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Introducing The New Show with Ross Everett!

July 23rd, 2014 at 05:04 by Emily Chau in Announcements, Shows

Come one, come all – The New Show is here!

The New Show will be giving you new angles on everything from trending topics to breaking news. Our very own Ross Everett shares his opinion on the buzz around popular topics! Don’t forget to check back everyday for new videos!

Check out the most recent episode:


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Anyhoo is Your New Source for (Informative!) Daily Distractions

April 14th, 2014 at 12:04 by Jonathan Simrin in Announcements, Shows

We’re very excited to bring you Anyhoo, the newest show on the Revision3 network. Anyhoo is a daily dose of fun facts and pop culture to break up your day with the information you need to know. We’re talking important stuff like celebrities who were also spies, the must-have Twitter followers, and artificial, lab-grown (and functional!) vaginas. You’ll find some friendly and familiar faces on Anyhoo, like Animalist News’ Catie Wayne, DNews’ Trace Dominguez, and Rev3Games’ Tara Long. Check out some recent Anyhoo episodes below and be sure to see them all on Revision3.

Veronica Belmont Says Farewell to Tekzilla and Revision3

November 12th, 2013 at 10:42 by Patrick Norton in Announcements, Shows

It’s an exciting time for the Tekzilla production team –we’ve just launched Tekzilla Bites, HD Nation lives on after TechFeed, and we have two new shows debuting in the next month– but not all our news is full of awesome. After six years and hundreds of shows, our partner in tech mayhem, Veronica Belmont, is moving on. We’ll let her tell you more below.

She’ll be greatly missed.

Joining Tekzilla back in 2008 was a total no-brainer for me. I wanted to work in the web video world with people who were passionate about technology, doing something different, and knew how to have fun. In the almost six(!) years since then, Tekzilla — and the people who make it — have changed my life and career forever.

I’ve written several (very sappy) versions of this post, but I want to keep it short and sweet: Tekzilla is continuing to evolve in new and exciting ways, and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to see how I can do the same.

It’s silly to say that Roger, Patrick, Robert, and the rest of the crew have become “like” family to me, because they really are. The entire production team has seen me at my best — and worst, I’m sure — and I’m incredibly grateful for everything they’ve taught me over the years.

So, what’s next? Well, I don’t know quite yet. I’m about to start production of Season 2 of the Sword & Laser YouTube show and complete work on our short story anthology, but beyond that I’m still deciding where I want to take the next step in my career. As always, there are irons (and broadswords) in the fire!

I just want to say thank you to Revision3 for so many great years and opportunities, and give a HUGE thanks to the thousands of fans and viewers of the show that have constantly kept us energized (and on our toes!) these past six years. We have the smartest viewers on the planet, and I look forward to meeting more of you both online and off. We’ll always have CES!

In the meantime, you can keep up with me as always on Twitter, or over on my blog, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the next stop!

Veronica Belmont

Introducing Blow It Up! with Tory Belleci

September 23rd, 2013 at 06:00 by RyanVance in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

We’re very excited to launch Blow It Up! with Tory Belleci today. When Tory came to us with this idea, a show where he blows up items that have caused people pain, we said “you had us at ‘blows up.’” The show concept is quite simple, but it’s Tory’s personality and general great attitude that make it really special… also some of the most amazing explosions ever recorded on the Internet!

Working with Tory has been an absolute pleasure. He really is one of the nicest guys in the business and we’ve been fans of his for many years, watching him on Mythbusters. He poured his heart and soul into this new show, working long hours with our development director Matt Labate, creating a really amazing and fun experience for the audience. Through the series, you’re going to see Tory blow up all kinds of things – like a car in today’s inaugural episode – but keep watching and you’ll see some things blown up you could have never imagined!

Tory, Matt and the rest of the team spent a long, hot week in the desert, working extremely hard to bring you this very ambitious and creative show and we hope you’re going to love watching it every week.

With this show, we’re doing exactly what your mom told you never to do: blow s*** up!

Vsauce Explains Telekinesis with Veronica Belmont on Tech Feed's Fact or Fictional

March 22nd, 2013 at 11:56 by Jackie Talbott in Shows

This week Veronica has a special guest: Michael Stevens from Vsauce! Michael gives us the down low on reading minds and moving objects with our brain!

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Discovery Communications and Revision3 Launch "DNews" Online Series and YouTube Channel

December 5th, 2012 at 05:46 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

Original Video Channel Extends Discovery News Brand, Entertains the Insatiably Curious

Silver Spring, Md. – Since 1998, Discovery News has been a leading news source with smart takes on trending topics – from the incredible science behind today’s headlines, to the mind-blowing technology of tomorrow. Today, Discovery Communications unveils the company’s latest original online video series, DNews, which will inform and entertain audiences curious about the world around them.

