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11 Chrome Extensions For Improving Your Gmail

November 7th, 2014 at 10:30 by czarandin in Technology



Getting a ton of emails constantly can be super overwhelming. Sometimes it’s to the point where everything builds up and I stop caring. As it turns out, crazy amounts of emails and laziness is a terrible combination.


Thankfully Joanne at (a Chrome extension that tracks when your mail is sent and read) put together an awesome list of free add-ons that will significantly improve your Gmail experience.


I hope these will help you clean up your act as much as it’s helped me!


Check out the list here:


Revision3 Chromecast Integration is Here!

December 10th, 2013 at 08:00 by Kaliel Roberts in Announcements, Technology, Website

It is our great pleasure to announce the integration of the Revision3 site and apps with Chromecast. If you have the Chromecast device,  you’ll be able to cast any of our HD videos to your TV using your phone, tablet or laptop. In fact, you’ll be able to turn your phone or tablet into a video input for your TV – basically, your device becomes a super-remote controlling your television. We’ve been casting to our TV using YouTube  and Netflix for a while and now you can enjoy it with Revision3 videos across all devices. You can start by watching a video on how to make yourself fly like Superman, in the movies.

What we find especially exciting about Chromecast integration is that it ends all this device-switching while treating the phone and the tablet as first-class video delivery platforms. You can start watching a video on your phone or tablet, and then cast it in-progress to your TV once you walk into your living room. Or, start by casting a video from your phone or tablet to your TV, then pause it and take it with you into the kitchen or off to work. Chromecast makes your TV just another screen, bypassing the complexity of integrating with the multiplying numbers of set top platforms.

Certainly our team has had a great time working on this Chromecast integration. Here’s a picture of our developers watching Revision3 on TV using Chromecast. Thanks guys!

reid_jorge_chromecast (1)

How to use it:

  • On Android download our app here. You’ll also need to install the Chromecast app.
  • In the Chrome Browser, get the extension here.
  • iPad:  search for Revision3 in the App Store. Stay tuned for our iPhone integration, coming soon.
  • Our favorite Chromecast integrated apps, featured on Google.

When you have your Chromecast device plugged into your  TV, an icon Chromecast Icon will appear on your app or browser indicating you can cast it to your TV . Click it and it will find your Chromecast and cast the video to your TV.


Watch Revision3 Shows on your TV via Google Chromecast

July 24th, 2013 at 11:52 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Technology

Revision3 is dedicated to giving our millions of loyal users the best possible viewing experience. Google’s Chromecast is a simple yet powerful device that shares our vision, and together we’ll adapt your living room totake advantage of big screens, familiar interfaces and a world of online content.

With today’s release of this new device, Revision3 is thrilled to announce that we have been working with Google to bring our all-original content to the Internet Generation. In the very near future, you’ll be able to “cast” Revision3 content to the biggest screen in your house from your laptop, phone or tablet… all with the click of a button.

With the Chromecast plugged into the HDMI port of your television, you can start/stop video, control its playback and volume, and even pick up the playback on another device. What’s more is that multiple people can take over and control the same screen, so everyone can participate in the experience.

Perhaps best of all, Chromecast works brilliantly with applications built on Android, iOS and HTML5. We’re excited to launch across all three platforms in the upcoming months, so please stay tuned!

Revision3 Xbox 360 LIVE App Out Now!

March 26th, 2013 at 11:30 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Technology

There are a lot of Xbox 360s out there. A lot. Some of you even have more than one. We like ‘em here, too. We have a lot. Really. We play with them, we report on them, we watch movies on them – which started us thinking that we really should be on them…

…so we are. On March 26th, you’ll be able to install the new Revision3 for Xbox LIVE app on your Xbox 360 from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The Revision3 app has been designed from the ground up to be an amazingly outstanding Xbox 360 experience for viewing Revision3 content. Making use of the Kinect for Xbox 360 motion and voice sensor, you can literally tell the application what show you want to watch, and move through the episode lists with a swipe of your hand. Video is displayed in full HD glory, and looks great on your new gianormous flatscreen that you bought for the Superbowl. (C’mon, be honest… you know that’s why you bought it.)

