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Revision3 Programming Schedule Update

January 19th, 2009 at 05:25 by Michele Husak in Shows

It’s a new year, we’ve got a new President in the US starting work tomorrow, so we figured it was a good time to make some changes to our programming schedule. If you’re an avid watcher of some of our shows, you’re probably aware of these changes as we’ve been mentioning them and slowly rolling them out in January, but this week marks the last change to our programming schedule for the time being.

The affected shows that are moving release times are:

  • Diggnation – releasing on Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern
  • Tekzilla – releasing on Thursdays at 6 PM Eastern

You can see the full Revision3 programming schedule on the Schedule page of
Hope everyone enjoys these new release times!


At Long Last! Search Comes to

January 6th, 2009 at 11:03 by Michele Husak in Website

Happy New Year everyone! When we last spoke, I mentioned we had some great things planned for 2009 for and today we’re happy to present to your the first of many. It’s been wildly requested by our audience and insanely useful now that we have it in place: Search functionality for!

We’ve got some cutting edge technology in place that allows us to index both our site’s content as well as the content within the show’s episodes! So if you’re looking for that review of Crysis on The Totally Rad Show? Just type in “Crysis” in the search box on the top of the page, and boom! You get every mention of “Crysis” on our shows. You can filter by shows to find your exact result, and when you pick the episode you want. We’ve also indexed all of our forum content, so if you’re looking for something specific from a flame war a few months ago, now you can find it!

This is the first step of a greater build out of our search functionality, and as 2009 progresses, we’re going to be rolling out even more great functionality around this search engine, which will enhance the ability to find exactly the information you’re looking for within seconds! So check out our new search functionality today and let us know what you think!


Wonderful Piano Rendition of Tekzilla Theme

December 15th, 2008 at 03:33 by Jim Louderback in Shows

The team at Tekzilla changed the outro music a few weeks ago to something more reminiscent of a 90s sitcom. It’s catchy, fun, and apparently caught the ear of at least one fan. If you like Tekzilla, you have to listen to this – it’s a wonderful piano rendition of the Tekzilla outro music. Well done!

Best of iTunes 2008 – Diggnation, Tekzilla & Scam School

December 3rd, 2008 at 06:02 by Michele Husak in Announcements, Shows

Apple is one of the biggest supporters of new media with their podcast section in iTunes and for years we’ve thoroughly enjoyed providing our shows for users of iTunes. That makes it extra special and awesome when we find out that the folks like iTunes like us too. We were stoked to find out that that three of our shows were selected to the Best of iTunes 2008 list.

In the 2008 section, Scam School was selected as one of the best video shows of 2008. While in the Classics section, Diggnation and Tekzilla were selected as 2 of the best classic video shows.

We want to thank everyone at Apple for this honor, as well as everyone who uses iTunes and chooses to watch our shows on their iPods, AppleTVs, iPhones and computers!

Six Cool New Products From Demo

September 9th, 2008 at 08:36 by Jim Louderback in Shows

It’s dueling launchpad show week here in California, with the venerable Demo show rolling out a fall slate of nearly 100 cool new companies here in San Diego, while another group are on display in San Francisco’s aging Design Center at the Tech Crunch 50.

Revision3’s David Prager is covering TC50, while I’ve been scouring the floor of Demo. David’s update will be up soon, but here’s my look at the best of Demo.

image RealDVD: Although the geeks among us have been ripping DVDs into our computers for years (albeit illegally since the DMCA passed), it’s never been as easy as digitizing music. Not anymore. RealNetworks (the company that brought you RealAudio) showed its RealDVD software here for the first time. Using it is as simple as inserting a DVD into your PC – it’s designed to store all your DVDs on either an internal or external hard drive, and includes an easy-to-navigate interface to let you easily find and watch a movie.

How can they do it without breaking the law? Do they have the implied or explicit endorsement of the movie world? To the latter, the answer is no: they just informed the powers that be about the product a few weeks ago and are “working through the issues”. As for the former question, Real claims they are on solid ground. RealDVD does not break encryption. Instead, it creates a complete ISO – or disc image – of the movie DVD, and stores that file on your hard drive. It’s essentially a legal piece of DVD playback software, but instead of streaming the bits off of a plastic platter, it streams them off of your PC’s hard drive.

I can’t imagine that Netflix or Blockbuster will be too happy about this solution, as the $20 piece of software lets anyone with enough disk space copy rented DVDs along with store bought ones. And the required disk space is enormous – at 9 gigabytes for modern dual-layer DVDs.

