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Scam School Returns to SF for Another Round of Shoots

July 28th, 2010 at 04:42 by Jackie Talbott in Live Events, Shows

It’s that time again: Brian Brushwood is back to take over San Francisco! If you’re a fan of Scam School, magic, or just like hanging out with good people, cameras and booze, then you’re in for a treat! We’re hitting up some of our favorite locations around town to shoot upcoming episodes of Scam School. Come for the shenanigans; stay for your chance to get scammed by the magician himself and see your pretty face in an episode of Scam School!

Here’s all you need to know:

Thursday, July 29, 5-10 PM
City Tavern
3200 Fillmore St (between Greenwich St & Moulton St)
Description: City Tavern features a $3 cocktail menu all night and clientele who are very good looking once you’ve finished 2/3 of that Long Island.

Friday, July 30, 5-10 PM
Yancy’s Saloon
734 Irving Street (between 8th Ave & 9th Ave)
Description: This spacious Inner Sunset saloon offers very affordable beer selections, free and unlimited pretzels, several attractive ferns and a gryo place right around the corner. Unconfirmed rumor: hot identical twins will be in attendance!

Saturday, July 31, 12-5 PM
The Embarcadero between Taylor and Powell
Description: Strap on your best fanny pack and join us for some tourist instigation at the Wharf! Brian will be masquerading as a street performer, and hopefully no one will receive any sort of citation.

Come one; come all… tell all your friends and hope to see you there!

Guess Who's got an App on Boxee? Revision3!

August 26th, 2009 at 11:14 by Michele Husak in Announcements

As you know, one of our mottos here at Revision3 is “Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device, Any Application” and that’s evidenced by how we bend over backwards to make our content available on whatever platform you want to watch it on, be it iTunes, YouTube or TIVO. One of those platforms that were huge fans of is Boxee. If you haven’t heard about Boxee yet, you definitely should as it’s quickly becoming one of the coolest pieces of software for watching video around.

Basically, it’s a way to enjoy the best of Internet Television on your computer or television. Boxee is the first “social” media center, whose free, downloadable software is changing the way we experience home entertainment. On a computer or connected to an HDTV, boxee allows you a simple way to bring all their entertainment into one place including personal movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from websites like Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central, Pandora,, and flickr. You can also share information about what you’re watching so friends can enjoy it too through legal sources online. It’s pretty darn cool and I’ve been using it for the majority of my Internet TV watching.

So, when the gang over at Boxee called us up and offered to create a Revision3 app for Boxee, we jumped at the opportunity! Any chance to make it easy for you, our audience, to watch Revision3 on your big screen TV (or any size, really) is definitely something we want to provide. Avner Ronan, Boxee’s CEO said, “”From Tekzilla to the Digg Reel to Co-Op, HD Nation, and Hak5 – Rev3 makes great shows that are available around the globe, on demand. They’re a great fit for Boxee, and we’re excited about the new interface we’ve created with them to encourage more people to watch Rev3 on their big screen.” Avner’s a great guy and so nice of him to say such kind words about Revision3!

If you’re looking for a new and cool way to watch Revision3, we strongly suggest you check out Boxee and install the Revision3 app. I can’t stop playing with it, it’s so cool. Just hook up your media center PC or your laptop to your TV, load up Revision3 on Boxee and then you’re on your way to hours of Revision3 fueled entertainment!

So head over to Boxee’s website, download the client and check it out for yourself.

Here’s what the Revision3 App on Boxee looks like:

Imagine browsing Revision3 with your remote control on your couch! Not bad, eh?

Huge thanks to our friends over at Boxee for putting the app together and helping us make it easier and better for you to watch Revision3 on Boxee!

Let us know what you think of the Revision3 app on Boxee!

Welcome to the New

May 20th, 2009 at 01:50 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Website

We are very pleased and excited to welcome you to the new brand new! has gone through several iterations since we first began back in 2005, and this website represents the 4th version of and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that it’s the best one yet.