Produced by Revision3 and available on YouTube, at, at and across numerous digital platforms, DNews is hosted by Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Trace Dominguez, who act as curators of the most topical stories through three original daily video pieces. Together the DNews team makes science digestible, fun and irreverent – yet still analytical and informative.

Anthony Carboni: Hosting and producing content for TV and the web since 2003, Carboni got his start with G4’s Attack of the Show! and MTV’s Iggy Music Show. With Revision3 since 2009, he helped to create original programming for Rev3Games, a network of gaming-focused content, and also currently hosts SGNL by Sony, Random Encounter and Casual Friday.

Trace Dominguez: Working with technology and gadgets since before he could walk, Dominguez explored science, psychology, history and communication in his undergraduate and graduate work. His affinity for science and making videos led him to Discovery News, where he’s best known for his sarcastic and succinct This Week in Discovery News video series.

Laci Green: Green is a health expert, sex educator, crisis counselor and UC Berkeley graduate and has been teaching sex education at the high school and university level since 2008. Laci hosts and produces her own successful YouTube video series called Sex+ and produces video content for Planned Parenthood.

“Discovery News has built an engaged audience online, and we’re excited to offer a new go-to resource for people curious about the intersection of science and their world with DNews,” said Sean Atkins, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Discovery Communications. “Anthony, Laci and Trace are the perfect guides for a voyage of igniting curiosity three times a day!”

DNews is the most recent addition to Discovery Communications’ online video offerings, with more than 40 Revision3 shows available across digital platforms. For a full list of channels and shows, please visit

Adam Sessler Teams Up With Rev3Games

November 12th, 2012 at 07:00 by Rob Saurini in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

The first time I met Adam Sessler, it was March of 2000. I remember it well because I’d watched a ton of episodes of ZDTV’s Gamespot TV in anticipation of my starting work on the show as a segment producer. I must admit I was a bit intimated to meet this super-energized guy with crazy spiky blonde hair and shirts loud enough to match. That intimidation was immediatly put to rest by the endless intelligence, sensitivity and outrageous sense of humor of the guy who would quickly become one of my closest friends. Once you get to know Adam even a little bit, you can’t help but be on his team.

We spent a couple of years doing a lot of traveling for the show as it evolved into Extended Play and ZDTV evolved into TechTV. As we traveled to places as far flung as Tokyo, London and Mesquite Texas, we always made each other laugh non-stop. We began to wonder how we could infuse that mostly ridiculous sense of humor into a show about games. Right about that time, I was asked by the head of programming at TechTV (a wonderful guy and mentor named Greg Brannan) to think about what a late night show about videogames may look like, and create a pilot. That pilot was fun and challenging to create and I worked very closely with Adam on it (as well as an extremely talented and creative show team), infusing the sense of humor we’d talked about for years. That pilot became “X-Play,” also hosted by another good friend, Morgan Webb. X-Play wraps up at the end of the year after almost 9 years on the air. I can tell you when we first launched it in 2003, we didn’t even know if we would last a month. Lucky for us, and thanks to the loyal viewers, we were the top-rated show on TechTV that month and kept bringing in strong numbers for the life of the show.

Now I get to greet a brand new era of working with Adam Sessler and officially welcome him to Revision3. I’m beyond excited to have him join the stellar Rev3Games team. Max Scoville, Tara Long, Anthony Carboni and producer Zac Minor have the brand of humor and journalistic integrity that made X-Play great. Now we have the former host of X-play joining us to help guide Rev3Games into the future. I know Adam can’t wait to throw himself fully into the online video space and become a leader in this world as he did in the world of traditional television.

I’m endlessly excited to see what comes next from this group and I hope you’ll join me in watching every step of the way!

-Ryan Vance, Sr. VP, Programming and Production


Some thoughts from Mr. Sessler himself:

It would be a dramatic understatement to say that the abrupt end of an experience that was part of my life for 14 years was striking. I came to television by accident, encouraged to audition for a show I had questionable aptitude for in 1998 by friends associated with other friends in one of those circuitous social grapevines that defined life for many young people living in San Francisco in the heady, bustle-y and exuberant 90’s. That job, hosting Gamespot TV on ZDTV, was something that promised to be as fleeting a part of my life as any residence, girlfriend or life ambition I had had up until that point. Somehow it stuck, somehow I grew into the role and matured with it as the show engaged in its own metamorphosis, becoming Extended Play and then X-Play, the early years of which still elicits shock from me for its audacity. I knew one day it had to end, and at the beginning of this year, it became increasingly clear that my time was at a close. After 14 years, it was hard to conceive of what would come next. Re-reading my final review from earlier this year – of Mass Effect 3 – I’m struck by my obsession with finality and the inescapable gravity of closure, that things end and that the process sometimes forsakes any agency on your part.

