do whatever they want to you? If you’re drunk and passed out does that mean someone can have sex with you? Of course not. Just because you don’t say no doesn’t mean you’re saying yes. However, if you actually say yes, it really clears things up for both parties. It’s a much more obvious way of expressing consent.

There’s still a long way to go in regards to sexual consent laws in the U.S., but California made a lot of progress in enacting this law. Still confused about it all? Check out our video above where Ross explains “Yes Means Yes” in a way even a child can understand. No seriously, he wrote a Dr. Seuss book about it and everything.

Hong Kong Protests Heat Up!

September 30th, 2014 at 11:14 by Molly Fosco in Shows


Protests in Hong Kong over the right to democracy quickly escalated this past weekend when police started to use pepper spray and tear gas on the crowd. Of course if they were in Ferguson, Missouri it would just be another day on the job for the police department.

If you’re not sure exactly what’s happening in Hong Kong right now, think of it this way: Hong Kong is like a recent college grad who has to move back home with their parents, China, to save money. They feel like they have the right to be independent cause they’re an adult and totally mature and all that, but China’s like nope. My house, my rules. You have to live here for 20 years before you can have total independence. Hong Kong is like fine whatevs, and comes to an agreement with China for the time being.

So everything’s kosher for like 17 years, but then in August China’s like okay so about that independence, yeah you can totally elect your own chief executive and all but it has to come from a pool of candidates that WE choose. And Hong Kong is like ummm no that’s totally not what we agreed on, so a bunch of citizens took to the streets in peaceful protest.

Well, China was having NONE of that and decided to have Hong Kong police spray these peaceful protesters with tear gas and pepper spray. Which, ironically, only further proves why Hong Kong would want to elect their own officials in the first place because strangely enough they’re not really down with Chinese appointed leaders dousing their own people with toxic chemicals.

China, being a communist country, isn’t exactly the biggest fan of democracy. They’ve often bragged about their “one country, two systems” relationship with Hong Kong, but what’s really happening here is that one system is completely controlling the other. Understandably, Hong Kong is super pissed about that and wants to change things ASAP.

What do you guys think? Would you be okay with the stipulations China is putting on the 2017 elections in Hong Kong? Check out the video above for the full story.

Kevin Smith Finds Funding for Clerks 3 Through Tusk

September 29th, 2014 at 08:03 by cteregis in Shows

Jay and Silent Bob fans rejoice!  It seems as though Clerks 3 is finally going to happen.


Kevin Smith is one of the most polarized filmmakers in the production world.  Love him or hate him, it’s hard to do anything but admire his ability to get some pretty incredible projects made.

If you would said ten years ago that Kevin Smith was going to direct a horror film about turning a man into a human walrus, we all would have laughed harder than any of us did at Cop Out.

Oddly enough, it’s due to the success of Smith’s bizarre, horror-comedy TUSK, that he has been able to find funding for the long awaited finale to the Clerks Trilogy.

A year and change ago I was desperately trying to get ‘Clerks III’ made for the 20th anniversary… I must have reeked of [desperation], because I couldn’t f–ing find money and s–t. But it was ‘Tusk,’ with people going ‘Holy f–k, what else do you have?’ I was like, ‘Clerks III!’ and they’re like. ‘Done!’ Everybody that’s like, ‘He failed, he failed!’ I’m like, ‘Thank you, I failed into Clerks III!’”

Most trilogies nowadays don’t have a production cycle of twenty years, but Smith somehow has been able to keep his extremely devoted fan base chomping at the bit since Clerks 2 released back in 2006.   At this point, it looks like actors Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson will be returning to the big screen very, very soon.

Remember folks;  Just because they serve you, doesn’t mean they like you.

How To Do The Head in A Jar Prank

September 26th, 2014 at 04:05 by Molly Fosco in Shows

In the aftermath of the Sam Pepper “ass pinch prank” we tried to think of some fun pranks that aren’t considered sexual harassment and won’t get you thrown in jail!

One idea we came up with is the “head in a jar” prank. The timing seemed appropriate considering Halloween isn’t too far away and this is a super creepy prank to play on someone.

The assembly is fairly simple. You need a large jar, green food coloring, and a laminated photo of your face with two profile shots merged on either side using photoshop (shown in video above).

Then you place the jar in the refrigerator and wait for unsuspecting family, friends, or co-workers to get the shit scared out of them when they go to get a soda. Don’t forget to put a camera nearby to record their hilarious reactions!

Our own head in the jar prank went a little rogue as you can see in the above video. 

Introducing The New Show with Ross Everett!

July 23rd, 2014 at 05:04 by Emily Chau in Announcements, Shows

Come one, come all – The New Show is here!

The New Show will be giving you new angles on everything from trending topics to breaking news. Our very own Ross Everett shares his opinion on the buzz around popular topics! Don’t forget to check back everyday for new videos!

Check out the most recent episode:


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Anyhoo is Your New Source for (Informative!) Daily Distractions

April 14th, 2014 at 12:04 by Jonathan Simrin in Announcements, Shows

We’re very excited to bring you Anyhoo, the newest show on the Revision3 network. Anyhoo is a daily dose of fun facts and pop culture to break up your day with the information you need to know. We’re talking important stuff like celebrities who were also spies, the must-have Twitter followers, and artificial, lab-grown (and functional!) vaginas. You’ll find some friendly and familiar faces on Anyhoo, like Animalist News’ Catie Wayne, DNews’ Trace Dominguez, and Rev3Games’ Tara Long. Check out some recent Anyhoo episodes below and be sure to see them all on Revision3.