So just what exactly has changed? Practically everything! Here’s a brief summary of the changes to the site with version 4.0 that you can expect:

Updated Design – It’s a brand new site with a brand new interface. Every section and page of the site has been redesigned and improved from the previous version. In addition, we’ve made navigation easier on the site so you can get around and find what you want. We’ve even given some love to the forums, so it’s fresh, new and ready to be used.

BIGGER & Better Video – We’ve increased the size of our video player, so now when you’re watching your favorite show, it truly is an entertaining experience. We’ve also added some cool features like the ability to pop out the player to another window or to put it in theater mode and make the video really pop.

User Preferences – We want to make the Revision3 website the site YOU want it to be, each and every one of you. To do that, we’ve begun expanding the User Preferences section to allow for customization of what you see and how you use Admittedly there isn’t much there right now but from what is there, you should get the general idea of what will be coming. Expect to see this area expanded on the most over the upcoming weeks, so make sure you register and log in to the site when you visit.

Enhanced Shows and Host Pages – We’ve redesigned all the show pages so that it’s easier to browse and find your favorite episodes. We’ve also worked to make sure our search functionality gives you the results your looking for. It’s also easier to find information about your favorite show host, such as the link to the their blog, Facebook Profile or whatever other social network they may be on.

Twitter!Twitter’s everywhere these days, so why not Revision3? You may notice that we’ve worked with our friends at SquareSpace to create a Revision3 Twitter directory so it’s easy to find everyone from Revision3 on Twitter. We’ve also integrated the Twitter feeds of our hosts on their pages so you can see what they’re up to, minute by minute.

Under The Hood – For those of you interested in how things work, a lot of the changes and improvements come from behind the scenes. Previously, as many of you know, we were using WordPress for our content management needs. As we’ve grown, we’ve outgrown WordPress as a solution. Don’t get us wrong, we still love WordPress and still use it for our blog, but for running the site, we learned a lot from using it and have evolved beyond its capabilities. Now we’re running an internally produced content management system that was built on a PHP based MVC framework. And what’s even better is that we’re primed to grow from here, making it easy to add new features and functionality later on (hint hint).

As I said, we’re immensely excited for the site. Personally I love the new look and I love how bright the future looks for We’re going to be building from here and creating some cool features for all Revision3 fans to come and enjoy. We hope you like the new site as much as we do, and please let us know what you think either by e-mailing us or on the forums.

I’d like to take a moment and put the spotlight on the awesome team here at Revision3 that labored for months to bring you the new – Stephanie Chu, Ryan LaBarre, Jeff Rizzo, Chuck Siu, Brendan White and a few others who are unfortunately no longer with us here at Revision3. All your hard work and dedication has absolutely paid off and I hope all the loyal Revision3 fans join me in applauding you.

- Ron Richards

Scam School – Back In Session in SF!

April 27th, 2009 at 07:57 by Michele Husak in Live Events

Attention Scam School fans in the San Francisco Bay Area – we’ve got exciting news for you! We’ll be shooting several episodes of Scam School TONITE, Monday April 27th. What better way to spend your Monday night than to come out and see Brian Brushwood pulling scams and tricks in a local tavern? So drop what you’re doing, grab your friends and come out! Who knows, you might even get scammed and make it onto the show!

Hope to see you there!

Here are the details:
Date: Monday, April 27th
Time: 6:30p-9:30p
Location: McTeague’s Saloon, 1237 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA -
cross street: Bush

McTeague’s on Yelp

Google Map:

View Larger Map


Flash Player Update: Share Revision3 Shows With Your Friends

February 6th, 2009 at 01:16 by Michele Husak in Website

We started off 2009 with an update to the user interface of our flash player, which everyone appears to really like. But let’s be honest, that was just a much improved cosmetic change. When we rolled it out, we said that we’d have more functionality and changes to the flash player into 2009, and today we’re very excited to share with you the next step in upgrading of the Revision3 Flash player.