The months that followed my departure from the show were both jarring and revelatory. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but it was exhilarating to get to make that choice. I played games on my terms, made every effort to avoid wearing pants, and with my newfound distance, was able to crystalize what it was that kept me going through three networks, seven sets and some horrible fashion choices. It came down to two things: curiosity and fun. The game industry, even when it feels the most plastic and predictable, always manages to surprise and find some mutation – Half-Life, Starcraft, Ico, Halo, Katamary Damacy, Bioshock and Call of Duty come to mind – that, despite their stature now, rattled the backbone of the industry and reinvested my interest in the creative and technical process behind their development. At the end of the day though, videogames are about fun, and if not exactly “fun,” then some form of aesthetic pleasure. X-Play, in its alternating reverence and absurdity was about that celebration and it was essential that, wherever I would myself next, those values could take hold again.

Not long after my departure from X-Play, I was contacted by Ryan Vance, Senior Vice President of Programming & Production at Revision3, a man with whom I had worked since the early, deeply wide-eyed days of Extended Play, who became a close friend and professional partner-in-crime with globe-trotting war stories that still generate eye-watering laughter over drinks. He was right there with me as we created X-Play, a do-or-die initiative where he helped make “do,” the only option. It was in this creative process (which included the inestimable talents of many people, not the least of which was Morgan Webb) that we truly threw caution to the wind, violated the rules of our television format and games journalism precepts, creating something that combined unvarnished honesty, love of videogames, the need to break barriers and the untapped humor of a man and his dead fish. We loved it and as much as we were certain it would last 5 weeks. That was 2003. His call to me was in May 2012. After some discussion and pants-less gallivanting on my part (check Twitter: @adamsessler), it was clear that to get back to covering games with my values, I needed to get back to my roots.

With that, I am very happy to be announcing my arrival at Revision3, more specifically Rev3Games. I have already been taken with the talent, personality and conviction of Tara Long, Max Scoville and Anthony Carboni and cannot wait to see how this mix of personalities will manifest itself in the weeks and months to come. While we may not know exactly what may come as of yet, I can assure you that it will be honest, it will continue my interest in raising the discourse of videogames beyond the false contests of reviews and the fetishization of minutiae, and it will involve you, the community, because you are playing the games along with us. Most of all, it will be fun and inclusive. Come all and get some.

My favorite game of all time is Capcom’s Ghosts and Goblins. I played it obsessively at the local bowling alley in El Cerrito at the age of nine. I loved it because it had the most articulated art direction of any game I had seen, Technicolor absurdist malevolence. I played it because there was a reward beyond a high score; it was seeing the next level, each distinct from the last. All the effort of playing a game that was so aneurism-inducing hard was just to see what was around the corner, to see something new. Right now, I feel like that 9-year old and I couldn’t be happier.

“I been away a long time” – Chief Bromden, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Revision3 Launches Tech Feed

October 8th, 2012 at 02:45 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Press Coverage, Shows

Revision3 to Create Original, Tech-Focused, Content Exclusively for YouTube

Oct 8, 2012, San Francisco, CA – Revision3 has announced the launch of a new, tech-focused, YouTube original channel, TECH FEED. Working with new and existing Revision3 show creators, TECH FEED aims to build a robust, tech-focused channel comprised of various shows, short and long format, featuring multiple episodes per day about the latest tech, gadgets and gear, news and commentary, car tech, cyber-crime and security, survival tech, and more.

The main thrust of the programming will be daily tech segments focusing on news of the day, reviews of software and hardware, unboxing of hot new products as well as interviews with leading experts in the tech industry. The segments will feature news anchors, as well as recurring guests such as Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont, from Tekzilla. In addition, TECH FEED will offer 6 individual weekly series that focus on different angles of technology, from news commentary to car tech, cyber-crime and security and survival tech.

“We are excited to launch this original programming for YouTube, our long-standing distribution partner”, said Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback. “Drawing on our existing stable of top-notch online video stars, has given us the ability to develop an unrivaled, premium Tech content destination, with something for every Revision3 viewer.”

Revision3 will leverage existing fans to help build an audience for these new shows – for example, using favorite hosts to make guest appearances and creating contests and promotional campaigns to engage community.

Weekly shows include:

Fact or Fictional with Veronica BelmontVeronica Belmont, beloved tech maven, Tekzilla host, former CNET star, and current host of Sword and Laser on Geek and Sundry, will look at the cool inventions from your favorite movies, TV shows, books, and comics and ask, “is this really possible?” and, if not, why not? Each episode will feature a piece of technology from pop culture, nominated by the audience. From Hoverboards and Pre-Cogs, to Replicants and Time Machines, Veronica will explore the possible, or impossible link between the invented tech and the real world.

