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Looking for the Revision3 forums?

July 28th, 2014 at 11:00 by Jen Corbett in Uncategorized, Website


If you’re here – you’re probably an old school fan and we thank you for the support!


Rev3 has decided to put the forums to rest as we move the conversation to our social pages. Over the years these pages have declined in usage and seen increased spam, so it felt like the right time for retirement. (pours beer out)

Please follow Rev3 on Facebook, Twitter and G+ to find daily content and talk with us about tech, games and general internet nonsense. We’re introducing new shows all the time like Anyhoo and Fandom Beat (check ‘em out below) and we want your feedback! If you have any questions, please email or tweet us. Thanks again for being a fan.


New Shows on Rev3:

  • Watch Fandom Beat – a place for all of us to celebrate the stuff we’re obsessed with! Regular segments on Fandom Beat cover topics like My Little Pony, anime and K-pop with more fandoms to come.
  • And, introducing Anyhoo – a daily, informative distraction based on fun facts, pop culture and mind-bending stories.




Revision3 Chromecast Integration is Here!

December 10th, 2013 at 08:00 by Kaliel Roberts in Announcements, Technology, Website

It is our great pleasure to announce the integration of the Revision3 site and apps with Chromecast. If you have the Chromecast device,  you’ll be able to cast any of our HD videos to your TV using your phone, tablet or laptop. In fact, you’ll be able to turn your phone or tablet into a video input for your TV – basically, your device becomes a super-remote controlling your television. We’ve been casting to our TV using YouTube  and Netflix for a while and now you can enjoy it with Revision3 videos across all devices. You can start by watching a video on how to make yourself fly like Superman, in the movies.

What we find especially exciting about Chromecast integration is that it ends all this device-switching while treating the phone and the tablet as first-class video delivery platforms. You can start watching a video on your phone or tablet, and then cast it in-progress to your TV once you walk into your living room. Or, start by casting a video from your phone or tablet to your TV, then pause it and take it with you into the kitchen or off to work. Chromecast makes your TV just another screen, bypassing the complexity of integrating with the multiplying numbers of set top platforms.

Certainly our team has had a great time working on this Chromecast integration. Here’s a picture of our developers watching Revision3 on TV using Chromecast. Thanks guys!

reid_jorge_chromecast (1)

How to use it:

  • On Android download our app here. You’ll also need to install the Chromecast app.
  • In the Chrome Browser, get the extension here.
  • iPad:  search for Revision3 in the App Store. Stay tuned for our iPhone integration, coming soon.
  • Our favorite Chromecast integrated apps, featured on Google.

When you have your Chromecast device plugged into your  TV, an icon Chromecast Icon will appear on your app or browser indicating you can cast it to your TV . Click it and it will find your Chromecast and cast the video to your TV.


Notes From the Engine Room: Improving the Experience

November 17th, 2011 at 06:02 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Press Releases, Website

It’s been a busy fall here in the Revision3 engine room, and we have two new experiences appearing just in time for your winter enjoyment. (Assuming, you know, you have winter enjoyment where you live.) HTML5 Player

You’ve been asking for this ever since the iPad first saw the light of day, and we would have loved to have given it to you sooner – but it wasn’t practical until now. Until recently, HTML5 still needed some time in the oven, and features that you knew and loved in our existing Flash player weren’t possible. In addition, the mix of codecs required for each browser condition was a daunting task…

HTML5 Codec Chart

HTML5 Codec/Browser Matrix (thanks to the folks at

Our goal was to keep the HTML5 viewing experience the same as the Flash viewing experience on, but we believe we’ve done better than that. Our new HTML5 player has broken new ground in HTML5 playback, including features like full screen mode, pop-outs, and segment jumps. Oh, and did we mention that it’s faster to load than our Flash player?

HTML5 Player

Revision3′s new player was built from the ground up to cover as wide a footprint of device and browser combinations as possible. As long as you have a compatible browser (see the chart above), the HTML5 player will load and operate on PCs, Macs or Linux machines. Note, Firefox is currently not supported, but its coming soon! On mobile devices, we have you covered – the Revision3 HTML5 is the player invoked by both iOS and Android devices, and yes…that’s both phones and tablets. (Those of you with Windows Phone 7 devices, stay tuned – we won’t forget about you, either.)