It’s also a PC-only, and a single computer solution. It’s not designed to be shared across multiple systems. Want to share? Store the DVD ISOs on a USB flash/hard drive, and then plug it into different computers. You’ll have to pay $20 for each machine, though, in that scenario. Speaking of hardware, the company is talking with NAS vendors, like Drobo, to build DVD ripping appliances. It’s a brilliant, albeit shocking development that’ll definitely be controversial. But at just $20, it’s certainly alluring.

Imagine a Kindle, stretched out to 8×11, slimmed down to the thickness of a newspaper, with a full-sized screen stretching from corner to corner. That’s what Plastic Logic plans to release in early 2009. It uses the same digital ink display found on the Kindle and Sony’s reader, but sized up to the dimensions of a standard magazine. The device should cost about as much as a Kindle, should store as many pages, includes built in wireless (although they were cagey about EVDO vs WiFi) and will last for days on a single battery charge. It’s far closer to electronic paper than anything I’ve seen. It’s annotatable, which makes it ideal for textbooks, business documents, and reading magazines and journals. It’s all plastic, so it ought to be relatively rugged as well. I want one!

EchoNest: Run by ex professional drummer and reformed lawyer Jim Luccchesi, this company provides audio pattern matching software for developers that make it easy to roll your own Pandora, and build all sorts of creative audio weblets. The company showed off an applet it built for iMeem that plays a lengthy list of “more like this” songs, and even demonstrated an eerie “duet” feature, where they combined Michael Jackson and Estelle to produce a weird, mostly unlistenable mashup of two of their songs that was surprisingly note and key pure. The company also has a more cowbell example on their website that adds cowbells to, well, just about any song. Definitely worth playing with!

WebDiet: Want to lose weight? Eat better? Here’s a cool new web service that installs on your iPhone (or other smartphone), and helps you keep track of everything you eat. It uses GPS to find healthy restaurants,and will even recommend smart dining choices at your favorite eatery, depending on what you like, and what you’ve already eaten that day.  WebDiet will be out soon, although you can apply for the private beta today.

Maverick Secure Mobile:  The motto of this company:  “Payback’s a Bitch”, or maybe “To Annoy a Thief”.  For a dollar a month, these guys ensure that if your cellphone gets stolen, the thief will get the worse end of the deal.  Here’s how it works:

Load the Maverick Mobile software on your phone, and pay the company a dollar a month.  When it gets stolen, the fun begins. From your new phone (or a friends), you can remotely trigger your old phone to send you everything that happens on it: who it calls, what text messages are sent and received – you can even download the complete address book.  Tired of spying?  then simply send a “stop thief” alert to the phone, and it’ll display a bright red “stolen phone” screen, and play an incredibly loud and annoying siren sound through the speaker.  The only way to reset it is to remove the battery – but you can do it again, and again, and again.  You may not get your phone back, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of really annoying the thief.

ffwd_logo_web FFWD:  If you’re a fan of Revision3, you know that it’s often hard to find other web video shows that you like.  There were a few discovery engines rolled out at Demo, but FFWD was clearly the best – and the only one designed specifically for the new world of internet video.

OK, maybe I was biased – when the company demonstrated FFWD on stage, a SYSTM logo appeared on the home page.  And as I was using the software, Diggnation, Wine Library Reserve and Internet Superstar kept popping up too.  But this is a great tool for finding, watching and sharing all the great Internet video out there, including shows from Revision3 and elsewhere.    You can start using it today!


TikiTag:  Oh, one bonus – near field communications tags that cost about a dollar each and let you turn anything into an internet connected device.  Roll your own Webkins with Tikitag!

Go Behind The Scenes of Tekzilla – RESCHEDULED

June 20th, 2008 at 09:24 by Michele Husak in Live Events

UPDATE – Unfortunately, we’re going to have to reschedule tomorrow’s live streaming from the Revision3 studio during Tekzilla’s taping. We apologize for the short notice – the new date will be next week, July 1st 2008 at 5:30 PM Eastern/2:30 PM Pacific. We hope you all can join us next week. thanks.

One of the exciting things about Revision3 is the opportunity to do ground breaking and innovative things in the world of Internet Television and we’re psyched to to be challenging ourselves to do this day-in-and-day-out and today, we’ve got something very cool we hope you all will take part in.

As you know, we’ve built a state of the art studio ideal for for our needs in producing great shows like Tekzilla. The wizards in our engineering department have recently made it possible for us to stream live from the studio and we thought what would be cooler than inviting you all into the studio, virtually, to watch a taping of Tekzilla?