Soldier’s Tech BattlefieldMark Watson is a trusted tech geek serving in the US Army Reserves. As host of one of the longest running technology demo and review shows, Soldier Knows Best, Mark has amassed a large and loyal fan base since his launch in 2008. In each episode of Tech Battlefield, Mark will compare two popular and/or competing tech devices or software and he’ll give a rundown of the pros and cons. At the end of each episode he will get the audience involved by asking which gadget they think wins, and why.

Driven – Hosted by Jon Rettinger, a well-known expert in the tech world, and host of TechnoBuffalo, Driven will focus on a new car’s exterior/interior design, tech, and functions, as well as its price, drivability, and who it’s for. What are the options and tech, suspension and power, and build quality? How does it drive? Informational and casually entertaining, each episode aims to educate the viewer in an engaging way. Covering major car shows, industry news, and featuring experts/interviews, Driven will keep the audience abreast of happenings in the industry and will also answer questions from the audience, contemplate future tech in autos, and discuss automotive tech in pop culture.

SuRRvival Gear – Hosted by Richard Ryan, from RatedRR and Totally Sketch, SuRRvival Gear, via Richard, an adventurer, explosive specialist and weapons guru from the back-country of Tennessee, will look at how tech can be used in survival situations. Each episode will cover tech that range from necessities to wish list items for survival. Richard will demo, review, and test tech in the studio as well as mock survival situations and will feature varied settings, from desert, forest, coastal, snow and other locations.

Threat WireDarren Kitchen and Shannon Morse of Hak5 host a show covering the security and privacy issues threatening our Internet. From breaches and policies to social networks and censorship, Threat Wire takes the practical and tinfoil hat angles to dispel fear, uncertainty and doubt. Arm yourself with the knowledge to stay safe online. Tune in to Threat Wire every Friday on TECH FEED.

downLOADED – Each week, journalists, CEOs, media stars and other luminaries from the Bay Area tech scene, and beyond, will sit down at a roundtable and dissect the week’s digital, technical and social news in a live, lightening round format. Hosted by tech journalist, and Revision3 CEO, Jim Louderback.

Revision3’s YouTube channel, TECH FEED, can be found at


About Revision3

Revision3, a Discovery Communications Company, is the television network for the Internet generation, creating and producing original episodic community-driven programs. The viewing audience (150 million monthly views and 30 million unique viewers) is made up of hyper-connected, passionate, committed fans who want to watch shows about technology, modern culture, video games, entertainment and comedy, that entertain and educate. Revision3’s programs can be found everywhere from to a wide range of platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, Roku, AOL, TiVo, and many others. Shows can be watched on any device, from a cell phone to an iPod to a computer or a TV. Revision3 has attracted a wide-range of top advertisers including Ford, Sony, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Southern Comfort, Virgin America and Verizon.

Rev3Games Announces the Best Video Games from PAX Prime 2012

September 7th, 2012 at 10:47 by Jackie Talbott in Live Events, Shows

The Rev3Games team headed up to Seattle, Washington to get a good hard look at all the new video games featured at the Penny Arcade Expo this year. In addition to pumping out a ton of footage and coverage from the show floor, they took on the feat of naming the top 5 best video games of PAX Prime 2012. And, after intense deliberation, Max Scoville, Anthony Carboni, Tara Long, and Zac Minor were able to agree on their #1 absolute best game from PAX 2012 – Dishonored! Check out the reviews and top 5 nominees below.

• Developed by Arkane
• Published by Bethesda

Tomb Raider
• Developed by Crystal Dynamics
• Published by Square-Enix

Aliens: Colonial Marines
• Developed by Gearbox Software
• Published by Sega

Far Cry 3
• Developed by Ubisoft Montreal
• Published by Ubisoft

Super TIME Force
• Developed by Capybara
• Published by Capybara

Thanks to PAX Prime 2012 and all the awesome developers and publishers for another great expo. Until next year… (or Australia!)

The Fine Brothers Join Revision3

September 5th, 2012 at 10:30 by Rob Saurini in Announcements, Press Releases, Shows

We’ve got some big news today. I’m thrilled to announce that The Fine Brothers have joined Revision3! We’ve been huge fans of Benny and Rafi Fine for years and are so excited to be working with them. As you probably know, they are the creators and brains behind the “React” series, including “Kids React, Teens React and Elders React; and have been breaking new ground with their multi-platform scripted comedy series “My Music”.”

They are one of the hardest working teams in showbiz, and as accomplished filmmakers and comedy producers have been trailblazers in the new digital content ecosystem.

The Fine Brothers have been creating content in traditional and digital media since before YouTube and have had a steadfast dedication to quality and authenticity. They’ve been able to build up their loyal audience based on that dedication and now have over 350 million views, and close to 2 million subscribers on their main channel on YouTube.

We’re honored that the Fine Bros have chosen to partner with Revision3. We are eager to work with them in expanding and supporting them as producers and can’t wait to see what’s next!