What happens if you don’t have one of the browser or mobile versions we mentioned? Well you don’t get to watch our videos! Uh…ok, not really – our servers will detect the browser and device type you are using and, if it doesn’t support HTML5, it will present the Flash player to you. Basically, you don’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy Revision3.

Incidentally, if for some reason the HTML5 player isn’t to your liking, and you never want to see it, just log-in to, select the “Preferences” menu, then select the “Site Preferences” tab, and disable “HTML5″ Voilà, you get the Flash player back.

Revision3′s Army of Android Applications

We’ve been leaking these out slowly over the last month, but you need to check out Revision3′s new suite of Android applications. Available and optimized for every conceivable flavor of Android and every Android device, be it phone, tablet or GoogleTV 2.0, we have you covered! (“Fragmentation? We don’t need no stinking fragmentation!”) We even have a version of our Revision3 app optimized for the new Amazon Kindle Fire…and it’s beautiful.

The phone and tablet versions are available as we speak in both the Android Marketplace, the Kindle Fire’s Revision3 App will be available in the Amazon App Store before this week is out, and the GoogleTV 2.0 version will be available as the new GoogleTV upgrades rollout to the Sony and Logitech devices. Note: the GoogleTV 2.0 Application is only the main Revision3 app, not individual apps for each of our shows.

Rev3 Android App

You wanna load them up on your Android device right now, don’tchya Pilgrim? Alright then, no worries…just click away:

  • Main Revision3 App
  • Epic Meal Time
  • Scientific Tuesdays
  • Destructoid
  • The Totally Rad Show
  • Hak5
  • Tekzilla
  • SGNL by Sony
  • Diggnation
  • Soldier Knows Best
  • Film Riot
  • GeekBeat.TV
  • TechoBuffalo
  • Dan 3.0
  • Scam School
  • Film State
  • So there you have it…

    …16 cross-device android apps, and a spiffy new HTML5 player. Shiny!

    Revision3 Meet-ups Next Week

    June 8th, 2011 at 01:11 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Live Events, Viewer Polls, Website


    We’ve finalized our plans for next week’s meet-ups. Hope to see you there – we’re buying the beer!

    Thurs. June 16th – Chicago

    5:30 – 7:00 pm

    Junior’s Sports Bar:

    Friday, June 17th – Baltimore

    5:3o – 7:00 pm

    James Joyce Pub:


    Revision3 Meet-ups in Chicago and Baltimore in June

    May 12th, 2011 at 02:55 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Live Events, Viewer Polls, Website


    We’ve finalized our plans for next week’s meet-ups. Hope to see you there – we’re buying the beer!

    Thurs. June 16th – Chicago

    5:30 – 7:00 pm

    Junior’s Sports Bar:

    Friday, June 17th – Baltimore

    5:3o – 7:00 pm

    James Joyce Pub:



    Hey Chicago and Baltimore/DC Rev3 fans,

    I’m coming to town next month and would love to meet up with our local viewers for a beer and a chat.

    I’ll be in Chicago on Thursday, June 16th and Baltimore on Friday, June 17th and could use your suggestions on the best spot (bar, lounge, etc.) to meet.

    In Chicago, the locale needs to be somewhat near McCormick Place, so please keep that in mind.

    In Baltimore, we’re thinking maybe Dougherty’s or Fraziers or The Windup Space or The Slaint Pub (or other options!).

    In both cities, the meet-up will be from 5:30 to 7:00pm.

    Please add your suggestion/vote in the comments. Thanks!


    Revisioning Revision

    April 25th, 2011 at 01:16 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Website

    Ah, spring is in the air. The time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love…and all that. It’s also a time when everyone opens the windows, does a little spring cleaning, fixes the gutters and maybe throws on another coat of paint. Well, it’s the same thing here at Revision3… except for maybe the “young man’s fancy” part.