The application itself is gorgeous, it shares the classic Revision3 look you’ve come to love but in a specific Xbox kind of way, and the video playback is stunning. We think you’ll select this as your Revision3 viewing experience of choice, the same way we all have here.

Goodbye TiVo Series 1 and Series 2! It's Been a Fun Ride.

January 29th, 2013 at 11:58 by Michele Husak in Technology

The original TiVos, commonly referred to as TiVo Series 1 and TiVo Series 2, are the venerable workhorses of the DVR community. They were one of the first “record what I like” DVRs, and there are many of them still out there in the field. Over the years, Revision3 has supported these devices as well, providing our videos to TiVo in a format that allows them to be published to anyone with a Series 1 and 2 TiVo.

As the Series 1 TiVos are pushing the 12 year mark, their functionality has been replaced by newer DVR and Over-the-Top settop boxes, including TiVo’s own Series 3 and higher devices. These newer devices allow for HD quality playback of all Revision3 content, allowing for better viewing experience across the board.

As these newer machines come into play, we at Revision3 have watched as the original TiVo’s viewing numbers dropped to a fraction of a percent.The reason is easy to understand, the original TiVos use a file encoding format that is, even by today’s smartphone standards, antiquated, coming it at a resolution of 720×480, and low audio and video bitrates. (Newer TiVos and other settop boxes provide full 720p and 1080p resolution with higher bitrate audio and video encoding.)

Ironically, the original TiVo’s encoding format – even though results in a video of less audio and video fidelity – is harder to produce. Our transcode servers have to work 2x-3x as long to downgrade our high fidelity video to the older formats.

Given the reduced viewership on the older TiVo devices, plus the length of time it takes to transcode our daily video output, Revision3 has made the decision to cease support of TiVo Series 1 and TiVo Series 2 devices starting February 8th, 2013. While our back catalog will still be available to these older devices (we’re not going to delete the older encoded files), new content will cease to be provided.

Over the years we have appreciated the amount of support we have received for these devices from TiVo, and the overwhelming enthusiasm from the early TiVo adopters. The device will be missed by Revision3 and early TiVo loyalists, but not forgotten.

Revision3 for iPad Up and Running

May 8th, 2012 at 01:08 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Technology

See? Patience does really pay off!

Revision3 iPad App Main Page

Revision3 iPad App

As of today, Revision3′s new iPad app is officially in iTunes. Designed specifically for the iPad, the Revision3 app takes advantage of many of the iPad’s advanced features, and (of course) its gorgeous screen for playback.

The new iPad app quickly allows you to navigate to your favorite shows, staff picks or the latest episodes of all of our shows. Oh, not sure what to watch? No worries, just select the “featured episodes” tab at the bottom of the app. Look for improvements coming in the next few weeks to add “watch later,” and dozens of other features.

So get your little digital legs over to the iTunes store, download it, and take Tekzilla, Film Riot, The Totally Rad Show, and all the rest of your Revision3 favorites with you wherever you go…

Revision3 App Episode Page

Revision3 App Episode Page

One Little Green Robot To Rule Them All…

December 15th, 2011 at 10:10 by Michele Husak in Technology
Revision3 App on an HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation

Fragmentation? What fragmentation?

With today’s release of our Revision3 Android App (version 1.1.2), we’ve successfully used the Android SDKs (out of the box, no special tweaking, we promise) to create a single Android application that runs across:

  • Android mobile devices, versions 2.x and higher
  • Android tablet devices, versions 3.x and higher
  • GoogleTV running Android 3.x and higher
  • Revision3 App running on Google TV 2.0
    Google TV 2.0

    The experience across all devices is optimized for the specific device: everything from thumbnails to the resolution of the video is optimized to the size, shape, user input device (finger, mouse or remote control) and bandwidth of the device that is running the application. Now that Logitech has released its gTV 2.0 update for the Revue this week, the Revision3 app is downloadable from the gTV Android Market – try it out, it looks gorgeous.