Today’s update to the flash player introduces two new buttons on the user interface, “Share” and “Embed”. We’ve made it much easier for you to now take your favorite Revision3 shows and share them with your friends, either by email, posting on your site, or submitting to the social network of your choice. Now all you have to do is click “Share” and you’ll see the flash player transform into a panel with options to provide you the URL to share, or one click post to Twitter, Digg, Facebook and many others.

But we didn’t stop there. Oh no, there’s more. We’re also rolling out the ability for you, the viewer, to choose the clip of your choice to share with your friends. Once you click “Share” or “Embed”, you’ll notice a timeline above the video, and markers that show the time in the video. All you need to do is click on the starting marker and drag to the point of the video you’d like your clip to start at, and then do the same for the end marker. The URL, embed codes and links to other sites automatically update, making sharing your favorite moment easier than ever! So now, when you want to show your buddy that moment when Jimmy Fallon busted on Alex in Diggnation, or show your Dad a cool product review on Tekzilla, you can just pick your clip, and share away! We’re super excited for this bit of functionality and we hope it’s something you, the audience, can find easy to use and enjoy.

Here is the latest episode of Tekzilla if you would like to play with the new functionality:

Like I said, this is the next step in our rollout of enhanced functionality for our flash player, which hopefully will make your viewing experience on Revision3 as awesome as you want it to be. Stay tuned for more updates and changes in the coming months. We’ve got some super cool stuff still in development that we can’t wait to share with you! And as always, let us know what you think. Leave a comment below or talk about it in our forums.


Scam School Tapings in San Francisco This Week!

February 2nd, 2009 at 06:59 by Michele Husak in Live Events

To all our friends and audience members in the San Francisco Bay Area, want to be on on Scam School? Now’s your chance. Brian Brushwood has been spotted in the streets of San Francisco (watch your wallets) and will be taping episode of Scam School in and about the area and we want YOU to come watch and maybe even get on the show, including the very special 50th episode taping! Here are the details of where and when:

WHEN: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 – 2 PM to 5 PM
WHERE: Bacchus Kirk – 925 Bush St (between Jones St & Taylor St) – San Francisco CA

WHEN: Wednesday, February 4, 2009 – 5 PM to 9 PM
WHERE: Amante – 570 Green Street (between Columbus Ave & Jasper Pl) – San Francisco, CA

We hope you can make it out and join us for some scamming fun with Brian Brushwood and Scam School!


Scam School Subtitled! French & Spanish For All!

December 4th, 2008 at 03:07 by Michele Husak in Shows

We’re constantly trying to think of ways to make our videos more accessible to more people and how to make the viewing experience that much richer for everyone. One such idea was the use of closed captioning in our videos as well as using those captions to provide foreign language translations, so we decided to give it a try. We teamed up with the fine folks over at PlyMedia and have translated the captions and provided them for several episodes of Scam School, like this one:

You can also see captions on episode 33 of Scam School, and we’ll be adding a couple more episodes very soon.

So what do you think? Is this something you’d like to see on Let us know in the below poll

Also let us know what you think in the comments, as well if there are any other languages you’d like to see. We’re evaluating this sort of feature and seeing if it’s worth pursuing in the future, so any and all feedback you can provide would help a lot.


Best of iTunes 2008 – Diggnation, Tekzilla & Scam School

December 3rd, 2008 at 06:02 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Shows

Apple is one of the biggest supporters of new media with their podcast section in iTunes and for years we’ve thoroughly enjoyed providing our shows for users of iTunes. That makes it extra special and awesome when we find out that the folks like iTunes like us too. We were stoked to find out that that three of our shows were selected to the Best of iTunes 2008 list.

In the 2008 section, Scam School was selected as one of the best video shows of 2008. While in the Classics section, Diggnation and Tekzilla were selected as 2 of the best classic video shows.