    The Revision3 Storage Archive
    The Revision3 Storage Archive

    Revision3 has shown incredible growth over the last year, thanks to all of you. With that growth , however, come some growing pains. Our servers were sweating, hard drives were bulging, intertubes were full, and platforms were…uh…platforming. So, over the winter we rolled up our sleeves in the engine room and got to work. Most of the upgrades have been completed – or are close to completion – so we can continue to expand our great programming to you, as well as our reach.

    Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to. Hopefully, you’ve noticed and have been enjoying the new changes.

    Our new episode discussion system: DISQUS
    Our previous forum system was good, but not great, so in March we rolled out a new forum system based off the popular DISQUS service. If you are a DISQUS user on other sites, it will feel like old home week to you. (You can also merge your existing DISQUS login with your Revision3 login. Yay.)  If you’ve never used DISQUS before, you’re in for a treat: realtime commenting, mobile integration (forthcoming on the site), media embedding in your comments, and much more. Check it out under each of the show and episode pages.

    Our improved CDN service
    You don’t have to know what a CDN service is to know when it isn’t performing well. CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network,” and it pretty much does what it says. It is the “tube” part of the intertubes, using advanced technology to download or stream large-scale content to all four corners of the earth. For a year now, we’ve been getting complaints about delivery to places like Australia, Western Europe, the UAE and even parts of North America. Back in February, we asked for your help evaluating new solutions to that problem, and you responded in droves. (Nearly 1000 of you gave us your feedback, thank you!) Last week we began rolling out a solution based on your feedback. We’ve seen results of the changes via measurement, but the proof is in the pudding. Folks who had been having problems with downloads and streams in the areas I’ve mentioned have begun to report to us that they’ve seen a noticeable, and welcome, improvement. We’ll keep at it, but its good to see we’re moving the needle.

    The T-Rex of Hard Drives
    Take a look at those glowing eyes at the top of this post. Go ahead. Take a close look. That’s not your daddy’s thumb drive you’re staring at, you are looking at part of a system that provides 240TB of serious RAID storage for Revision3 content. It’s large enough to cover our production and partner needs for quite some time to come, as well as provide instant access to our archive of content for our editors. It provides redundancy and backup, and – the best part – it’s a green system. Drives which are not currently in use are powered completely off until they are called up to serve up their delicious goodness.

    Tablets are a’Comin’
    We heard you and brought out real Revision3 mobile applications for iOS and Android late last year, and we heard you again about Revision3 applications designed for the iPad and Android Honeycomb tablets. I’m happy to tell you they are in the works as we speak, so… stay tuned.

    The 10′ Experience
    …or leanback… or Revision3 on your TV… or license for being a couch potato. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve got it. Roku, GoogleTV, Connected Televisions, iTV, Windows Media Center…whatever your flavor of poison, we’ve got you covered. Take a good, long look at’s leanback experience.

    That’s just a few of the revisions to Revision3 that we’ve been up to over the winter. We’ve also been drinking beer, but not (necessarily) at thesame time. Watch this space for more announcements of new tech as we keep up with the demand you guys are putting on us. Thanks for that, we need a reason to get off the couch.

    Help Us Help You…

    March 22nd, 2011 at 06:17 by Michele Husak in Viewer Polls, Website

    …with all due respect to Jerry Maguire, of course.

    Over the last year, we noticed a pattern in our support emails: people who have been getting choppy, incomplete videos – or, worse, no video at all – seem to be coming from areas that are slightly out of reach of our video delivery network. Whether the user is in Revision3′s home country, or in Europe, Australia, or the UAE, it’s possible to be just a wee bit too far out of Revision3′s reach.  We have great programming, and great viewers who want to see what’s happening next on Dan3.0, pick up a few pointers from Tekzilla, or weird out a friend with Scam School antics… so, its up to those of us in the engine room to fix the problem.

    We can tinker and tweak all we want – but we can’t very easily get on planes with laptops and fly to all points of the globe to test out our video delivery system. (Although, I think it might be worth it for the free peanuts, actually.) So, that’s where you come in…

    We’ve set up two new video delivery technologies that we think will significantly improve the delivery of programming to you, no matter where you are. Taking a page from old commercials and mixing it with a sprinkling of modern crowd sourcing, we’ve created a blind “taste” test on Just point your browser to our Revision3 Video Vote page and help us out.

