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Nixie Does Revision3

March 12th, 2012 at 11:40 by Matt Labate in Shows

A little bit wild and a whole lotta geek, Revision3 is proud to welcome Nixie Pixel to its ranks.

Being around Nixie is a whirlwind of nerdy talk sprinkled with glitter and unicorns. There is never a dull moment – you never know what she is going to say (or do!) next. Combine her energetic personality and love of all things geek, and you are in for some amazing on screen antics. She knows how to keep viewers wanting more!

Nixie’s first love is Linux, and her new show OS.ALT is your source for open source. From Android hacks to Linux for NOOBs, OS.ALT will be the source for how-tos, tutorials, and hacking news and information!

Also launching this week is Geekbuzz, Nixie’s weekly show on the hottest news, reviews, topics and scoops in the tech and gaming world. Geekbuzz will feature sexy future tech, open source alternatives, game reviews and much more.

Be sure to subscribe to OS.ALT and Geekbuzz, if there’s something you must watch every week – it’s Nixie! In addition to her shows, you’ll also find her popping up in Revision3′s new Tech and Gaming verticals, Rev3Games and Rev3Tech.

Revision3 Welcomes WilsonTech1!

February 27th, 2012 at 11:22 by Rob Saurini in Shows


Today we welcome WilsonTech1 to the Revision3 line-up! Host Lamarr Wilson tackles daily technology, gaming and social media news all with his signature comedic twist.

Lamarr, self described as “The World’s Funniest Tech Reporter,” covers the news you want to hear about including the newest in tech products, what’s going on in social media, and up-to-date coverage on the biggest technology companies. He also provides commentary with expert knowledge and just enough sass to keep you laughing.

A former grade school educator and tech coordinator, as well as a technology consultant for the Chicago School System, Lamarr is extremely talented at keeping his viewers entertained and informed.

We’re thrilled to have WilsonTech1 as part of our network and are sure you’ll get a kick out of his daily episodes. Be sure to subscribe to WilsonTech1 to get Lamarr’s humorous take on what’s going on in all things tech!

TechnoBuffalo joins the Revision3 Network

June 13th, 2011 at 05:05 by Rob Saurini in Announcements, Shows

TechnoBuffaloIt’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of Technobuffalo on Revision3. Jon Rettinger is a long-time YouTube star (Jon4Lakers) with a strong following of tech fans. He’s been breaking stories and unboxing products for many years now. Now he’s launching a new series with Revision3 based on his popular new website, The show isn’t just a rehash or aggregate of information from other websites. Each episode of TechnoBuffalo provides informed commentary, context and in-depth analysis on all things tech from some of Technobuffalo’s best and brightest editors.

You can expect product and app reviews, gossip from the tech world and analysis of news from this group of experts. The show will release three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I think you’re going to like the hosts of the show and really trust what they have to say each week. Jon has diligently built up a reputation as a thought leader in the space and we’re thrilled to have his team joining us.

Please help me in welcoming Technobuffalo to the Revision3 family by checking out the show and subscribing for future episodes!

Ryan Vance | Vice President, Programming & Production | Revision3

Revisioning Revision

April 25th, 2011 at 01:16 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Website

Ah, spring is in the air. The time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love…and all that. It’s also a time when everyone opens the windows, does a little spring cleaning, fixes the gutters and maybe throws on another coat of paint. Well, it’s the same thing here at Revision3… except for maybe the “young man’s fancy” part.

The Revision3 Storage Archive
The Revision3 Storage Archive

Revision3 has shown incredible growth over the last year, thanks to all of you. With that growth , however, come some growing pains. Our servers were sweating, hard drives were bulging, intertubes were full, and platforms were…uh…platforming. So, over the winter we rolled up our sleeves in the engine room and got to work. Most of the upgrades have been completed – or are close to completion – so we can continue to expand our great programming to you, as well as our reach.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to. Hopefully, you’ve noticed and have been enjoying the new changes.

Our new episode discussion system: DISQUS
Our previous forum system was good, but not great, so in March we rolled out a new forum system based off the popular DISQUS service. If you are a DISQUS user on other sites, it will feel like old home week to you. (You can also merge your existing DISQUS login with your Revision3 login. Yay.)  If you’ve never used DISQUS before, you’re in for a treat: realtime commenting, mobile integration (forthcoming on the site), media embedding in your comments, and much more. Check it out under each of the show and episode pages.

Our improved CDN service
You don’t have to know what a CDN service is to know when it isn’t performing well. CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network,” and it pretty much does what it says. It is the “tube” part of the intertubes, using advanced technology to download or stream large-scale content to all four corners of the earth. For a year now, we’ve been getting complaints about delivery to places like Australia, Western Europe, the UAE and even parts of North America. Back in February, we asked for your help evaluating new solutions to that problem, and you responded in droves. (Nearly 1000 of you gave us your feedback, thank you!) Last week we began rolling out a solution based on your feedback. We’ve seen results of the changes via measurement, but the proof is in the pudding. Folks who had been having problems with downloads and streams in the areas I’ve mentioned have begun to report to us that they’ve seen a noticeable, and welcome, improvement. We’ll keep at it, but its good to see we’re moving the needle.

The T-Rex of Hard Drives
Take a look at those glowing eyes at the top of this post. Go ahead. Take a close look. That’s not your daddy’s thumb drive you’re staring at, you are looking at part of a system that provides 240TB of serious RAID storage for Revision3 content. It’s large enough to cover our production and partner needs for quite some time to come, as well as provide instant access to our archive of content for our editors. It provides redundancy and backup, and – the best part – it’s a green system. Drives which are not currently in use are powered completely off until they are called up to serve up their delicious goodness.

Tablets are a’Comin’
We heard you and brought out real Revision3 mobile applications for iOS and Android late last year, and we heard you again about Revision3 applications designed for the iPad and Android Honeycomb tablets. I’m happy to tell you they are in the works as we speak, so… stay tuned.

The 10′ Experience
…or leanback… or Revision3 on your TV… or license for being a couch potato. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve got it. Roku, GoogleTV, Connected Televisions, iTV, Windows Media Center…whatever your flavor of poison, we’ve got you covered. Take a good, long look at’s leanback experience.

That’s just a few of the revisions to Revision3 that we’ve been up to over the winter. We’ve also been drinking beer, but not (necessarily) at thesame time. Watch this space for more announcements of new tech as we keep up with the demand you guys are putting on us. Thanks for that, we need a reason to get off the couch.

Tekzilla Daily Debuts Today

December 7th, 2007 at 05:19 by Jim Louderback in Announcements

This is a big day for Revision3. Not only are we announcing Martin Sargent’s new show Internet Superstar, we’re also launching our first daily show.

It’s not actually a new show. Instead we’re adding a daily component to the amazing and highly successful Tekzilla. What does this mean? Well every weekday you’ll see a new segment from the Tekzilla team, including Patrick Norton, Jessica Corbin, Neha Tiwari and Heather Frank. Some of the daily topics coming up include how to get better results from Google, retrofitting newer DVI monitors to work with older PCs, why you should only use lossless audio formats and getting more battery life out of your notebook computer.

This doesn’t mean Tekzilla is going to change. We’ll continue to deliver a high-quality half hour program each week. But now you’ll get a fun and entertaining tip’n'trick each day as well!

– Jim Louderback