Mark your calendars – June 24, 2008 at 5:30 PM (eastern), Veronica Belmont, Patrick Norton and the rest of the Tekzilla crew will be taping the episode of Tekzilla which will be released on June 27th and you’re invited to come watch! Just go to to tune into the live stream and chat with other Tekzilla fans. Who knows, maybe Patrick and Veronica will take a break from the show and jump into the chatroom too! When we’re live, anything can happen!

Now, this won’t be a live run through of Tekzilla, rather the raw taping of the show which is then edited into the show that comes out on Fridays, so there will be lots of unfiltered moments behind the scenes. The entire taping will last a few hours, so plan to stick around if you can. I know Patrick and Veronica are excited to share this taping experience with all of you, so we hope you will join us on June 24th!

Revision3 Shows Nominated and Honored by the Webbys

April 10th, 2008 at 02:28 by Michele Husak in Announcements

webbys.jpgThe Webby awards have been around for a long time, not as long as the Internet, but long enough. In fact, this year is the 12th year for the celebrated Internet awards. You can imagine how excited we were to hear that not only were we nominated/honored once, but three times!

Diggnation was nominated in the Online Film & Video > Technology category and the Totally Rad Show was nominated in the Online Film & Video > Variety category. In addition to that, Tekzilla was an honoree in the Online Film & Video > Technology category.

Of course what fun would be these awards be if you couldn’t get involved? Luckily you can!. Just head over to the Webby’s People Voice site and you can let your voice be heard. Voting is so much fun, don’t stop just at voting, but be sure to tell your friends to go vote!

We’re honored to be nominated and we’d be even more honored if you would take the time to vote for us. Best of luck to all the other nominees and we look forward to seeing who wins!


Hello, Veronica!

April 9th, 2008 at 01:56 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

Veronica BelmontGreat news, world! I’m very pleased to announce that Veronica Belmont has joined the Revision3 family as Patrick Norton’s co-host on our tech-centric show Tekzilla, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board.

Not only does Veronica fit in well here because she’s got the brains (oh, the brains!), but she’s just an all-around cool person, too. We’re honored to have her with us, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming her to the Revision3 team.

Check out the official press release on Tekzilla’s latest great addition here.

This is shaping up to be a great April, everyone!


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Internet Television Leader Revision3 Announces Interest in Science and Stuff

April 1st, 2008 at 12:01 by Michele Husak in Press Releases

San Francisco, CA — Revision3 Corporation, the TV Network for the Internet generation, has announced today that they will be participating in breakthrough experiments to do science and other cool stuff.

“Here at Revision3, we have always taken a keen interest in science, and all the great stuff it’s given us over the years- everything from these cool computers we use for making our videos, to its vaunted ability to blind Thomas Dolby,” says Revision3 CTO Jeff Rizzo. “We wanted to find a way to give back to a scientific community that has given us so much occasionally-useful crap.”

When the technical department of Revision3 heard of the groundbreaking research of the Brain Information Group of the Kansai Advanced Research Center in Japan into the effects of wearing perception-altering goggles for extended periods of time, Rizzo knew that they had an opportunity to contribute to Science. “Since we have videos, people have to see them in order to view, and by altering our videos, we’ve altered people’s perception of these videos. We can clearly do good science, except for the whole part about having degrees, and laboratories, and scientific training. This science thing is neat!” Look around the Revision3 Website today, particularly the videos, for clues how you can participate.

What does the future hold for this new “Science and Stuff” initiative at the pioneering company? Rizzo says, “The Koreans have some pretty advanced glow-in-the-dark cat technology that we could conceivably extend to provide some interesting mods for Systm, for example. The world is our oyster, and we at Revision3 have never let little things like training or talent stand in the way of getting what we want.”

Introducing the Revision3 Miro Player

March 20th, 2008 at 03:52 by Rob Saurini in Announcements

miro_revision3.jpgHey, I’m Damon Berger, the Director of Business Development here at Revision3, and this is the first blog post of many I will write talking about all of the different ways that you can watch Revision3 shows. Our biggest goal is to put the power in your hands, giving you as many options as possible for you to experience your favorite Revision3 shows. We’re all about spreading the a totally disease-free kind of way.

We are very excited to announce the latest and greatest way to watch Revision3–the downloadable Miro player! By clicking here you can download the Revision3 Miro player, which automatically downloads all your Revision3 shows and keeps you up to date every time a new episode or show is released. It even comes with the coolest desktop icon ever made. Check it out and let us know what you think!

- Damon Berger