    The test will only take 7-8 minutes of your time, tops. Just play the three videos (it’s Tom’s Top 5, which everyone wants to see at least three times), and answer the response questions below each. Please note, the only reason we ask you for your location is so that we can chart how we’re doing in different regions. We do not maintain or use this information for soliciting, sharing, telling your mother where you are, or any other nefarious purpose. We promise.

    Thanks for the help – and please spread the word. Blog, Facebook, or Tweet out the link to our video vote page: We’re going to leave the page up for the next few weeks and see which technology serves you better.

    Thanks again!

    Great Fun At Revision3 Atlanta Tweetup!

    March 4th, 2011 at 04:06 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Website

    Thanks to everyone who came out to our super-epic tweetup in Atlanta Wednesday night. And an extra special thanks to everyone who actually stuck around until I arrived. Due to a fail on Delta’s part, I was stuck in Raleigh, NC for hours – and didn’t make it to Nook until almost 9:30!

    It was great to see some of our fans there, and great to talk about new and old Revision3 shows. I’m really happy for all the feedback – both positive and negative – that we got. And I always like buying folks drinks, so that was definitely fun as well.

    We’ll be doing a lot more of these this year, so stay tuned!


    Tweetup At Nook in Atlanta

    Tweetup At Nook in Atlanta

    Revision3 Comes to Android

    November 30th, 2010 at 10:59 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Website

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve released the new Official Revision3 app for Android based phones! Now if you’re a loyal Android user, you can now download the app and watch all your favorite Revision3 shows on the go. Best of all, it’s totally free! All you need to do is search the Android Marketplace for “Revision3″ or you can scan the handy QR Code to the right with your phone and that will automatically take you to the Revision3 App in the marketplace for easy downloading.

    If you’re not an Android user, not to worry. iPhone users should already be using the official Revision3 App for the iPhone. You can download it here, or you can find all the information about the iPhone and Android apps at

    Now, if you don’t have an Android Phone or iPhone, or you’re not really into apps, you can always head over to Revision3 on your web browser and partake in the mobile version of Revision3. Just navigate to and you’ll get a mobile optimized version of Revision3 where you can browse and watch shows, just as you would on or via our apps.

    No matter what your preference is with mobile phones, we’ve got you covered so you never have to miss a minute of your favorite Revision3 shows! We hope you enjoy using these apps and watching our shows!


    Brand New Store Launch with Sweet Black Friday Deals

    November 24th, 2010 at 01:16 by Jackie Talbott in Announcements, Website

    We’re so excited to announce the launch of the brand new Official Revision3 Store! Complete with all the hot new swag your little heart could ever desire – and now you can customize whatever hoodie, cap, shirt or beanie you want with your favorite Revision3 or Diggnation logos!

    More and more products coming VERY soon, but in the meantime, please let us know what you’d like to see from the Revision3 Store. Connect with us on Twitter @Revision3, or email us Make sure to keep an eye out because over the course of the next several days, we’ll be adding products representing all your favorite Revision3 shows!

    Plus, because we’re totally feeling the holiday spirit, we’re offering some sweet deals throughout November:

    * 25% off ANY ORDER of $40 or more when shopping between Friday, November 26th at 12:01AM EST and Tuesday, November 30th at 11:59PM EST. That means all day Friday the 26th through all day Tuesday the 30th, spend $40 or more and get 25% off! [Use code: CYBER2010 - Canada use code: CADCYBER2010]

    * FREE SHIPPING NOW until Saturday, November 28th at 11:59PM EST [Use code: REV3SHIP]

    Of course these hot deals won’t last forever – so hurry up and score yourself some epic gear and get your holiday shopping done now! Come on, be the guy or gal to give the ah-mazing gift this year!

    Don’t get trampled at the big box stores this Black Friday, just click on over to without even leaving your house (or those delicious leftovers)!