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The Totally Rad Show Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Blow-Out Show

March 19th, 2008 at 05:45 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

We can’t believe it has been a year, but, indeed, 52 weeks ago, Alex, Dan, Steve, and I congregated in Steve’s garage to record the very first Totally Rad Show. Since then, every week we’ve met to hang out and discuss the raddest stuff we could find on the topics of movies, video games, TV, and comics.

We’ve had laughter, arguments, and a fair amount of sweat – but the best part of all has been the audience feedback. So to celebrate our first anniversary, we thought the raddest thing we could do would be to reach out to you, the fans, and ask you to vote for your favorite moments from the last year. So we did.

And you responded with much more than that. Many of you pitched in to help (producer) Steve put together an incredible retrospective on the show, and a few of you even demanded we return the favor and look back at all of Steve’s visual contributions, too. Episode 52 is out now and I am proud to say that it is as much yours as it is ours.

You, our audience, provide us with backgrounds and material every week; this episode takes that interactivity one step further. It’s a truly interactive version of TRS, one that’s only possible on the internet, here at Revision3. So thank you for all your help and support this first year – and here’s to many more to come.

Oh, and if you’ve never given TRS a try, this is the perfect episode to do so. Why not watch episode #52, see some of our favorite moments of the year, and drop into the forum to let us know what you think? Even better, take advantage of our free subscription option, via iTunes, Miro, the Zune or other feed readers, and get TRS delivered to you every Tuesday, as soon as fresh episodes are available.

— Jeff Cannata

Revision3 Launches New Show Starring Sarah Lane, Jessica Corbin and Kirsten Sanford

March 9th, 2008 at 08:02 by Jim Louderback in Announcements, Shows

OK, let’s cut right to the chase: I’m pleased to announce the launch of our newest show here on Revision3, popSiren!

Sitting at the intersection of culture, science, technology and lifehacks, popSiren presents a decidedly personal view of the world we’re all living in. Inside you’ll learn how to make amazing new things, pick up tips for optimizing your daily grind, discover new technologies and websites that will make you more efficient, and be fascinated by the amazing world around us. It’s a heady, exciting, and ultimately practical immersion into the worlds of science, the web, technology and DIY projects.

But I’m even more excited about the amazing collection of experts who will be sharing their passions with you. popSiren signals the return of Sarah Lane to regular show hosting – she’ll be uncovering useful new internet sites and services, along with co-hosting the show with Revision3 fixture Jessica Corbin. But even though getting Sarah and Jessica to host popSiren is epic, I’m even more excited about the addition of Dr. Kirsten Sanford to popSiren and Revision3. I’ve been a fan of Kirsten’s audio podcast, This Week in Science, for ages, and I’ve been equally entranced with her show Food Science. So I’m overjoyed to announce that she’ll be bringing her passion, genius and engaging personality to Revision3, via a weekly segment called Rad Science.

Neha Tiwari and Heather Frank round out our star-studded lineup. Neha’s our resident geek, and will bring the show a collection of DIY projects, cool gear, and basic nerdiness. Heather Frank, who also produces the show, will be contributing a weekly segment from the fringe.

Along with our five popSirens, expect a steady stream of amazing guests, bringing you practical advice on getting more out of life, both in webspace and in meatspace. Our first guest, Jen Trolio, comes from the amazing magazine ReadyMade, and she shows us how to make stationary and envelopes out of your favorite comics.

WOW. I know you’re going to love this show! Give it a watch, and let me know what you think. The first episode debuts today, Monday March 10th. Even better, you’ll get a new episode on Thursday – and another new one every Thursday from now on.

Welcome popSirens! We couldn’t be happier to have you join our stellar Revision3 show lineup!

— Jim Louderback

Diggnation braves the St. Louis weather!

February 22nd, 2008 at 04:38 by David Prager in Uncategorized

You’ve probably noticed that the release of Diggnation 138 – Live from St. Louis has been delayed. We’ve been reading the forums while stranded here at the airport, and just like radzack, todd, dstrack007 and many more, we’ve been stuck in St. Louis due to the ice!

Glenn was able to get a flight back to San Francisco this morning, and he’s been frantically editing and encoding throughout his travel – even on the plane. Though I’m stuck in Chicago right now, I can tell you the episode will be released as soon as humanly possible and it’ll be worth the wait, so sit tight and enjoy this St. Louis teaser Revision3 has put together for you.

Kevin, Alex, Glenn, Jim, Brad and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and were amazed at the turnout, especially those who made time to travel in. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

David Prager