Veronica Belmont Says Farewell to Tekzilla and Revision3

November 12th, 2013 at 10:42 by Patrick Norton in Announcements, Shows

It’s an exciting time for the Tekzilla production team –we’ve just launched Tekzilla Bites, HD Nation lives on after TechFeed, and we have two new shows debuting in the next month– but not all our news is full of awesome. After six years and hundreds of shows, our partner in tech mayhem, Veronica Belmont, is moving on. We’ll let her tell you more below.

She’ll be greatly missed.

Joining Tekzilla back in 2008 was a total no-brainer for me. I wanted to work in the web video world with people who were passionate about technology, doing something different, and knew how to have fun. In the almost six(!) years since then, Tekzilla — and the people who make it — have changed my life and career forever.

I’ve written several (very sappy) versions of this post, but I want to keep it short and sweet: Tekzilla is continuing to evolve in new and exciting ways, and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to see how I can do the same.

It’s silly to say that Roger, Patrick, Robert, and the rest of the crew have become “like” family to me, because they really are. The entire production team has seen me at my best — and worst, I’m sure — and I’m incredibly grateful for everything they’ve taught me over the years.

So, what’s next? Well, I don’t know quite yet. I’m about to start production of Season 2 of the Sword & Laser YouTube show and complete work on our short story anthology, but beyond that I’m still deciding where I want to take the next step in my career. As always, there are irons (and broadswords) in the fire!

I just want to say thank you to Revision3 for so many great years and opportunities, and give a HUGE thanks to the thousands of fans and viewers of the show that have constantly kept us energized (and on our toes!) these past six years. We have the smartest viewers on the planet, and I look forward to meeting more of you both online and off. We’ll always have CES!

In the meantime, you can keep up with me as always on Twitter, or over on my blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next stop!

Veronica Belmont

Introducing Blow It Up! with Tory Belleci

September 23rd, 2013 at 06:00 by RyanVance in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

We’re very excited to launch Blow It Up! with Tory Belleci today. When Tory came to us with this idea, a show where he blows up items that have caused people pain, we said “you had us at ‘blows up.’” The show concept is quite simple, but it’s Tory’s personality and general great attitude that make it really special… also some of the most amazing explosions ever recorded on the Internet!

Working with Tory has been an absolute pleasure. He really is one of the nicest guys in the business and we’ve been fans of his for many years, watching him on Mythbusters. He poured his heart and soul into this new show, working long hours with our development director Matt Labate, creating a really amazing and fun experience for the audience. Through the series, you’re going to see Tory blow up all kinds of things – like a car in today’s inaugural episode – but keep watching and you’ll see some things blown up you could have never imagined!

Tory, Matt and the rest of the team spent a long, hot week in the desert, working extremely hard to bring you this very ambitious and creative show and we hope you’re going to love watching it every week.

With this show, we’re doing exactly what your mom told you never to do: blow s*** up!

Vsauce Explains Telekinesis with Veronica Belmont on Tech Feed's Fact or Fictional

March 22nd, 2013 at 11:56 by Jackie Talbott in Shows

This week Veronica has a special guest: Michael Stevens from Vsauce! Michael gives us the down low on reading minds and moving objects with our brain!

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Discovery Communications and Revision3 Launch "DNews" Online Series and YouTube Channel

December 5th, 2012 at 05:46 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

Original Video Channel Extends Discovery News Brand, Entertains the Insatiably Curious

Silver Spring, Md. – Since 1998, Discovery News has been a leading news source with smart takes on trending topics – from the incredible science behind today’s headlines, to the mind-blowing technology of tomorrow. Today, Discovery Communications unveils the company’s latest original online video series, DNews, which will inform and entertain audiences curious about the world around them.

Produced by Revision3 and available on YouTube, at, at and across numerous digital platforms, DNews is hosted by Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Trace Dominguez, who act as curators of the most topical stories through three original daily video pieces. Together the DNews team makes science digestible, fun and irreverent – yet still analytical and informative.

Anthony Carboni: Hosting and producing content for TV and the web since 2003, Carboni got his start with G4’s Attack of the Show! and MTV’s Iggy Music Show. With Revision3 since 2009, he helped to create original programming for Rev3Games, a network of gaming-focused content, and also currently hosts SGNL by Sony, Random Encounter and Casual Friday.

Trace Dominguez: Working with technology and gadgets since before he could walk, Dominguez explored science, psychology, history and communication in his undergraduate and graduate work. His affinity for science and making videos led him to Discovery News, where he’s best known for his sarcastic and succinct This Week in Discovery News video series.

Laci Green: Green is a health expert, sex educator, crisis counselor and UC Berkeley graduate and has been teaching sex education at the high school and university level since 2008. Laci hosts and produces her own successful YouTube video series called Sex+ and produces video content for Planned Parenthood.

“Discovery News has built an engaged audience online, and we’re excited to offer a new go-to resource for people curious about the intersection of science and their world with DNews,” said Sean Atkins, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Discovery Communications. “Anthony, Laci and Trace are the perfect guides for a voyage of igniting curiosity three times a day!”

DNews is the most recent addition to Discovery Communications’ online video offerings, with more than 40 Revision3 shows available across digital platforms. For a full list of channels and shows, please visit