We want to thank everyone at Apple for this honor, as well as everyone who uses iTunes and chooses to watch our shows on their iPods, AppleTVs, iPhones and computers!

Scam School Taping in San Francisco!

November 13th, 2008 at 06:03 by Rob Saurini in Live Events

Brian Brushwood, the master of Revision3′s cons and scams and host of “Scam School” will be in the Bay Area next week to film new episodes, and YOU are invited to be there!

Hang out with Brian and the crew, and you may even get cast in an upcoming episode!

The Scam School shoots will take place:

Wednesday, Nov 19th
Time: 6p-10p
Bacchus Kirk
925 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA

Thursday, Nov 20th
Time: 6p-10p
McTeague’s Saloon
1237 Polk Street
(Between Bush & Fern Street)
San Francisco, CA

We’d love to see you there!

Live from New York…it's Diggnation!

May 21st, 2008 at 12:03 by David Prager in Live Events

iw_diggnation.jpgAttention New Yorkers! Do you like the Internet? Do you like Diggnation? Then on June 4th, you’ve GOT to be at the live Diggnation show in New York City. It’s Internet Week in New York City (one of our fave cities) and we figured, how better to participate than to bring Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht to New York to finally tape an episode in front of a New York audience!?

But we didn’t stop there, as if Kevin and Alex wasn’t enough, Brian Brushwood, host of the smash hit Scam School will be there to shock and amaze, and make fools of a couple of people with his dazzling array of bar tricks. See if you can stand toe to toe with the king of the scam. Plus, DJ Bears and Bears Repeating will be performing as well for all you music fans.

This event will also be serving as the Digg Meet-up. Digg CEO Jay Adelson will be in attendance along with founder Kevin Rose and a few others from the Digg crew and community.

Here are the details:
Wednesday, June 4 – 6:00 p.m. EST

Studio B
259 Banker Street
Between Meserole Ave. & Calyer St.
Brooklyn, New York

Google Map:

Let us know you’re coming: Meetup

Directions from Manhattan:
BY SUBWAY: Take the Brooklyn-bound L train to Bedford Avenue (1st stop into Brooklyn); Exit subway near the intersection of N 7th St and Bedford Ave; head North on Bedford Ave past N 8th St; Turn left onto N 12th St; Turn right onto Berry St; Turn right onto Nassau Ave; Turn left onto Banker St; Total travel: 30 mins;

BY CAR: FROM WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE: Take Williamsburg Bridge (inside lanes) to BQE (BROOKLYN QUEENS EXPY/I-278 E) (0.5 mi); Take the Humboldt St. exit (Exit 33) toward McGuinness Blvd (0.1 mi); Turn LEFT onto HUMBOLDT ST.; Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MCGUINNESS BLVD S. (0.6 mi); Turn LEFT onto MESEROLE AVE. (0.3 mi); Turn RIGHT onto BANKER ST. (0.0 mi); End at 259 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222-2601; Estimated Time: 14 minutes/Estimated Distance: 4.57 miles;

BY CAR: FROM MIDTOWN TUNNEL: Take Midtown Tunnel to I-495 E (Portions toll) (1.5 mi); Take the BORDEN AVE./ PULASKI BR. exit.; Turn RIGHT onto BORDEN AVE. (0.1 mi); Turn RIGHT onto VERNON BLVD.; Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto JACKSON AVE/ NY-25A E. (0.2 mi); Turn RIGHT onto 11TH ST/ PULASKI BRIDGE. Continue to follow PULASKI BRIDGE. (0.6 mi); PULASKI BRIDGE becomes MCGUINNESS BLVD. (0.4 mi); Turn RIGHT onto MESEROLE AVE. (0.3 mi); Turn RIGHT onto BANKER ST.; End at 259 Banker St Brooklyn, NY 11222-2601; Estimated Time: 13 minutes/Estimated Distance: 4.84 miles

Official Flyer:

Diggnation New York