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Nixie Does Revision3

March 12th, 2012 at 11:40 by Matt Labate in Shows

A little bit wild and a whole lotta geek, Revision3 is proud to welcome Nixie Pixel to its ranks.

Being around Nixie is a whirlwind of nerdy talk sprinkled with glitter and unicorns. There is never a dull moment – you never know what she is going to say (or do!) next. Combine her energetic personality and love of all things geek, and you are in for some amazing on screen antics. She knows how to keep viewers wanting more!

Nixie’s first love is Linux, and her new show OS.ALT is your source for open source. From Android hacks to Linux for NOOBs, OS.ALT will be the source for how-tos, tutorials, and hacking news and information!

Also launching this week is Geekbuzz, Nixie’s weekly show on the hottest news, reviews, topics and scoops in the tech and gaming world. Geekbuzz will feature sexy future tech, open source alternatives, game reviews and much more.

Be sure to subscribe to OS.ALT and Geekbuzz, if there’s something you must watch every week – it’s Nixie! In addition to her shows, you’ll also find her popping up in Revision3′s new Tech and Gaming verticals, Rev3Games and Rev3Tech.

Revision3 Welcomes WilsonTech1!

February 27th, 2012 at 11:22 by Rob Saurini in Shows


Today we welcome WilsonTech1 to the Revision3 line-up! Host Lamarr Wilson tackles daily technology, gaming and social media news all with his signature comedic twist.

Lamarr, self described as “The World’s Funniest Tech Reporter,” covers the news you want to hear about including the newest in tech products, what’s going on in social media, and up-to-date coverage on the biggest technology companies. He also provides commentary with expert knowledge and just enough sass to keep you laughing.

A former grade school educator and tech coordinator, as well as a technology consultant for the Chicago School System, Lamarr is extremely talented at keeping his viewers entertained and informed.

We’re thrilled to have WilsonTech1 as part of our network and are sure you’ll get a kick out of his daily episodes. Be sure to subscribe to WilsonTech1 to get Lamarr’s humorous take on what’s going on in all things tech!